UNIA: Garvey Movement

This article was written by Universal Cargo’s own, Alesha Barron. As a major figure of the Harlem Renaissance, Marcus Garvey was in the vanguard of the new awakening among African [...]


Thank You for Valentine’s Day Logistics

If you are a regular reader of our blog you are probably aware that logistics is around us everywhere, whether we realize it or not.  But, for those of you who are not proficient with what [...]


Reach Up Reach Out – Mission Recap – Part 2

Click here for DISCLAIMER and Part 1 of this Reacp We then departed to Mable which is farther north to stay at a Hotel and finish all the preparations for the big party day. The day before the [...]


Reach Up Reach Out – Mission Recap – Part 1

Since our beloved Jared is on vacation, I have been asked to write about something interesting. I know this is a shipping blog, but I have something that recently truly affected me profoundly and [...]


ONE Is in Business Starting Today

Japan’s “Big 3” shipping companies—K Line, MOL, and NYK— joined forces to form the joint venture Ocean Network Express (ONE). And starting today (February 1st, 2018) you can [...]


Ebay Infographic – Learn About the Marketplace You Can Import & Sell On

Ebay Infographic from Webmastersjury and 16Best.net. Note from the editor: As a freight forwarder, we here at Universal Cargo help people be financially independent by importing goods they sell [...]


Ocean Freight Emissions Have Caused Global Cooling?

Decarbonization is one of the top priorities of the ocean freight industry in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight global warming. But apparently, emissions from all those ships out [...]


Shipping Materials Guide (w/ Infographic)

Guest post and infographic from GoShip.com No matter what is being shipped, whether it’s across town or cross-country, having the right shipping materials is tremendously important. With more [...]


Maersk Still Number One Carrier by Capacity

Back in November, we blogged about Maersk no longer being the number one carrier. Today’s blog headlines with Maersk still being number one. So what gives? The previous blog was about who [...]


Holy Crap! Maersk & IBM Team Up to Change International Shipping!

Always seeming to be a step ahead of the competition, Maersk is at it again. The industry-leading ocean carrier is forming a joint venture company with IBM that could revolutionize the [...]