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Top 10 Import Goods from China with Pics!

Posted by Eggie Egbert Green on Tue, May 22, 2012 @ 01:34 AM

While surfing the net--Do people still say that?--While riding the information superhighway--That's better!--for international shipping news, I stumbled across an old thread in which someone asked for suggestions on what to import from China.

The thread was old enough to be of a time when the above interweb phrases would have been hip. If those phrases ever were hip.

Apparently, the thread starter had a friend in China who "offered his services" to allow the thread starter to import goods for selling in the U.S. Those quotation marks make it sound shady. Or dirty.

It seems the thread starter was ready to make money as an international shipper and simply needed to pick a product to import from China. It's nice to have a friend in China with the ability to turn you into an importer of any good you want overnight.

In actuality, if you do import from China or are considering becoming an importer from China, it is a good idea to form an actual relationship with your manufacturer(s) or other business partners there. Taking a trip to China could be very good for your business as well as a culturally enriching experience.

Now that I'm finished with my "go visit China" commercial, I return to that thread. Hey! Those quotation marks didn't sound weird. Maybe it was the phrase "offered his services" that made it sound shady or dirty before.

Anyway, people made all kinds of suggestions for what the thread starter should import from China. The list had things from electronics to drug paraphernalia to hilariously misspelled English-language shirts.

Universal Cargo Management just recently posted a blog on tips for choosing a product to import from China to make money if you're interested. But rather than rehash that blog, the thread made me think our readers may like to know what the top ten U.S. imports from China are.

Unfortunately, those hilarious shirts are not on it. But fortunately, neither is the drug paraphernalia.

Like David Letterman, I give you a top 10 list: The top 10 imports from China.

The source of this list is the U.S.-China Bunsiness Council, counting what China exported to the U.S. in 2011.

With no more delay, here they are...

#10 - Vehicles, excluding railChick in Car

#9 - Iron, steelImported Steel

#8 - Plastics & articles thereofPlastic Articles Imported from China

#7 - Apparel, not knitted or crochetedImported Apparel from China

#6 - Apparel, knitted or crochetedGirl with Present in Knitted Apparel Imported from China

#5 - Footwear & parts thereofShoes for Her Imported from China

#4 - FurnitureImported Couch Businessman

#3 - Toys, games, and sports equipmentToys Imported from China

#2 - Power generation equipmentElectric Power Equipment

#1 - Electrical machinery and equipmentElectrical Equipment


Never think you have to import from the top ten list. It's almost always better to import a product you're knowledgeable about and preferably passionate about.

For a rate quote to import your product from China or elsewhere around the globe, click here.

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