Hurricane Harvey Hurts People & Supply Chain

The U.S. hasn’t seen a hurricane as powerful as Hurricane Harvey hit in a decade. It came right through the Gulf of Mexico, making landfall as a category 4 hurricane, destroying homes, [...]


How To Get an Accurate Freight Quote

Imagine going into a restaurant, being seated, and when the waiter asks to take your order, you request the check. Seems kind of odd right? Like maybe a few steps were missed? Well, that’s a lot [...]


World’s First Automated Cargo Ship Is On the Way

It was only a matter of time. Well, there still is some time, really. But not much. The first automated containership is scheduled to set sail in 2018. Check out this video from Kongsberg [...]


Making Overseas Sending Simpler

Guest Post by Dakota Murphey NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: While Universal Cargo’s blog usually focuses on international shipping for businesses or news in the international shipping industry, we [...]


Logistics Glossary Vs. Urban Dictionary – Useful to Funny Definitions

It’s back! The most entertaining way to look at definitions of international shipping terms: comparing Logistics Glossary definitions to their Urban Dictionary counterparts. Let’s [...]


Why Do Companies Hire Logistics Consultants?

Guest Blog by Mark Long A lot of companies already have their own logistic managers. These managers help the company to make a number of logistic decisions. However, such companies may also need [...]


A Logistics Christmas Poem

Since tomorrow is Christmas Eve, here is a special, early blog. Universal Cargo wishes you all a merry Christmas with “A Logistics Christmas Poem” below and happy holidays with this [...]