Shirley Burke

Shirley S. Burke's life experiences and career tract has spanned several industries from floral design, full-time mother and homemaker, management in health care to her current position with Universal Cargo Management.  She is president of Universal Cargo Management (UCM).  Shirley co-owns UCM and runs it with her husband of 28 years, Devin T. Burke.

They have three adult sons and one grand-daughter.  Devin, Shirley, and all three sons are native born Angeleno’s (born and raised in Los Angeles) and were all born at Santa Monica Hospital.

Ms. Burke is passionate about the plight of abused and exploited children at home and abroad. She is an active volunteer with the charitable organization, Zoe International, and a regular financial contributor to International Justice Mission. Both organizations “fight for those who cannot fight for themselves”.  She also has volunteered as a fundraiser at her son’s schools and loves working with the children in her local church.

In her free time she enjoys cooking, riding her bike to the beach, traveling, entertaining, babysitting her grand daughter, and playing in the great outdoors. 

Top five things on her bucket list:

  1. Go on safari in Africa
  2. Go on an Alaskan cruise
  3. Take entire family, all expenses paid to Italy for a reunion @ a rented villa for one month.  Attend cooking classes, go wine tasting, and visit as many museums as possible
  4. Learn to speak fluent Spanish
  5. Complete 1 of the 4 things on her bucket list