U.S. East Coast Ports Recovering from Severe Weather Closures

U.S. East Coast ports are recovering this week from delays and shutdowns caused by severe winter weather last week. The East Coast was hit with what the Weather Channel called “one of the [...]


Learn About Incoterms From Universal Cargo in Lorman Live Webinar

Back by popular demand is the ICC Incoterms Update live webinar hosted by Lorman Education Services. The webinar will take place February 28th, 2018 from 4 to 5:30 pm (PST). Your teacher on all [...]


Top 10 International Shipping News Stories of 2017

This is it! Universal Cargo’s final blog of 2017. This year certainly seems to have gone by fast. Last year, we began a new tradition of ending the year in the blog with a look back at the [...]


Freight Rates to Hit Record Lows Again in 2018?

It’s bad news for ocean freight carriers but good news for U.S. shippers. At least, it’s good news for U.S. shippers in the short run. 2018 could see transpacific freight rates drop [...]


VoyageLA Interviews Universal Cargo President Shirley Burke

VoyageLA posted an interview with Universal Cargo President Shirley Burke this month. In the interview, Mrs. Burke shares how Universal Cargo CEO Devin Burke went from VP of Sales for Universal [...]


Top 8 Tips On Importing Goods From China (Infographic)

Guest Post by Frank Ouyang of  Panda Paper Roll Company In the past, China was widely known for its rich history, unique culture and commanding imperial dynasties. Nowadays, it has the fastest [...]


Maersk is No Longer #1 Carrier

The leviathan just ate the top dog. Perhaps that’s a bit overdramatic, but China Cosco Shipping Corporation (Cosco), China’s international shipping leviathan, is now the world’s [...]


FMC Commissioner Stepping Down

The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) is losing another commissioner. Commissioner William P. Doyle announced in a press release yesterday (November 27th) that he is stepping down from the FMC: [...]


‘Make Shipping Sexy’ Part of Decarbonization Plan for International Shipping

Sexy is not a word typically used to describe international shipping. Boring. Yeah, that’s a more typical description. Of course, boring isn’t exactly the type of description to [...]


Early Contract Extension May Happen with Dockworkers at East & Gulf Coast Ports

Something has changed at U.S. ports. And it’s a good thing for shippers. The International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) agreed to an early contract extension in August that brings [...]