Ebay Infographic – Learn About the Marketplace You Can Import & Sell On

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Ebay Infographic from Webmastersjury and 16Best.net.

Note from the editor: As a freight forwarder, we here at Universal Cargo help people be financially independent by importing goods they sell through online marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay.

Amazon is the industry leader when it comes to online marketplaces, but Ebay should not be overlooked. It’s a place where many find success selling goods and operating their own lucrative businesses.

If you plan to import goods and make a living selling them online, as a portion of our clients do, it’s a good idea to research the online marketplaces where you can sell.

The following infographic, which was shared with us by Josh Wardini
of Webmastersjury and first published on 16Best.net, gives a great deal of information about Ebay.

The information you’ll find in the infographic includes top selling items, how Ebay works, visitor behavior on the site, and more that would be useful for businesspeople importing goods to sell on the platform. The infographic even has a comparison between Ebay and Amazon.

Therefore, while this post is not directly about international shipping as most of our posts are, we are happy to share this infographic with you and think many importers will find it useful.

Ebay Infographic

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