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Nearly 1 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water. 9,800 people die every day from water related diseases. Every 20 seconds a child dies from a water related illness. And all of this is preventable.

Imagine carrying a giant container for miles in hundred degree heat. You reach your destination. It’s a dirty, animal watering hole. It’s also your source of water. You fill your container with brown, parasite-filled, bacteria infested water and lug the heavy thing the miles back home, hoping not to be attacked on this daily journey. Now imagine this is your childhood.

For too many people, this is a reality. It would take great imagination for them to envision a world where childhood can be spent playing games and going to school. A world where all it takes to get water is turning a knob. Getting up in the morning and stepping into a shower? Who could be showered with clean water when there isn’t even clean water to drink?

You can help change this.Devin & Shirley Burke Fund a Well

One of Universal Cargo Management’s values is a spirit of generosity. It is no surprise that Devin and Shirley Burke, CEO and President of UCM respectively, helped Generosity Water build a water well for a village in Thailand.

Generosity Water is an organization dedicated to ending the clean water crisis in developing countries, one community at a time.

In three years, Generosity Water has funded 242 water wells and 8 cisterns in 17 countries to give over 100,000 people clean, safe drinking water with the help of people like Devin, Shirley, and you.

One water well provides a community of 200 people with water for 20 years. This is life for a community. It allows children to go to school instead of walk for hours collecting dirty water. It provides people with the basic human right and dignity of clean water to drink.

If you have an import or export aspect to your business, the odds are you already think globally. But maybe you never realized you could be part of solving one of today’s largest global problems. Giving clean water to those who don’t have it is easier than you think.

Visit GenerosityWater.org to see how you can help bring water and life to those in need.

To check out more ways Universal Cargo is making a difference in the world, go to UCM’s mission page.

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