ILA Strike Postponed: Late Christmas Present Arrives in Time for New Year

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ILA Strike Postponed Again

East Coast ILA Strike Postponed 30 Days!

The parties reached a tentative agreement and set aside the next 30 days to work out the last final details. It looks like the end is in site and the US Economy has received a late Christmas present just in time for the New Year.

“The container royalty payment issue has been agreed upon in principle by the parties, subject to achieving an overall collective bargaining agreement. The parties have further agreed to an additional extension of 30 days (i.e., until midnight, January 28, 2013)* during which time the parties shall negotiate all remaining outstanding Master Agreement issues, including those relating to New York and New Jersey. The negotiation schedule shall be set by the FMCS after consultation with the parties.”

You can read the full FMC News Release here.

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*UPDATE:  This was the original date.  It was changed to 2/6/13 in the afternoon of 12/28*

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