Shipping News Alert: Midwest Rail Operations

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This is an update from BNSF Railway.

Midwest Rail Operations Update

Shipping News AlertChicago Area Hub Status
Local intermodal operations, inventories and operations are current at BNSF Chicago area hubs.

CTCO Designates Chicago Area Operations at Alert Level 3 
However, the Chicago Transportation Coordination Office (CTCO) – all U.S. and Canadian Class 1 railroad representatives – still have the Chicago area operations across all carriers at alert level 3.

Alert level 3 is based on the impacts of accumulated weather conditions, and backlogs created by number of trains being re-crewed, locomotive power deficits, and over-subscribed terminal capacity standards.

In response to alert level 3 conditions, all railroad carriers are working together to re-route certain traffic destinations to other gateways when possible.

24-Hour Command Center Focal Points

  • Coordinating with connecting eastern carriers to use alternate gateways instead of normal Chicago interchange and processing points
  • Identifying levers for all types of rail business coordination (including but not limited to intermodal), including train blocking, right-sizing interchanges for maximum throughput, diverting traffic to alternate gateways, adjusting frequency of deliveries to match capabilities, etc.

We recognize the continuing impact that current conditions are having on our customers and we remain committed to fully restoring service levels.

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