Shipping Psychology Infographic – How Shipping Can Make or Break a Deal

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Note from the editor: Since many Universal Cargo customers import goods to sell online, the following content is relevant to many of our readers even though it is not directly about international shipping. Instead, the infographic and introduction below, which was submitted to us for publication by Josh Wardini, provide research about customer behavior in relation to selling and shipping online goods that can help businesses increase sales.


The human mind is a truly complex and amazing construct – our brain has millions of neurons and nerves and is capable of processing a vast amount of information instantly.

Did you know that our mind works in specific ways when we shop? We react to certain triggers such as sights, smells, and sounds for example, and this prompts us to act in a certain way.

Online, where the tactile experience is practically missing, there are other powerful triggers. This is why promo codes and discounts work so well at attracting people’s attention. One particular factor that can truly affect our psychology when shopping is actually shipping and delivery. How a business handles shipping can often play a deciding factor in the outcome of customer order.

Did you know that shipping costs and lead times actually factor into 80% of a consumers buying influence? Or that 79% of consumers expect free shipping if an item has to be returned? Furthermore, did you know that a staggering 87% of consumers who shop online consider delivery times as one of the most important factors?

Even subconsciously seeing a separate shipping figure can have a hugely deterring impact as opposed to seeing a single quoted price with the shipping included.

Our brains are continually assessing costs, times, and dates without us even knowing – shipping costs and dates really can make a huge difference and it is important for businesses to get it right first time, otherwise a customer may simply abandon their cart and shop elsewhere.

These are just a few examples and, as you will see in the infographic, there are hundreds more. Our mind really does work in an interesting way, especially when it comes to shipping. Who would have thought that something so simple as a delivery charge or lead time could have such a profound effect on our shopping experience?

Next time you shop, why don’t you take a look at the shipping details and take a moment to realize just how much this factors into your buying decisions – you will be surprised!

Shipping Psychology

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