Hannah SwainstonAccount Executive

Hannah is pretty neat. She’s a photographer, makes rad wire wrapped jewelry, and has weird cats. One cat is hairless and pretty smart, the other is hairy and doesn’t have a lot going for him.

Hannah dislikes most foods; it’s kind of exhausting. She really dislikes bacon and everyone laughs at her because of it.

Fun facts

  1. She preserves pets when they pass on.  She currently has four specimens on display in her kitchen. She’ll send photos of them if you ask.
  2. She made a bracelet out of her wisdom teeth after they were removed.
  3. She loves vaping and will beat you in a cloud comp any day.

Bucket List

  • Swim with cetaceans in the wild
  • Cage dive with sharks
  • Vacation in the Maldives

What did you want to be growing up?


What is your Favorite Food / Comfort Food?

French Fries

What is your Favorite Animal?