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China has long been the worst example of going green, as they are now a much larger pollutant to the environment than the U.S. as they plunge headlong into the future with the aggressive goal of becoming the world’s greatest economic superpower and they are succeeding.  Back in ’05 China ranked 133rd out of 146 countries in environmental performance in air, water, deforestation, desertification, extinction and, of course, over population (although now they have too many males, so they are encouraging the people to have a daughter in many provinces along with a son in their “one child policy”). However, they are now improving with great strides.

China is ripe for American clean tech products and services right now. China’s environmental agencies have focused on these issues and are targeting along with air, land, and water pollution, they are now focusing on the whole water shortage problem, the encroaching desert from the north, the rape of the land for industry, environmental accidents, energy inefficiency, and greenhouse gas emissions.

For example in Jiaxing, there are 4 million citizens that are experiencing very strong economic growth, although this market is generally overlooked by the USA business communities. These same citizens were reported recently blocked all garbage trucks trying to deliver toxic waste from a plant because the odor was so unbearable to the surrounding communities. So this has instigated the local government officials to start campaigning against this and drafting laws that will only be enforced if either not enough RMB changes hands or there happens to be some honest officials there.  But as this is a microcosm of what is happening all over China now, this is indeed happening.

China as a whole is sitting on a whole lot of cash with a horrible living environment. They want America’s cutting edge technology for cleaning everything up. Otherwise, we will see massive deaths in the years to come as they are forced to drink toxic water, and eat toxic foods and breathe toxic air. Can you imagine what would happen if 4 million people in America had these same living conditions? in California ?  I remember Los Angeles in the ‘70’s when there used to be a brown pancake that floated above the city almost every day, but now thanks to the tree huggers and people like me who drive Prius’s and don’t use AIRCON, we live in a relatively healthy environment (of course I live by the beach).

So if entrepreneurs in this country who can see the writing on the GREAT WALL, where our export shipping will be more and more attractive as the RMB gets revalued sometime this year and of course, the Fed does their part and keeps printing up worthless money and increasing our National debt (way to keep your promise Barack), we will see a China that not only desperately needs our technology, but will be able to afford it big time.  (Did you know there is now 600,000,000 middle class in China right now? That is double the U.S. population.  STAGGERING STATISTIC.


Key Takeaway – THINK GREEN CHINA and be prepared to market your innovative product there.  You will be helping the environment (the West coast gets something like 11% of its smog from China now by the way) and you will be hedging your business for the coming decade.

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