UCM’s Secret to Golf Success: Micah Burke Interview

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Micah Burke International Shipping Pro GolferUniversal Cargo Management is involved with a number of charitable organizations. Since UCM CEO, Devin Burke also loves golf, it is not unusual for UCM to show up with a team to charity golf tournaments. Often, the UCM team wins such tournaments.

The secret to UCM’s charity golf tournament success? We’re pretty sure it isn’t Devin’s golf swing. Of course, I would never knock my boss’ game; however, having a team member on those UCM golf teams who is a professional golfer probably the real secret to UCM’s golf success.

Micah Burke, son of Devin Burke and UCM President, Shirley Burke, is a professional golfer that tends to be on the team representing UCM at charity golf events.

We caught up with Micah to find out about his professional golf, his career, and being on the golf course with Devin…

Question:  Why did you get into professional golfing?

Micah: I got into professional golf because I felt I had the potential to become a great golfer out of college. I began to consider golf as a career path around my junior year of college when I won my first collegiate event. One of the major reasons why I continued into the professional arena out of college was to see how good I could become. I had the opportunity to really focus on improving every aspect of my game and that opportunity was something I had to take advantage of.

Question: How did you get started?

Micah: I got started by playing weekend golf with my dad and his friends at a public 9-hole course in Venice, CA. At first, I basically played because my older brother and dad played. When I was in high school, my friend had mentioned to me that I would be able to get out of school earlier if I take Golf as my last period so I decided to take advantage of that. Gradually, I became better and better and my high school coach told me that if I work hard enough, I could possibly get a scholarship in college. I was able to do that with a lot of hard work and before you knew it, I had a full scholarship to Cal State San Bernardino.

Question: Let’s say I’m an aspiring golfer–which I’m not–do you have any suggestions for me on turning pro?

Micah: My advice for someone turning pro is simple. Never stop having fun at this game. When the golf score is represented by dollar signs, golfers tend to lose sight of what golf is. Don’t let professional golf create unnecessary pressure for yourself.

Question: How come you didn’t work for your parents at UCM?

Micah: I didn’t work for my parents because I had the opportunity out of college to turn professional.

Question:  What work have you done for UCM in the past?

Micah: The work that I have done for UCM is primarily advertisement on my golf attire. During many tournaments around the US and overseas, I would wear golf shirts that displayed the UCM logo. I also make appearances representing UCM in various charity and fundraiser tournaments.

Question: Do you think it’s cheating when you represent UCM in charity golf tournaments they join?

Micah: I don’t think it’s cheating representing UCM in charity tournaments because tournaments like that are not necessarily competitive like professional golf tournaments. Charity/fundraiser events have a purpose to either raise awareness or funds for a particular cause and that should be the main focus. I also feel like if I bring success to the UCM team in a tournament, then that would bring attention to UCM.

Question: When you golf a tournament with your dad, is Devin an asset to your team or should he stick to international shipping?

Micah: Dad’s golf game is always suspect at best, but so far we are undefeated when he is part of the UCM team. “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.”

Question: Who gave you your golf talents, your dad—Universal Cargo Management CEO, Devin Burke or your mom—UCM President, Shirley Burke?

Micah: My golf talents will definitely have to be accredited to my father. My mom couldn’t hit a golf ball out of her shadow.

Question: What’s the biggest prize you ever won?

Micah: The biggest check I ever made golfing was for $15,000.00

Question: Who are your sponsors?

Micah: My main sponsor for the past 3 years was a private sponsor […] We played many rounds of golf together and we were able to develop a friendship in that time. Finding a sponsor is quite difficult in professional golf, but I was extremely fortunate to have a friend […] that believed in my success in professional golf.

Question: Can you help me work on my swing?

Micah: I’m always willing to help people out with their golf swing. I guess it’s one of my duties as an employee of UCM.

Question: When can we expect to see you in a green jacket?

Micah: Expect me in the green jacket when the next Masters comes around.

Question: Tell us the story of the worst round of gold you ever played.

Micah: Can’t tell you a story of the worst round of golf I’ve ever played because I don’t remember them. A selective memory is a key component of a great golfer.

Question: Do you prefer Happy Gilmore or Tin Cup?

Micah: Happy Gilmore for sure. Too many good scenes from that movie.

Question: If you were to import golf clubs from, let’s say China, what company would you use for your importing needs?

Micah: I’d give UCM first dibs on the shipment, but they better give me a good rate! Just kidding… UCM all the way!

Thank you, Micah, for taking the time to answer a few questions for us.

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