Warnings from the Future Part I

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Oil: Prices Rise

-Constriction in the market or coming oil crisis. Things are not as they appear.

-People concealing their intentions, hiding ideologies behind bamboozling hyperbole.

-The game of fuel is made more important as it is the thread that holds together the value of your life – as you know it.

Imagine with me – or better yet, remember back to just three short years ago. Gas was $5.00 per gallon and oil was $140 per barrel. Most food spiked as much as 30% over three months. What you spent on transportation doubled. Utilities increased at alarming rates – and outrage was the sound of the day.

The price of oil is again nearing $100 a barrel. The prices at the pump are beginning to climb. How much this time? How far will it go? How far will it force me to go? What must I leave behind, give up, surrender – and why? $100, $140, $180 and more, $190, $200, what more is in store?

In the 1970s, we were told the finite resource of oil would soon be no more. That by the turn of the century we would succumb to a near apocalyptic state, when the oil ran dry. And part of society also said, “No! Not here! –  Don’t ask me why. Don’t drill on the land and not in the sea. Don’t drill in the arctic, nor mine the shale.”

“But why – we’ve found many lifetimes more?”

“ No!  We can’t hear that – and oil & fossil fuel is in short supply! Didn’t you hear our bold face lie?”

“Oil is dirty, crude, rude (and cheap – Shhh). It’s too easy for you. Easy for you to live, to travel, see nature, go to work, visit family, eat good food, produce abundance, live in large houses, and dream big dreams. You’re small, insignificant, imprisoned to the ever-diminishing scope of our vision for the world. You have too much, enjoy too much, dream too much. Too much means too much wealth, too much freedom.”

Then, technology improved and we could yield more and more from the new wells that are drilled and the old ones, too. Yet over $100 a barrel of oil flew. Where it would end – no one knew.

“It’s the oil traders, the Wall Street bankers, villains through and through. $120, $130, $140 – the price grew.  $5 at the pump – what must I do? The house I bought, budget squeezed at the margins – now those margins squeezing me – right into the street. Gas is $5.00 per gallon, new car payment, heating and air conditioning is $400 a month, food now through the roof – Oh Come On! Foreclosure, too.

The Price of Oil is the price of life – Where were you then? Will you be there again? It’s planned, it’s purposed, this rise, this explosion in the price of life.  But is it your purpose, your plan to spend your life just to live.  This is what is planned for you – to just live, to barely exist. Yes – but how does that serve you? If not you – Who does it serve, and how?


Dave Stover


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