Warnings from the Future Part II

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Warnings from the Future Part I

Price of Oil – the Price of Life 

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“Price of oil through the roof. $5.00 plus – if I can get it” was true.

But what does that mean? How does that affect me and you?

It’s the oil traders, the Wall Street bankers, villains through and through. $120, $130, $140 – the price grew.  $5 at the pump – what must I do? The house I bought, budget squeezed at the margins – now those margins squeezing me – right into the street. Gas is $5.00 per gallon, new car payment, heating and air conditioning is $400 a month, food now through the roof. Oh, come on! Foreclosure, too.

Foreclosures started showing. Bankers said, “I saw your financials when your loan I approved. Now it’s time to refi –with increased fuels, I know you can’t afford it.” So, no refi for you.

Lending slowed and the “market” pulled back. Demand for homes slumped. The bubble is revealed and housing implodes.

But for President a man ran. “$4.00 plus per gallon is a good thing. I just think it got there too fast.”

“You make too much, you live too well, your houses are too large, you dream too big. American heads, too, swelled. Lock up the fuel, stop the exploration, make land “off limits”, shut down oil wells that are under construction. Make them go somewhere else! Do this so we can spend our money, make other nations rich, give away our wealth to live with limits and to find our “pain” that social justice might prevail.”

And yet we sit on 200 years worth of readily available, easily accessed energy in our country – generations of wealth, world changing affluence, lifetimes of freedom. “But it’s dirty, and crude – and I want you to ride a bike, travel less, dream less, live smaller, give in, give up – and give to me – your freedom for my glee.”

“No! It’s not true!” you say. Cars don’t run 38 times cleaner than 10 years ago. Coal can’t burn 300% – 400% cleaner and becoming a “clean fuel”.  No, the tests are wrong. Natural Gas – plentiful supply – cleanest of all fuels to burn and conversion nation wide in 5 years in duration, with hundreds of years of supply. “None of it is true, I say. It’s a fluke – we must REDUCE – for there is no more oil supply.”

No! I want “electric” with no power supply. “I want bio–fuels, renewable sources – take my food and make me fly!” For without a fuel revolution, how will I take your goods, your good life, your big dreams, your children’s inheritance, your family’s future? Unless I take it all away and give it back to you only as you pay, one day at a time in a life with no reason to live, but mine?

Oil crisis is coming, but not because of short supply, or even the myth of forestalling fossil fuel planetary destruction. You need to ask yourself the reason why.


Dave Stover


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