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Universal Cargo takes as much care with your small shipments as your big ones. Our Express4Air service is right for you if you’re looking for a “sample” shipment with no commitment to a larger one. Universal Cargo can ship 25kg to 100kg packages almost anywhere in the world in 3 to 5 days, making Express4Air a quick, simple and complete service.

You choose importing and exporting by air because speed is a priority. You know that freight-forwarded by air gets to its destination faster than by any other method, and also that customs, inspections and cargo handling is considerably quicker when packages are sent by air. The reliability and safety of air shipping are usually impossible to obtain by any other method.

Even so, there are times when fast isn’t fast enough — and it’s those times when our Express4Air service is what you need.

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From Our Customers

Expedited Commercial Air Freight Forwarding

Trying to ship packages long distances in an extremely short time frame can often seem cost-prohibitive, especially if you only have one or two small packages to ship and don’t have the benefit of a bulk order to mitigate costs.

That’s why we are so proud to be able to offer Express4Air service to our customers. When you have that smaller package that needs to get there extra-fast, Express4Air is the perfect solution. If you’re accustomed to our normally high level of affordable and fast service, you’ll love Express4Air, as you’ll get all the benefits you enjoy from our other types of freight forwarding, but faster.

International Fast Air Shipping

Our express air cargo service isn’t just limited to a few destinations, either. We ship all over the United States and all over the globe. Believe us when we tell you we can get your smaller packages virtually anywhere within 3 to 5 days using this service. Try it once and learn what so many other companies have been thrilled to discover: We deliver.

Benefits of Express Air Freight With Universal Cargo

Those classic Universal Cargo benefits include full tracking services for your packages. It’s possible you won’t even need it, though, because by the time you get around to wondering where your package is, it will usually be at its destination already. But it’s nice to know it’s there if you want it.

You’ll also enjoy the benefits of your dedicated Universal Cargo customer service representative. If you have used us before, you’ll know that this is a special service we offer our customers so they always feel connected to their shipments. Your customer service representative’s job is to make sure all of your concerns are addressed as quickly as possible so you can relax and know your shipments are in good hands.

Our hands-on customer service is what places us above the rest when it comes to commercial shipping.

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If your shipping department team have been racking their brains trying to figure out how to get those smaller packages across the country or across the world without paying a fortune, worry no longer. The answer is Express4Air with Universal Cargo. We have the training, network, and experience to do the job and do it fast when it comes to your expedited air shipping. To start benefitting from our service and place a shipment order right away, contact us now.