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Air freight is the best option if you have a time sensitive shipment. Not only is transit time much faster, but customs, inspections, and cargo handling tends to be more efficient with most cargo clearing within hours. Shippers breathe easy with air freight as it is safer and more reliable than ocean freight. Whether it’s door to door, terminal to terminal, or anything in-between, Universal Cargo can assess your specific air freight needs.

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From Our Customers

Commercial Air Freight Forwarding

While we offer a variety of freight forwarding methods to get your packages where you need them to go, we take special pride in our air freight services. We know that major companies rely on quality air freight forwarding every day, and we want you to know you can rely on us. For decades, we have been providing high-quality air cargo services that keep our commercial customers coming back to us shipment after shipment.

International Air Freight Forwarding Services

Whether you’re trying to get your goods from China to the U.S. or the United States to just about anywhere, you can count on Universal Cargo international air freight forwarding services. We ship packages all over the world every day, and when you ship via air freight with Universal Cargo, we think you’ll see the difference immediately. If you need to ship your packages internationally by air, you need Universal Cargo.

Added Benefits of Air Freight Forwarding With Universal Cargo

Companies choose Universal Cargo because we offer more than just freight forwarding — we offer service. For example, we have superior tracking services, meaning you’ll always know the status of your packages during their journey. We offer fair, competitive rates for our air freight forwarding. Perhaps most importantly, when you start a relationship with us, we will immediately set you up with your own customer service representative whose job is to make sure you always get the best service possible.

Your dedicated customer service representative will fully familiarize themselves with all of your air freight shipping needs and goals. They will know what you ship, when you ship, and how you ship — so whenever you call, day or night, your customer service representative will be in touch as soon as possible and ready to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

You’ll never have to explain what your relationship is with Universal Cargo or wait days for an answer to your question while somebody digs through files to find your information. You’ll know your Universal Cargo representative, and they will know you, and they’ll be looking forward to talking with you whenever you need to discuss your shipments.

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We have highly trained air freight forwarding professionals ready to handle all of your commercial air freight shipping needs right now. We have the experience and dedication to do the job, no matter where in the world you want to ship. Once you call Universal Cargo, you’ll never need to know any other name for shipping. Find out more by contacting us now.