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Do you need storage, fulfillment, Amazon FBA prep, pick & pack, or more? Do you need long-term storage or multiple warehouses across the country? We can help with that. Why have contacts at multiple warehouses when you can have just one contact for countless warehouses when you partner with us? Look no further than Universal Cargo when it comes to your warehousing needs.

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Top Reasons to Choose Universal Cargo
for Your Warehousing:

From Our Customers

  • Thanks Erick I hope  you enjoy thanksgiving as well, we also enjoy working with you and Kelly.  You both make my job easier and I am grateful for that.

  • Always there when you need them.

    Zen Paradise
  • Very fast and helpful. Definitely will recommend to our Customers.

  • Henry and Jenny have both satisfied and met all of our request for our shipping needs. They have been beyond helpful with all of our shipments and has provided excellent service to us! I appreciate their endless efforts in trying to provide solutions for every scenario we come across. I would strongly recommend UC to others and will continue to do business with them for all of our logistics needs.

  • Would highly recommend UC. High level of professionalism and timely responses to all my inquiries.

  • I have been working with Universal Cargo on/off just about 4 years.  Business has picked up, so I was in need of service. Angel Choi and Erick Constantino have shown service above and beyond the call of duty. Angel and Erick never hesitated to answer questions or concerns, and treated me as I would treat my customer base, with professionalism, and courtesy. I wanted you to hear this, as you have very good people working for you, and I will not hesitate to recommend Universal Cargo.

  • Wonderful Team at Universal Cargo. Very patient with multiple requests for information, and strong ability to GET THE JOB DONE!! Thank you specifically to Henry, and Jessica!!

    Kristin Jones
  • Kellee also looks at business from not only a UC representative, but also for protecting the client's bottom line.  Which as you aware, makes your customers much more appreciative and wanting to make UC as their business partners. Just a friendly reminder of the treasure you have in her. Thank you all very much for everything you do for CCI.

  • We have been very satisfied with the service we have received from UC. The rates are very competitive.

  • Very good and friendly service. They helped me with paperwork and did most of the paperwork for me.

    Superior Products Co. Ltd
  • We have been dealing with UC for many years – with both the California and Georgia offices. All are very helpful, detail oriented, and courteous. Because of these economic times, we shop rates and services on a regular basis. UC wins many of our bid requests.

  • I enjoy working with Universal Cargo because I feel they are honest and fair in their rates. Also, I like the fact that I get quick instant responses to my e-mails, even at night. This makes our business much smoother. They communicate very well and are very professional.

  • I am going to re-affirm information that you already know, what a tremendous employee you have in Kellee Mallord.  She is one of the most kind, giving and efficient people I have had the pleasure of doing business with.  No matter what issue I have she always finds out what I need to know.  Kellee is always on top of CCI's shipments and lets me know immediately if there are any changes.


Warehousing for Your Business’s Imported and Exported Goods

Shipping and warehousing go hand in hand, but even if you have great shipping, warehouse issues can hurt your bottom line, your productivity, and your customer service. But how do you know who can provide you with the warehousing services you need, the way you need them? By partnering with the company you already trust to handle all of your shipping: Universal Cargo.

International Commercial Warehousing

If your business has you shipping products all over the world, those products have to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. That means you need a considerable amount of inventory safely stored and easily accessible. You need top-notch international commercial warehousing services, which is exactly what Universal Cargo is able to provide. We’ll store all your international goods, whether you have imported them or are exporting them, and whether you need to store them for a day or for a year. You can be confident that when you need a package to ship out, we’ll get it out right away.

Let Universal Cargo Be the Perfect Warehousing Partner for Your Business

All of the quality, affordability and impeccable service you have come to expect from Universal Cargo Shipping you will find in our distribution center management as well. The logistics of many businesses mean it is not cost-effective for you to try to manage your own warehouses. With Universal Cargo, you don’t have to. We can handle all of the processes that go with storing and warehousing goods. You can count on that because we have been doing it for decades.

Furthermore, most businesses agree that the more you can streamline your supply chain, the more smoothly your business will run. It’s this kind of lean manufacturing and distribution that is paving the way for the successful companies of the future. By putting all your warehousing and shipping needs in the hands of the same reliable and affordable company, you are dramatically reducing the chances of miscommunication or errors across that supply chain. This is yet another benefit of freight warehousing with Universal Cargo.

Contact Universal Cargo for Warehousing Rates Today

We are a one-stop shop for international warehousing and shipping that is dedicated to making your life easier. We can set you up with a personal customer service representative for all your shipping and warehousing with Universal Cargo, so you never have to worry about any issues with your products. Call anytime and your rep. will be in touch to put your mind at ease as quickly as possible.

We have been in shipping and warehousing for over 30 years, and our attention to detail and customer service always shines through.

You will find our rates for international commercial warehousing to be extremely competitive. But you don’t have to take our word for it — you can contact us and find out for yourself right now. Get in touch and start reducing the logistical headaches and saving money today!