Jared VineyardContent Manager

Born and raised in Flint, MI, Jared earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from Western Michigan University on his way to becoming a screenwriter, playwright, and content creator.

When not locked in a room, chained to a computer, Jared spends time with his wife and two sons, plays basketball, volunteers in youth ministry, and stays up later than a productive member of society should.

Suffering from Pepsi and movie addictions, you can often find Jared at $5 movie bins ready to have a debate with you over which cola is the best one.

Bucket List

  • A metal pale with a hole in it
  • A sandcastle bucket with crenellation to mold towers that ocean waves or mean kids are just going to knock down anyway
  • A plastic bin to hug and puke into when too sick to get out of bed. Yeah, those are his favorite buckets.

What did you want to be growing up?

An Adult

What is your Favorite Food / Comfort Food?

Anything my grandma cooks. But now, that only exists in my memory.

What is your Favorite Animal?

Lions. Unfortunately, these animals don't win nearly enough football games for me.