Jenny ChangSenior Account Manager

Jenny is originally from Taiwan and came to the U.S. for advanced study.  She graduated from the University of Memphis with an MBA degree in MIS.  She lived in the South until she moved to California in 2010. Jenny loves spending time serving God, hanging out with family & friends, as well as “creatively” cooking. She is also a hardcore basketball fan that you don’t want to watch the game with.

Universal Cargo gave her an opportunity to go further in her interest in the supply chain as a logistics analyst, and she is now one of the leads for the operations team.  She envisions tailoring a “people’s system” based on customer’s individual needs.

Bucket List

  • Explore a new country that she hasn't been to
  • Hand deliver her shoebox for the Operation Christmas Child project
  • Build/sponsor a pet center to help shelter pets find new homes

What did you want to be growing up?

President or Teacher

What is your Favorite Food / Comfort Food?

I like different ethnic food as long as it is without cheese! Love Taiwanese food especially; it's the taste of home

What is your Favorite Animal?