Kelly LiuSenior Account Executive

Kelly was born in Southern China in a small city.

Every Summer, her grandma brought her back to her hometown, which is an “organic land” with organic food and no electricity. They planted their own food, like vegetables and rice, and raised chickens and eggs, cows, and pigs.

They walked miles to a “trade market” for other stuff they needed. They didn’t have American candies, but they did have rock sugar.

Every time, she could only get one rock sugar after she drank her herbal medicine, which is very bitter. Just for your knowledge, most of the medicine they were using was dry trees, roots, leaves, etc. Guess what? It helps…

She thinks this is the most valuable time in her life and she will always cherish it!

Bucket List

  • Raise amazing kids
  • Create an organization to help orphan kids in Asia
  • Travel and live a period of her lifetime in Paris

What did you want to be growing up?

A Smart woman

What is your Favorite Food / Comfort Food?

Vegetable and Fruit

What is your Favorite Animal?