Since 1985, Universal Cargo Management has been established in the freight forwarding industry. It is our goal to provide to our valued customers competitive rates, efficient and friendly service, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.


7 Reasons to Choose UCM as Your Logistics Partner

    • 28+ Years of Experience
    • Experts in LCL, FCL,  and Air
    • Representation in ALL Major Ports Worldwide
    • One-Stop Shop - Full Service
    • Low Rates, Great Customer Service, Friendly Staff
    • C-TPAT Verified
    • We Produce Funny and Informative Videos
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5 Most Common Needs from a Freight Forwarder

  1. Reliable Service:

    Knowing you can sleep at night while your freight is in your Freight Forwarder's hands is priceless. This allows you to spend your time actually running your business.
  2. Communication:

    When unforeseen challenges occur, it is important that your Freight Forwarder keeps you informed proactively, instead of you having to chase them down.
  3. Competitive Rates:

    As the market changes constantly, it is important that your Freight Forwarder keeps you competitive.
  4. One Stop Shop:

    It is always easier when the logistics services are covered by one company instead of having to deal with several companies to complete the supply chain.
  5. Good Working Relationships:

    It is always better when you are working with a person that knows your needs and treats you like a VIP.

Come see how Universal Cargo Management meets these requirements on our Testimonials and References Page.

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