Perishables Shipping Tips and Guidelines

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Greg D.

Perishables Shipping Tips and Guidelines2If you need to ship perishable food or anything else that won’t last a long time, then you will need to take extra care that it arrives in perfect shape. This will take some work, but if you do not address the issue properly, you could lose the cargo.

The following tips will give you the basics of what you can do to ensure perishable goods make the trip safely:

-Laws and Regulations

You must make sure you can really send perishables to the destination you have in mind. There is no sense in even attempting to ship perishables somewhere if quarantine laws stand in your way and force the cargo to be thrown away.

Make sure you check out all laws connected to such cargo shipping for the country you have in mind.

-Being Realistic

You need to be sure you have realistic expectations about the shipping times for shipping your goods to the destination you have in mind. If you need to send perishable goods to a faraway destination, you need to know that your goods can reach it before spoiling or expiring. In order to know this, you will need to make sure you have a clear understanding of the delivery times. This knowledge will help you calculate proper shipping time windows for your perishable goods.

-Finding the Right Containers

You should find suitable containers for the goods in question. Food should always be stored in strong, sturdy boxes to protect it from impact and pressure from other boxes on top. Whether wooden boxes or cardboard boxes are used, they will need to be clearly marked with their contents and the fact that they are indeed perishables.

Individual wrapping of boxes will also be a very useful approach, depending on the goods shipped.

For shipping frozen or temperature sensitive goods, reefer shipping containers are your best option. Reefer containers come in standard shipping container sizes (20′, 40′, etc.), but are refrigerated specifically for the purpose of temperature-controlled shipping.

-Using the Right Packaging

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You need to make sure you provide the right internal packaging when it comes to frozen or chilled food.

If it has to stay cool or frozen when it’s out of the container, it will need dry ice or frozen gel to keep it cooled. You should also make sure it’s legal to send frozen packaging in the area to which you’re shipping.

You should also make sure you add some materials to cushion against impact. Packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and so forth can be excellent for protecting perishables that are very sensitive to impact force.

You can maintain the freshness of goods by shrink-wrapping the boxes or pallets, using multiple layers for better insulation from outside conditions.

-Proper Labels and Addresses

You must make sure you address all boxes clearly, ensuring you point out clear indicators of what’s inside, such as: Food Contents, Keep Frozen/Cool, Handle with Care, and so forth.

Make sure you mention dry ice if any is inside the boxes.

-Using the Right Shipping Routes

When it comes to shipping, you should make sure you choose shipping routes that allow the shortest stay in ports or warehouses before your cargo gets moved to the final destination.

You will need to ensure the perishables spend the least amount of time possible just sitting around.

Thankfully, companies are aware of the issue and do their best to deal with the subject in the most effective manner possible, so you have little to worry about, but it would be wise to be aware of the route and waiting times of your cargo anyway.


Once the recipient of your cargo receives it, you should make sure you get contacted. Sending cargo via cargo shipping companies will also allow you to track your cargo online for added assurance.


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