Universal Bizargo: Hungover Man Wakes in Sealed Shipping Container

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Let’s face it, blogs and stories related to international shipping can be a bit on the dry side and even, I dare say, boring. However, every once in a while there’s an international shipping story so weird it’s almost hard to believe it’s true. Thus, Universal Bizargo is born: Universal Cargo’s new blog series sharing the bizarre stories of the international shipping world.

Most of us have probably seen the movie the Hangover. Three guys wake up after a bachelor party with no recollection of what happened the night before. While there’s a new member to their group (a giant tiger in the bathroom), they’ve lost the groom who they’re supposed to take to his wedding that day.

A real life version of the Hangover happened a couple months ago in Qingdao, China.

The story doesn’t quite have the flash of the Hangover. There’s no tiger and Mike Tyson never shows up and punches anybody, but there’s actually more at stake in this real life story than there was in the movie the Hangover.

A couple months ago, a man named Jiang Wu had such a wild night of drinking that he woke up locked in a shipping container that was about to be shipped from China to Los Angeles, according to a story from msnNOW.com.

If they ship from China to Los Angeles, Jiang Wu isn’t likely to survive as the trip takes two weeks, UPI reported.

Life and death stakes trump getting to a wedding on time. If this were a movie, instead of being a big budget comedy, it would probably be a low budget suspense. But the incredible thing is that this was no movie; it actually happened and finding Jiang Wu in time to save his life was no easy task!

Jiang Wu was in a shipping container 60 feet in the air in the middle of thousands of shipping containers ready to hit the ocean and sail for Los Angeles.

Luckily, Jiang Wu awoke from his drunken stupor before the shipping container set sail.

When he woke up, Jiang Wu started calling everybody he knew. Another lucky thing for him was that he got reception. Can you hear me now?!

“He’s very lucky. If he’d been asleep for another hour the next stop would have been America,” Daily Star quoted a docker as saying.

Perhaps the first smart move he made was also calling the police.

Eventually, the police were able to find Jiang Wu from the noise he was making inside the shipping container.

Apparently, Jiang Wu got so drunk the night before that he mistook the shipping container for the bed and breakfast he was staying at and fell asleep inside. How bad was his B&B that he could mistake a shipping container for it? Maybe the question should be how drunk do you have to get to mistake a shipping container for a B&B.

Either way, this is one of the most bizarre shipping stories we’ve come across. We did once find a story of someone who did accidentally get shipped from China to Los Angeles in a shipping container.

That story was actually about a cute little kitten that was found clinging to life inside a shipping container that had just made the trip. You can read about the cute kitten stowaway here.

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