5 Hints for How to Choose an International Shipping Company

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By Grace Bailey

How to Choose International Shipping Company

Professional cargo moving offered by international shipping companies offers great opportunities to move pretty much anything. From vehicles to entire households, containers can be used for a great many purposes.

But how does one choose the right shipping company, considering the plethora of choices on the international market?

This article aims to help you in that choice.

1) Know Exactly What You’re Moving

If you plan on moving to a distant country, you will naturally want to take all your personal belongings with you. This will be doubly so if you plan on moving there permanently, so you will likely want to move your vehicle with you. There are many ways one can approach that as companies offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to moving those along, damage-free and intact. Consider what you need moved carefully, so you’ll be able to provide relevant information to your chosen company.

 2) Research Shipping Companies

Do some research on your chosen company. There are many websites online which offer relevant information about the professionalism of a given company based on the reviews of customers. Their overall rating and the information provided by these websites will allow you to piece together a decent picture of what the company is all about. Using that information will allow you to make a better choice when it comes down to it, focusing on companies known for their positive qualities and professionalism.

 3) Consider Shipping Container Options

Check out the type of container shipping your chosen company offers. While there is a variety of choices in most cases, you will still need to be aware of what you have available, based on your personal needs. There are dry cargo containers for a more uniform approach to shipping and refrigerated containers for a more specialized, sensitive cargo such as perishables and food. Containers come in different sizes, from 20 to 45 feet. Open top containers for example are best for goods capable of withstanding the elements of the environment. These come in sizes of 20 to 40 feet, so keep that in mind. Tank shipping containers are 20 feet long, allowing safe transportation of liquids of all kinds, from oil and gasoline to other choices.

 4) Get Freight Rate Quotes

Check out the prices. Naturally, affordability is one of the most important factors when it comes to international shipping. You need to ensure the company you have chosen won’t charge you for anything not listed on the contract. You can find deals on container services that give you a good edge over any other choices if you do your research right. You don’t have to spend too much on this if you are careful in what you do – ask for free quotes from your target companies and they will gladly provide you with such. Tell them about deals offered by other companies and in many cases they will reciprocate, allowing you a chance to explore a wider market.

 5) Make Sure Your Freight Forwarder/Shipping Company is Knowledgeable 

Check their knowledge of shipping protocols. While there are many ports around the world, specific rules and regulations based on regions of operation are always in effect. In the cargo world knowledge of proper custom duty and its underlying shipping protocols is vital to running a successful business. Make sure you are aware of them first, then check back with them. It may require an effort on your part, but that way you’ll know how things are done and you’ll be better prepared for future moves and shipping.


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  • Latoya Anderson

    I like that you talked about how you can utilize the internet to read reviews about the shipping companies that you’re interested in and get an overview of their professionalism. My son has 3 boxes of goods which he wanted to send to our relatives in the different country. It’s important for my son to make sure that the shipping company that he will choose is professional enough to ensure their customers’ satisfaction with their service. This is to make sure that he can expect a great service from the shipping company. Thanks for sharing your tips!

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