7 Tips For Your Business From Jesus Christ Part 2

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Imagine your business having Jesus level success. Everywhere Jesus went, He was sought after. His reputation spread from city to city. 2,000 years after walking the earth, Jesus is an international household name.

Jesus Dressed for Business

We generally wouldn’t think of Jesus as a businessman. He didn’t walk around in a suit and tie, but Jesus did often speak of work and money.

There’s plenty we could learn from Jesus’ life that could help make us more successful in business, whether international business importing and exporting cargo around the world or small local business.

In 7 Tips For Your Business From Jesus Christ Part 1, we saw examples from Jesus’ success that pertain to our own selves in business and our teams or employees. Now in part 2, we move on to industry and customers.

Remember, for the sake of this blog, we’ll refer to Jesus’ life in terms more relatable to business. For example, we’ll call Jesus’ ministry His “business” and His disciples His “team” or “employees”.

5. Jesus thought outside of the box of the way things were done in his “industry”.

To be successful, your business needs to stand out from the rest in your industry.

What do you do that’s different than the way everyone else is doing things in your industry?

Jesus was not the first to claim to be the messiah. But while others came with political ambitions or a military arm, Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of God instead of earthly kingdoms.

Why was Jesus so sought after as a religious leader? There were many other rabbis of Jesus time and place.

One reason is Jesus reached out to people the other “industry leaders” did not. Jesus was often criticized for eating and drinking with sinners. Yet Jesus saw these as the true potential for “customers” to His “business”. “It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick,” Jesus said.

He also reached out to and taught women, like in the story of the woman at the well or Mary who is described as learning at Jesus’ feet, which simply wasn’t done by rabbis and religious leaders of Jesus’ time.

There’s a whole sea of potential customers for your business that your industry isn’t reaching. A great resource for reaching them is the Blue Ocean Strategy.

Jesus Stock Arrow

6. Jesus gave personal attention to individuals.

Excelling in personal relationships and customer service is a great way to earn new and repeat business.

Jesus did not treat people like numbers or ignore them as many businesses do. Jesus gave individuals personal attention.

Blind Bartimaeus called out to Jesus. Jesus stopped and asked Bartimaeus, “What would you have me do?” Jesus was able to hear what Barimeaus needed and wanted from Jesus and then Jesus was able to meet the need of His “customer”. Then Bartimaeus followed Jesus down the road, showing customer loyalty.

In the story of the woman at the well mentioned above, Jesus talked with the woman about her life. That relationship resulted in the woman telling everyone in town about Jesus’ “business”.

Taking time out for customers makes a huge difference in business. Simply by stopping and listening to them, maybe asking what they need, makes it possible for businesses to provide positive experiences for customers. It could also help us see potential services and business opportunities that could take our businesses to the next level.

Positive experiences and forming relationships with customers brings in repeat business and new business. But negative experiences and treating customers like something less than a person can quickly hurt a business. With the internet, every customer has the potential to reach the world with positive and negative messages about your business instantly.

7. Jesus offered a spectacular product.

Jesus had a spectacular product that drew in people. He healed people of all sorts of sicknesses.

Ultimately, your business needs a great product or service to thrive. A business can last for a while with a shabby but well advertised product. People will buy at first. But if you ship out a bad product, it won’t take long for customers to figure out what they’re purchasing isn’t worth the price.

People flocked to Jesus because of His ability to make them well. The blind could see, the lame could walk… and the word spread.

Make sure you have a focus on quality. If you have a great product, the word will spread. Even better is if you can couple one great product with another.

As incredible a product as healing is, Jesus offered a second product that was even better–forgiveness of sin. Jesus offered forgiveness for any bad thing a person had ever done for a restored relationship with God. This product came with an eternal guarantee that keeps people flocking to church 2,000 years later.

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