A Logistics Christmas Poem

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Since tomorrow is Christmas Eve, here is a special, early blog. Universal Cargo wishes you all a merry Christmas with “A Logistics Christmas Poem” below and happy holidays with this picture from our team! 



A Logistics Christmas Poem


My resolution last revolution

was to find the simple solution

to the greatest logistical feat of all.


It just can’t be right

how in one night one might

make the world seem so small.


Meticulous, ridiculous planning

Must go into global spanning,

yet the task still seems too tall.


How could one travel like a pilgrim

every country giving children

toys they couldn’t purchase at the mall?


Then, as if to call us rookies,

he stops for milk and cookies!

How could he have time to stall?


So unfair to grasp at air

with no answers, I pull out my hair

What shipping pro would this not appall?


What’s more, I ponder hour after hour

how reindeer rendered power

can make that silly sleigh not fall!


Desperation not masking when asking Prancer,

yes, I harassed her for an answer.

Even on my knees did I crawl!


Animus that the animal wouldn’t listen

(neither would Donner nor Blitzen),

I’d like to mount their antlered melons on the wall!


Oh, it’s weakened my will

having no secret still to mill

of how on every house he could call.


I gave it all I got; any more thought

and my mind might rot!

It’s enough to make a freight forwarder bawl.


For the condition of this logistician,

I give up and call him a magician

to deliver that giant haul.


He is the greatest shipper,

that old reindeer whipper!

Santa Claus, take a curtain call.


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