More ILWU Port Disruption & Terminals Cutting Man-Hours as Contentious Contract Negotiations Drag

More International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) disruption is happening at West Coast ports, particularly at the Port of Oakland, as contract negotiations don't appear to be getting [...]


Shippers Will Hate Expected Carrier Strategy

It's coming: the cleaner fuel mandate. The International Maritime Organization's (IMO) o.5% sulfur cap hits in 2020. Carriers know their fuel costs are about to jump. Shippers know they'll in [...]


Lumps of Port Congestion for Your Stocking

'Tis the season for congestion. No, I'm not talking about whatever bug your kid brought home from school, although there is plenty of that. I'm talking port congestion. [...]


Invasive Species on Your Shipping Containers – Action Needed?

Something about international shipping has countries worried. And they're considering legislating it, which makes shipping industry professionals nervous.

What's the issue? Invasive [...]

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