China, Bali, & Heavy Equipment: 3 International Business Resources

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Universal Cargo Management is not here just to be your freight forwarder. We’re a friend to your business.

As a friend to your business, we at UCM are always looking for ways to help you succeed in international business. That’s why we have a resources section on our website with several helpful pages for the experienced importer or exporter and the first time international shipper alike.

For well over 25 years, we’ve been doing business all over the world. In that time, we’ve learned many invaluable lessons. What a waste it would be if we didn’t share what we learned with others.

Here are three resources in the form of white papers we have on our site that could help you succeed in international business.


1. Doing Business in CHINA by Devin Burke

China White Paper

This white paper is from UCM’s CEO, who has extensive business experience in China and is also very well read on the subject.

If you are thinking about doing business in China, are new to doing business in China, or have been doing business in China for quite some time, this white paper could be very useful for you.

Some of the topics you’ll find covered in this white paper on doing business in China are selling your product in China, setting up shop in China, and the importance of government relations.


2. Life in Bali, business in Indonesia

                    Bali White Paper

Living and working in Indonesia can be challenging, entertaining, frustrating, educational, healthy, dangerous, safe, fun, difficult but always interesting… 

This short white paper on Bali is a first hand account of living and doing business in Indonesia. If you’re considering doing business in Indonesia, whether Bali or somewhere else, this quick read will give you an idea or two about some of the cultural differences between Indonesia and the U.S. to help dampen your culture shock.

Actually, if you’re about to try to live or work in any other country, this read may get you considering how you think of other cultures and how you will approach your upcoming move.


3. Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment White Paper

This white paper is both entertaining and helpful.

While its focus is on the shipping of heavy equipment, it has lessons that could apply to an international shipper of any type of good.

Starting with a heavy equipment shipping horror story, this white paper moves into keys for having a smooth moving shipment.


We hope you’ll take the time to check out these white papers as well as the other resources available on our site and that you’ll find them useful.

As always, UCM is ready to help you with your international shipping and freight forwarding needs.

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