Enter “The Box” to Win a Free Tablet from UCM

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Story of “The Box”

The Box - Win a TabletTrue, in 1956 Malcolm McLean introduced his patented shipping container that loaded on truck, train, and ship, changing how the world ships cargo. But, “The Box” was here first.

What many know is during World War II, the U.S. Army developed a shipping container called The Transporter and then The Container Express, a.k.a. CONEX, to ship soldiers’ household goods, supplies for troops, and equipment spare parts.

What many don’t know is the U.S. government also developed a smaller metal container, “The Box” to carry secured intelligence and counterintelligence information that was vital to U.S. and allied successes from WWII through the end of the Cold War.

“The Box” played a crucial role in countless classified missions including “Listen Blondi”, where Hitler’s German Shepherd was replaced with a spy dog; “Kim Jong Can Golf”, where beautiful golf courses were created in North Korea in attempts to distract its dictator from war; and “Communism Doesn’t Work”, speeding the inevitable demise of the Soviet Union’s communist run economy.

“The Box” has changed its look through the years, sporting a fake nose and toothbrush mustache during its counterintelligence missions in Germany, a slightly dulled and depressing red paint job in the Soviet Union, and now a stylishly modern shipping look with Chinese markings and the Universal Cargo Management logo.

“The Box” has retired from espionage, but still loves carrying information and mystery. So it holds the information of potential winners of an iPad, Galaxy, or other Tablet of their choosing from UCM. Is your name in“The Box”?

Enter “The Box” for a Chance to Win a Tablet from UCM

“The Box” will grant you access to win a Tablet!

That’s right, Universal Cargo Management is giving away another free tablet and “The Box” will be your ticket in.

In short, UCM will collect business cards to be placed within “The Box.”

Once the contest period ends we will draw 1 lucky winner to receive an iPad, Galaxy, or other tablet of their choosing.

Please see below for contest details and official rules.

How UCM clients enter the contest:

If you are already an established UCM client, we thank you for your continued support.  If you would like to enter “The Box” keep your eye out for UCM Logistics Specialists in your area or at the trade shows you attend.

When you spot “The Box” and/or our UCM Logistics Specialists flag them down and snap a photo.  Upload that photo to one of your social media accounts and tag the appropriate UCM social media account.  We will even allow you an additional entry for each social media site you upload your photo to and tag UCM in.

Upon completion, our UCM Logistics Specialists will take your business card and put it into “The Box” for a chance to win an iPad, Galaxy, or other tablet.

How potential UCM clients enter the contest:

We are always out searching for new shipping partners.  Don’t miss your chance to enter “The Box” and win an iPad, Galaxy, or other tablet.  Whether we meet you at a trade show or come by your office for a visit, be ready for some contest action.

When you meet “The Box” and/or our UCM Logistics Specialists agree to join our mailing list and drop your business card in “The Box” for an opportunity to win.  Our mailing list includes weekly blogs, quarterly newsletters, urgent shipping industry news and alerts, and other UCM materials.

Once you agree to join our mailing list and drop your business card into “The Box” you are all set for a chance to win an iPad, Galaxy, or other tablet.  You will receive a confirmation email before any mailing list emails are sent to you.

Check out the official rules below.

Rules & Regulations

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