Furniture Market Upswing Resonates Great Ring for Freight Forwarders

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Furniture Market picking up?Furniture Market Helps Freight Forwarder

It is official, the January 2011 Las Vegas Market furniture trade show sent some positive signals within the Industry.  It’s a great family activity if you’re in Las Vegas with kids, as the attendance was up 25% from the last market and it was reported that 80% of the nation’s top 100 Retailers were in attendance.  International buyers were up 16% which is a good sign, as anytime a Furniture importer can export that is good for the all around economy.

There was also an increase of about 20% in exhibitors, which is heartbeat of any trade show.  Traffic and order writing was also up significantly enough to bring remarks from several exhibitors that finally there were serious buyers coming to Vegas.

So this should be a good sign for High Point Market coming up on April 2-7 which is a much larger show with usually the “serious” buyers.

Key Takeaway 

Key Takeaway – With the rise of Furniture Market trade show attendance and the increase in buyers, Furniture Manufacturers have some hope going into the coming High Point Market.


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