Got Marine Cargo Insurance? [What The Freight?!? – Issue 002]

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Join Harry Ocean as he neurotically navigates the wavy waters of cargo importing and exporting in “What the Freight?!?”

In this issue, Harry Ocean speaks to Billy O’Lading about Marine Cargo Insurance for his most recent shipment…

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The Moral of the Story is to always purchase Marine Cargo Insurance.  For most goods, 1.5% of the value can secure ALL RISK Coverage.  A few exceptions would be:

  • Automobiles
  • Ceramics, Chinaware, Glassware
  • Marble, Granite

Goods such as these have different surcharges or deductibles attached to them.

If you are considering purchasing Marine Cargo Insurance feel free to review our guide:

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OR More In Depth Information on Marine Cargo Insurance

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