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Greg Thompson

If you have ever had the pleasure of working on international freight shipping, then you know how many details one must keep track of for it to go smoothly. The following tips will give you details you will need to know if you want to deal with air shipping with as little trouble as possible:

  • International Shipping Tips and Guidelines resized 600The first thing you will need to consider is the expenses you will need to cover. When it comes to domestic freight, things are usually pretty straightforward, but things get progressively more difficult and different when you go into international territories. After all, it’s rare that your cargo will only travel from point A to point B by plane, but there will also be some ground transport involved. You will need to be aware of the entirety of where the cargo will pass through and how it will be handled. This will help you keep tabs on it while it’s in transit. You should call your freight shipping company for details surrounding these bits of information.
  • You must also make sure you have secured a good amount of packaging for all the items being shipped. Although containers are sturdy, you would do well to make sure things are properly secured inside as well. This means ample amounts of padding, pallets, and strong cardboard boxes for all items being shipped. This will ensure they will be as safe as possible during the trip. Freight may be handled several times during transport, so you would do well to be thorough in the packing department.
  • You should also make sure you use the exact measurements and weight of the items being shipped. This will be necessary as the trucking companies and airlines will need the information to calculate more than just prices, but the fuel involved in moving them. The inaccurate calculation of your cargo can cause the freight to be held over until a carrier verification is complete if it’s in odds with the measurements and weight stated. Customs can be very strict when it comes to discrepancies between what’s listed and what is.
  • International Shipping Tips and Guidelines2Make sure you describe the contents of your shipment clearly and accurately as well. I cannot stress that enough as discrepancies between the stated cargo and what’s really inside will not be looked upon kindly. The moment customs find any such differences you will have a whole lot of problems on hand, so before you send your cargo out make sure you’ve declared everything there is to declare and that nothing is missing.
  • Now comes the other very important aspect of the whole shipping operation: you will need to make sure you cover all documents needed without any problems. Pay special attention to the commercial invoice. Once you have the weight and dimension of your cargo, as well as their description, then you will need to add the actual market value of the goods, if they were not offered for sale, as well as their HTS code. This will help with the commercial invoice. Just remember that the easier it is to find the information on your documents, the easier it is to avoid negative scrutiny from customs agencies around the world. Keep things accurate and cover all necessary documentation.

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    This blog is very informative for all those who want to ship their freight by air. Yes I am agree expenses are the first thing which have to consider before shipping. The security of goods is also very important. Measurements Commercial invoice are also very important. We should take said precautions to save our shipment from custom problems.

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