Making sense of ocean freight and air freight rate fluctuations

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In trying to make sense of recent sea freight and air cargo rate fluctuations, we’ve gathered information from several sources and made the following observations:1) Rates are going up and staying up, not down2) Space will be an issue probably all year3) Expect “new” surchargesIN SHORT: We’re all paying for that great 12 months we all had with the lowest freight rates in History between Oct ’08 through Sep ’09.

Here’s a rate chart showing what we’re seeing (as of 29-May-2010) at Universal Cargo Management, Inc.   

APL2010.8.1320400450505from China to USA (except Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands)
CMA2010.6.15320400450510from Asia to USA/Canada (East & West Coast, IPI, MLB) – cargo receipt date at origin
Cosco2010.6.15320400450506from Far East and Indian Sub-Continent to USA/Canada
CSAV2010.6.15320400450 from Asia to USA
CSCL2010.6.1 ~ 2010.11.30320400450505from Far East, Middle East and Indian Subcontinent countries/areas to USA
EMC2010.6.15320400450506from Far East (except India)/S.Africa to USA/Canada
2010.6.15360450506570from India to USA/Canada
Hapag2010.6.28320400450510from Asia and Indian Sub-Continent to USA/Canada, except India – date of cargo receipt at origin
2010.6.28300375425n/afrom India to USA/Canada – date of cargo receipt at origin
Maersk2010.6.15320400450510from Far East Asia to USA/Canada (Transpacific Eastbound)
Matson2010.6.16320400450506Transpacific Eastbound (excluding Hawaii, Guam)
MOL (PSC)2010.6.15 ~ 2011.3.31400500565635from Asia to USA/Canada
MSC2010.6.15320400450 to USEC and US intermodal points via USEC
2010.6.15400500563 to USWC and US intermodal points via USWC
OOCL2010.6.15 ~ 2010.11.30320400450505to USA/Canada – base on cargo receiving date
Wanhai2010.6.15 ~ 2010.11.30320400450510to USWC


BOTTOM LINE: At Universal Cargo Management, Inc., we advise our clients to make reservations early if possible and structure your contracts carefully making certain that all fees are clearly declared in order to prevent unpleasant surprises.

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