Missle System Hidden Inside a Cargo Shipping Container

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http://img.ibtimes.com/www/data/images/full/2010/04/26/6974-club-k.jpgA Russian weapons company, Morinformsistema-Agat, is marketing a cruise missile system that is hidden inside an ordinary 40’ cargo shipping container and can be launched from inside the container itself. The Club K Missile system is able to “fire four long range satellite-guided missiles from a ship, train or tractor-trailer.” It has the ability to demolish an aircraft carrier as far as 200 miles away. Currently, the Club K Missile system is said to be marketed internationally only as a military weapon, but it is likely that they will be willing to sell to whomever is financially apt to purchase this $10 million weapon.

Concerns arise as WSBTV’s news anchor Justin Farmer further investigates and finds that officials at the Port of Savannah is unaware of this missile system. The Port of Savannah  is “United States’ fourth-largest container port” transporting over three million containers each year. Ideally, each container is monitored and scanned by U.S. Customs and Border Protection  at the Port of Savannah before moving inland. However, even with the latest x-ray technology, not 100% of all cargo is being scanned. While each truck is inspected for radiation before it leaves the port, it is possible that the Club K Missile contains conventional substances that may or may not trigger the detectors. The officials at the Port of Savannah concludes by ensuring that this new missile would not be overlooked during the inspection process and the systems that are employed at the port would most definitely detect such cargo passing through.

It is certainly a threat to our country if such massive weaponry can be hidden in a container that is meant to ship ordinary cargo. This disguise allows for a vast amount of ways in which the cruise missiles can be used. It can transform any ordinary 40’ cargo container into a missile boat and can easily destroy an aircraft carrier. Or it can be taken inland and be fired from within the nation’s defense system. This advanced missile system could potentially put the nation at risk. After various encounters with terrorism and how it has affected national security over the years, careful measures should be taken and strict regulations should be permanently enforced to ensure safety. If additional safety procedures are not taken to carefully scan and inspect all cargo entering the states, then our country will be in a great amount of danger in the future.


Hong Ho


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