Pictures Highlighting High Point Market’s Smash Hit Party

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Get ready for High Point pictures worth high-fiving about. Or fist-bumping if you’re not really the high five sort, but that just doesn’t have the same alliterative quality.

We invited you to Seductive Reflections, the party Universal Cargo sponsored to launch another great High Point Market, and if you missed it, well, pretend the people in these pictures aren’t having nearly as much fun as they appear to be having.

Oh, who are we kidding, the pictures don’t even begin to show how much fun the party was.

Thank you to everyone who attended. We at Universal Cargo love the chance to party with our customers, friends, and all the rest of you crazy furniture industry people at High Point!

Hats off to you all!

Yes, that’s Universal Cargo’s own CEO Devin Burke lifting his cap to you. And that’s the most serious picture of him you’ll see in this post.

After all, no one likes to have a good time more than Mr. Burke.

But this blog isn’t about Mr. Burke. It’s a look back at the great High Point party that we helped Classy Art throw through a compilation of some of our favorite pictures from the event.

This party had it all.


Not only was the party packed with the furniture industry’s finest—all having a great time—but there were hors d’oeuvres for the eating, cocktails for the drining, live music for the dancing, and I swear that table was alive!

Yes, once again there were fantastic costumes.

No, this wasn’t a masquerade or costume ball, but there was someone dressed as if he was a disco ball.

I’m not kidding. You could see your reflection a hundred times over on this guy.

Check it out!

For those who are perhaps a little on the vain side, seeing themselves all over this guy might have been what they thought Classy Art was talking about when naming the party Seductive Reflections.

Not that I would be suggesting in any way that the person kissing her reflection on this man’s mirrored cheek is at all on the vain side.

Come on, that’s just a good picture.

But there were so many great pictures from the party that we couldn’t put them all in this blog.

However, we did manage to cram a whole lot of them into it.

It’s impossible to really show you all you missed if you didn’t attend the party or capture all the fun that was had by those of you who were there, but there is enough captured to give just a tiny taste of the things that these parties hold.

Speaking of taste, there is always great food to be had at the High Point parties we sponsor.


Tell me your mouth isn’t watering just from looking at the picture of those hors d’oeuvres.

Shoot, they practically look like an entrée.

Okay, that’s enough French food words for me.

The live band killed it with the music, making not only people but statues dance!



For some, it takes a little more than a band to get dancing.

Yes, I’m referring to a little liquid courage.

Grabbing a drink before hitting the dance floor is a perfectly acceptable thing to do at a party. And the drink department was well covered.

Of course, there’s never any pressure to have a drink if you don’t want one.

As we all know, Devin Burke certainly doesn’t need a drink to have a good time.

I wonder how many new pun jokes he learned just to tell at this party.

And does he get them out of books or does he make up all those puns on his own?

Some mysteries are best not thought about.

One thing I do know is that Mr. Burke was not the only jokester in attendance at the High Point Market party.

It doesn’t take too much looking through pictures to know that.



Of course, in the middle of all the fun, games, and just being out while looking good, there was plenty of networking to be had.

We are all serious professionals, after all.

We’re just serious professionals who know there is a time to put on the party hats.

But as Mr. Burke demonstrated at the beginning of this blog, the hat can come off at any time to sit and have a nice conversation. Or to stand and have a nice conversation. Or to just pull a business card out of the hat to give to your next business partner.

We, here at Universal Cargo, were happy to sponsor another High Point market kick-off party in appreciation of the customers and friends for whom we import furniture.

But again, if you weren’t able to make it, come next time. And in the meantime, check out more great pictures below. Beyond that, there are even more on Classy Art’s Facebook page.


High Point Market Party Pics                                             

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