Ship Just Got Real: 6 Tips for Small Businesses to Compete Online

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We recently released a couple blogs to help shippers and small businesses make money by selling on Amazon. You can check them out at the following links:

Secrets of Making Money on Amazon Like a Boss: How To Get the Buy Box

The Secrets of Making Money on Amazon Like a Boss

Small businesses selling on sites like Amazon find themselves competing with big corporations. That seems daunting, but there is still room for small businesses to make big money selling online.

Trucker Classifieds shared an infographic with Universal Cargo about innovations big companies are making with their online selling that can seem daunting for small businesses. While the infographic highlights the heat big corporations are turning up, it also features 3 tips for small businesses to sell on Amazon or sell online in general.

Here are the 3 tips Trucker Classifieds offered in their infographic:

1. Embrace Delivery & Offer Shipping

2. Customize Your Customer’s Experience

3. Network With Other Small Businesses & Share Shipping Costs

These are excellent tips Trucker Classifieds shared. There are also more things small businesses can do to compete online so you can read a few more tips from your friends here at Universal Cargo below:

4. Find Your Niche

As a small business or a shipper, importing products to sell online, you don’t want to try to compete with the big corporations selling everyday items. Find a product that is unique and that you are passionate about and your odds of success increase dramatically.

For more on this, check out our blog of tips on finding products to import for making money:

3 Tips for Choosing a Product to Import from China for Making Money

5. Address the Reader in Your Copy

Second person is usually not a good point-of-view (POV) to write from if you’re creating a novel. When it comes to sales copy about your product, it’s the best POV. Likewise, first person is the worst POV for product sales copy.

If your descriptions use “I” or “me” when talking about your products, find ways to use “you” to replace those.

NOT: “We created [the product] to…”

INSTEAD: “You’ll love how your [the product]…”

6. Use Great Images

Often, the picture(s) of products are what really end up making the sale.

Make sure you use great images of the product you are selling. The better job you do with your images, the better your sales are likely to be.

Some people don’t bother reading the descriptions at all, only buying based on pictures. For others, it takes a great picture to get them to bother reading the description of a product.

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The infographic featured in today’s blog was created by Trucker Classifieds. Here’s a little about the company from their About Us webpage:

“Trucker Classifieds is the first site in the Randall-Reilly family that focuses solely on local job postings. Jumping headstrong into this niche market, Trucker Classifieds is about knowing the needs of the many friends we’ve made in the trucking industry and continuing to provide for them by meeting our friends at their doorstep.”

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