The Most Important Trait For Ecommerce Business Success (w/ INFOGRAPHIC)

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Guest Infographic with Introduction from Subscriptionly and Webmastersjuryrespectively.

Note from the editor: Universal Cargo has many clients and blog readers who import goods to sell online. It is with those of you who sell online in mind that we occasionally diverge from our normal international shipping topics (browse around these guys) to publish a post like today’s that focuses on e-commerce.

60 Stats and Trends that Will Define the Future of E-Commerce

Do you know what the main key to business success in the ecommerce sphere is? It’s using a responsive, customer-centric business model. You need to be highly adaptive and ensure that you are at the leading edge when it comes to new trends.

If you don’t keep abreast of current developments in this sphere, you run the risk of always having to play catch-up. And that means that there will always be someone out there offering a better and more effective service.

To avoid being at the bottom of the leaderboard, you need to know what trends are going to be important. You must understand the trends and be able to adapt your business model to accommodate them.

With this in mind, we wanted to share more info about the extremely interesting infographic below. It was drawn up by the folks over at Subscriptionly after a lot of intensive research into the subject of the upcoming ecommerce trends.

What makes this infographic valuable is that it is not thumb-sucked information that sounds good. The statistics that back up the claims are included. And, here’s the real kicker – it’s all been condensed into manageable bites of information.

You don’t have to worry about having to sift through mountains of flowery prose or waffling. It’s good, solid information about latest ecommerce trends, and won’t take longer than a few minutes to read.

Check it out and find out what kinds of tweaks you can make to your business model to take a giant leap forward. You choose how to use the information. For example, you could focus for now on just one step – improving the personalization of the customer experience.

Or maybe you prefer to go at it full guns blazing and start several improvement projects at once. It doesn’t matter – the decision on how you will act on the information is yours. Act today and see what you can do.

future of ecommerce infographic


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