UCM’s Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest

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I carved a pumpkin and I liked it…

Universal Cargo Management welcomed Halloween with a good old fashioned pumpkin carving competition (all pictures can be found on our Facebook page).

Happy Halloween UCM PumpkinsMembers of UCM’s staff created teams and put in great entries for a tight competition.

Here’s a peek at the finalists of the competition.

Jack o'lantern Team Work HardDaphne ChangIvy Ying Zhao, Jenny F. Chang, and Lupe Montano joined together to form Team Work Hard.

The name actually describes its members very well.

Team Work Hard gave a creative twist to the classic jack o’lantern, using seeds and pumpkin innards spewing out of its mouth, with their entry.

This jack o’lantern made a splash immediately with those who saw it and was sure to be a contender in the competition.

The other finalist team broke from the traditional jack o’lantern altogether and went with a Universal Cargo Management international shipping theme.

UCM pumpkin carving Team YOLOPerhaps Team YOLO, composed of Raymond Rau and Wesley Jew, succeeded in garnering an unfair advantage by entering a group of four carved pumpkins–a large one with UCM’s logo artfully carved into it and three small ones to represent ocean freight, air cargo, and trucking.

When it came time for the judging, UCM’s Managing Director, Kamy Eliassi chose Team YOLO’s entry.

Going with carved pumpkins that promoted UCM and the freight forwarder’s main services payed off well in getting the company’s managing director’s vote.

But next to judge was UCM’s President, Shirley Burke.

The creative use of the pumpkins innards payed off in gaining Shirley’s sensibilities and she chose Team Work Hard.

It was a split decision, making these two entries the finalists. The decision would come down to UCM’s CEO, Devin Burke.

The decision was difficult, but the jack o’lanterns promoting his company won Devin over and Team YOLO was declared the winner of the 2013 UCM Pumpkin Carving Competition.

Congratulations Ray and Wesley!

To see all the pics from UCM’s pumpkin carving competition, visit our Facebook page.

Happy Halloween!

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