Universal Cargo Sponsoring Learning from Pros Golf Event at AON World Conference

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Even people who have never swung a club know that business is done on the golf course. If you don’t play, you’re missing out. Don’t know how to play? Universal Cargo is hosting a golf event that could fix that.

The AON World Annual Conference 2023 is coming up next month, from September 4th to 7th in Bankok, Thailand. Universal Cargo will be there, sponsoring a golf event that kicks off the conference on September 3rd at Bangkok’s Thana City Country Club from 8am to 1pm. But this isn’t any regular old golf event. It’s your chance to learn how to play, all the way down to the basics if you’re a beginner, from professional golfers.

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Universal Cargo has its own, in-house professional golfer in General Manager Micah Burke.

Before joining Universal Cargo’s family-owned business of helping businesses import and export goods, Micah was out on the PGA circuit. However, just because he joined his father, CEO Devin Burke; mother, President Shirley Burke; and brother, Support Manager Bryan Burke in the freight forwarding business doesn’t mean he’s completely left golf behind. And this exciting golf event in Bangkok is one of the ways Micah’s worlds mix.

Micah will be joined by fellow professional golfer Tommy Mansuwan in hosting this unique opportunity to mix business with pleasure, where participants will network and learn while enjoying the beautiful course at Thana City Country Club.

I had the chance to catch up with Micah and get the lowdown on this exciting venture, where he and Tommy will share their experience and knowledge as professional golfers. “I’m going to be running the instructional clinic for the basics,” Micah said, his enthusiasm palpable. He obviously has more than a basic idea of what the fundamentals are. “I want to teach that,” he said.

But it’s going to go beyond the basics. Micah and Tommy will be roaming the golf course, getting involved, hitting shots, and offering insights to participants. “Because we’re both professionals, we have some swings that can impress people. So we can get involved, hit some shots, show them how to hit shots around the golf course. Give them some insight, you know, when they’re faced with challenging shots.”

Micah talked about things they’ll be covering. From teaching the absolute basics, like how to stand and put your fingers on the golf club, to helping participants make smart choices when faced with challenging shots, Micah is excited about covering all aspects of the game.

What’s Micah most excited about? “Being in my element and networking in that space,” he said. “I’m able to use that opportunity to make good connections with people, and that’s what this business is all about.”

Universal Cargo is not just sponsoring the golf event but will also have a presence at the conference itself through Micah. He will attend, participating in one-on-one meetings and social events. The golf will facilitate his networking there. “The golf event is going to give me a brand within the conference,” he explained. “It gets me around almost everybody in the conference, and they’ll remember me as a professional golfer.”

But why golf, you might ask? Micah confirms the simple answer that we all know. “It’s a cliché, but business is done on a golf course,” he says. “So if you don’t know how to play, you’re getting left out. It’s growing. It’s growing every day, and business is just attached to it.”

This event is not just about golf or business; it’s about Universal Cargo’s commitment to building relationships and providing unique experiences. As a family-owned business, Universal Cargo brings a personal touch to everything we do, and this golf event is no exception. And, of course, the advertising for the company is always good too. As Micah puts it, “I’m excited about Universal Cargo being the title sponsor on the first event because if this grows, this could be a great opportunity for UC to get out there, and our name. It’s going to be good exposure.”

So, whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a novice eager to learn, join us for this exciting event. Don’t expect to go out there and beat Micah at his own game. But it could take your game to a new level. And who knows, you could discover a great talent for it like Micah did as a kid. It only took him a year after he first started playing to beat his dad, CEO Devin Burke, who was no slouch himself after playing the game all his life.

Remember, golf doesn’t have to become your professional life to change your professional life. And for the better.

Here’s what AON World had to say about the golf event:

We are thrilled to invite AON WBLN [World Business Logistics Network] members to participate in the upcoming Bangkok Golf Event, supported by Universal Cargo Management, USA.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or new to the sport, this event is perfect for anyone who loves golf, and wants to have a fun and enjoyable experience in beautiful Bangkok! 

Registration for the AON WBLN Golf Event is limited and closes on July 31st, 2023. To register for the event, please contact our AON World representatives at secretariat@aonworld.net

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