Whoa! Video of Explosion to Free Cargo Ship from Collapse Francis Key Bridge

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Yesterday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Baltimore used explosives on the part of the collapsed Francis Key Bridge that’s been holding the giant container ship Dali trapped for over a month and a half. The Dali hit the bridge in March, and a fatal collapse ensued.

Engineers have been working to regain ship access to the Port of Baltimore, which was lost because of the collapse. Yesterday’s controlled explosions were a big step in fully opening the waterway to the port. Plus, some cool videos of the explosion were posted.

My favorite such video was Tweeted on X by the USACE Baltimore itself:

The Port of Baltimore also tweeted a cool video of the explosion, along with still frame pictures of it.

Finally, CBS posted a nice video of the explosion on Youtube. I marked it where the explosion is about to happened because most of the ten-minute video doesn’t contain the action.

Baltimore bridge demolition, removal from Dali cargo ship | full video

The mayor of Baltimore, Brandon Scott, called the explosion an “important milestone” in clearing the channel.

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