All Incoterms Made Fast & Simple in New Video Series

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Finally, all Incoterms defined and in one easy to access place!

A video series on Incoterms from Universal Cargo’s Universal Shipping News has just been completed, allowing shippers and international businesspeople easy access to the basics of every group of Incoterms: Group E, Group F, Group C, and Group D.

This blog combines all the Incoterm videos on one easy to manage page. All you have to do is scroll down to the video(s) discussing the Incoterm(s) you want to know about.

If you want more information on the Incoterms defined in the below videos, each video has a link under it to a blog that covers the same group of Incoterms in more detail.

Group E: EXW

Click here for more information on Incoterms Group E.

Group F: FCA, FAS, FOB

Click here for more information on Incoterms Group F.


Click here for more information of Incoterms Group C.

Group D: DAT, DAP, DDP

Click here for more information on Incoterms Group D.

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