Shipping News Alert: Congestion at Several U.S. Ports Causing Delays

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Shipping News AlertSevere port congestion and rail delays are slowing many inland shipments throughout the U.S.

Here are the three most notable ports experiencing congestion and causing shipment delays:

Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach, especially the PCT & ITS terminals.

Port of Oakland, specifically SSA terminals.

Ports of New York/New Jersey.

Beyond delays to imported shipping containers’ delivery, there is a danger of truckers charging congestion fees to shippers.

Obviously, major congestion that delays the delivery of imported goods is bad for shippers. Port congestion is also a major problem for truckers who get stuck waiting at ports for hours and hours, unable to load up and get on the road, costing them money.

UCM will be keeping an eye on the port congestion situations and give you updates.

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