Supply Chain Opz Names UCM in 50 Best Global Supply Chain Blogs

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Here at Universal Cargo Management, we work hard to not only take care of your international shipping needs, but to regularly post international shipping content to inform, assist, and even entertain those who are in or curious about the international shipping industry.

Did I write “international shipping” enough times in that much too long opening sentence?

SCM Global 50 BadgeIt seems our blog caught the attention of Supply Chain Opz, who selected us to be a part of their SCM Global 50 list.

SCM Global 50 is a list Supply Chain Opz compiled of 50 top Supply Chain Management (SCM) blogs that they highly recommend to their readers.

We don’t like to toot our own horn or pat ourselves on the back here at Universal Cargo Management, but when someone else does it for us, it’s okay to highlight it, right?

According to Supply Chain Opz, the way they compiled the list was by gathering data as follows:

What we want to do is to discover [are] some good blogs covering various issues in global SCM. To do this, we search extensively using standard Google search. The preliminary result is the list of 1,000 blogs. After that, we make the first cut by reviewing potential 100 blogs. Then, we finalize the results based on quality of information, timeliness of information and overall diversity.

Universal Cargo Management, with our blog on the final list, is in good company, including the U.S. government with its Commerce Blog.

Okay, some of you may not think of the government as good company, especially if you’re pro big business and think the government has gotten too intrusive. What I have to say to you is we don’t really tend to get into those kinds of government issues on this blog. (We would hate to make the government angry and cause a possible slowdown on the cargo we’re shipping at customs clearance.)

But if you like reading about the international shipping issues we do get into on our blog, Supply Chain Opz’ SCM Global 50: Best Global Supply Chain Blogs 2014 may be excellent for you to check out.

The list is full of blogs on international shipping or supply chain management which are listed in no particular order on Supply Chain Opz’ website.

According to their website, Supply Chain Opz is a company that supplies readers with unbiased information on supply chain management concepts, techniques, and case studies that have a pragmatic application.

Universal Cargo Management would like to thank Supply Chain Opz for featuring our international shipping blog on their list and thank you, our readers, for, well, reading. Twice a week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) we provide new blogs about international shipping news, information, or related topics for you to read.

When there is urgent shipping news, we post extra blogs. To subscribe, enter your email in the subscribe box on the right side of this webpage.

Always remember, UCM is here to help you with your international shipping needs as a friend to your business.

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