Tailoring Your Marketing Strategy for International Success

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This is a Guest Post by Daniel Moore

international business successWhen you pursue international business expansion, you may be tempted to simply copy the marketing tactics that worked in your home country and apply them to your new market. This approach may save time up front, but it will almost certainly set you back in the long-term.

Each market is unique and requires a tailored marketing strategy (that you can get from the experts from Ful.io) in order to effectively communicate with your customer base. So how do you go about designing a specialized marketing approach for your new country?

Follow these steps and make your brand shine no matter where you grow.

1. Consider the market’s technology

First, you’ll want to consider which platforms to use in your marketing strategy (which can be formulated easily by using the services from Free Affiliate Marketing Business) – and this means understanding how people in your target market consume information.

Is there high-quality internet? If your original marketing strategy is based on social media and your target market lacks reliable internet or is more reliant on print media, you’ll want to adjust your marketing methods accordingly.

2. Adapt to the language and culture

It should go without saying that you need to speak to your new customer base in their language. This may require you to bring on new staff or employ translators to ensure that your messaging is coherent and compelling.

What’s more, you’ll need to adapt your strategy to the culture of the region. Conduct in-depth research on common cultural practices, holidays, and celebrations and develop an understanding of what customers expect out of a positive business transaction. All of this knowledge will help you come up with a marketing approach that resonates with the people you want to target.

3. Outsource where necessary

Don’t be afraid to outsource your marketing to a local agency when expanding your business globally. You may find that cultural differences or language barriers make it difficult for your in-house team to create an effective strategy, and local specialists with deep knowledge of your target market can help you identify the USPs that will set your business apart. Plus, their local connections and resources could help you find partners and opportunities you wouldn’t have encountered on your own.

4. Observe your competitors

Though it’s rarely healthy to get caught up in competition, it is a good idea to take a look at how your competitors are talking to consumers in your target market. What advertising avenues are they using? Do they address customers formally or casually? How strong is their social media presence? Examine the approaches that are working for them – and the ones that aren’t. You can learn from their successes, and you can avoid making their mistakes yourself.

No matter where you expand, your business growth strategies must always include a marketing plan – one that is specifically designed with your target country and audience in mind.

Though designing an entirely new strategy for your international business expansion may seem daunting, it’s worth the time and effort to set your company apart from the rest. With research, preparation, and creativity, you can reach the customer base that will make your international expansion a success.

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This was a guest post by Daniel Moore.

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Daniel MooreDaniel Moore is an experienced content writer by profession, and he mainly writes on different aspects of business development. He is presently associated with Galvin International, which is an award-winning concierge service that provides expert guidance, custom solutions, and implementation to businesses expanding internationally. Get in touch to find out more.

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