Erick ConstantinoOperations Manager, Atlanta

Fresh out of college and in the midst of a massive economic recession, Erick saw an ad in the local paper for Logistics courses at CSUDH. Intrigued by what the industry had to offer, Erick set off on a new career path.

Erick joined UCM in 2007. He strives to meet customer’s needs and loves working with a wonderful and hard-working staff.

Erick left California’s golden coast in 2015 to catch the midnight train to Georgia. Outside of the office, Erick enjoys running, reading books, listening to old jams, watching sports, and early bedtimes!

Bucket List

  • Make an 80s training montage
  • Go to Italy in search of the finest pair of Italian shoes ever made. And pizza.
  • Attend the Clippers championship victory parade in DTLA

What did you want to be growing up?

Baseball Player, even though I never played an inning

What is your Favorite Food / Comfort Food?

Peruvian all day!

What is your Favorite Animal?

Chicken. Mmm, chicken. I'm writing this page on an empty stomach.