The Horror: Improper Container Loading Hurting Exporters & Importers

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HookWant to hear a container shipping horror story? Not the kind of horror story that involves a lunatic with a hook for a hand escaping from an asylum and his hook being found in your cargo. Scarier than that. It’s the kind of story that involves container searches and fees, damaged cargo, and thousands of dollars of loss.

It’s scary because it’s something that could happen to you. But it is avoidable.

Imagine you ship cargo to China or Australia. When your cargo is unloaded, it goes through a routine x-ray, but the results are not routine. Your shipping container of cargo is loaded on a truck and transported to a special holding area.

In the holding area, your cargo waits. Eventually, it is opened, revealing crushed and damaged goods. Then your cargo is unloaded from the shipping container and examined. None of this you asked for, none of it you wanted; however, you’re paying for all of it.

Improper loading of a shipping container can lead to exactly these kinds of problems.

Container LoadingAs the shipper, you are responsible for the loading of your cargo into its shipping container. The last thing Universal Cargo Management wants to see is our customers run into these kinds of problems.

To help you avoid them, we’ve added a Container Loading Guidelines page to our site.

Many of UCM’s customers are experienced shippers with years–even decades–of experience in international trade; but, on the other hand, UCM also has many customers who are new to importing and exporting.

Universal Cargo Management wants to make the process of shipping internationally as smooth as possible no matter what your experience is.

Perhaps you are doing a household move overseas. Universal Cargo Management helps many people ship household goods. Planning the loading of your shipping container or shipping containers is very important.

Don’t let your international shipping experience become a horror story because of improper loading of a shipping container.

If you have crazy shipping stories, please share them with us. Your story could help future shippers in their international exploits.

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