Are Ocean Freight Carriers Profiteering from Global Crisis?

A couple weeks ago, we posted a blog about how ocean freight carriers, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, went from being projected to lose as much as $23 billion in 2020 to looking like [...]


Blank Sailings Help Maersk Profit Despite COVID-19 — Will Blank Sailings Continue?

From when the novel coronavirus outbreak in China first started registering in international shipping news, stories have been published about how ocean freight carriers could or would lose [...]


Big Roundup of Coronavirus Pandemic’s Effect on Ocean Freight Shipping

You won't find a more complete roundup of how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting international shipping, specifically the ocean freight sector, right now than this blog post here. This [...]


2020 Outlook for Ocean Shipping

This is a guest post by Sandy Burkhart. Have you already started planning your shipping activities for the year that's just started? Then you might want to consider learning all about the [...]


Chapter By Chapter Look at Phase One Trade Agreement with China Part 3

You could call this phase three of the Phase One Trade Agreement with China breakdown, but we won't call this post that to avoid making it sound confusing. Still, this is the third part of our [...]


2 Major Factors to Affect Freight Rates in 2020

Freight rates in the international shipping industry are always volatile, especially for small to medium shippers who play the spot market for their import and export pricing. There are many [...]

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