Invasive Species on Your Shipping Containers – Action Needed?

Something about international shipping has countries worried. And they're considering legislating it, which makes shipping industry professionals nervous.

What's the issue? Invasive [...]


US-China Trade War Saves Carriers’ Year But Future Uncertain

You would think the trade war between the U.S. and China would be nothing but bad for transpacific shipping; however, it may have just saved the year for carriers.

Back in June, we [...]


Are Ocean Carriers In Trouble?

"We're all going to go bust," MOL President and CEO Junichiro Ikeda said to the Financial Times about the near future of ocean carriers in the international shipping industry.

For [...]


Freight Rates to Hit Record Lows Again in 2018?

It’s bad news for ocean freight carriers but good news for U.S. shippers. At least, it’s good news for U.S. shippers in the short run. 2018 could see transpacific freight rates drop [...]

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