China Announces Tariff Hikes on $60 Billion of U.S. Goods – Trade War Update

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Trump's Tariffs on China & Trade Talks - Universal Shipping News

As expected, China retaliated against the U.S. for the tariffs hike President Trump ordered on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. China announced its plan for tariff increases on $60 billion worth of U.S. goods on Monday (May 13th, 2019), just three days after the U.S. implemented its latest tariffs increase.

President-elect Trump w/ US & Chinese flags
Picture of Donald Trump by Michael Vadon. U.S. & Chinese flags added.

The tariffs hike the U.S. implemented on imports from China was from 10% to 25%. Similarly, China is raising tariffs on U.S. exports that were previously tariffed at 10%. The difference is tariffs on some of those goods are increasing to 20% while the tariffs on others are being increased to 25%.

It’s possible U.S. shippers who export tariff targeted goods to China may not actually see these tariff increases hit their goods, but it would probably require the countries coming to agreement on a trade deal before the end of the month.

Ana Swanson and Keith Bradsher reported in a New York Times article:

Both China and the United States have left a window for negotiators to try to reach a deal before the latest round of higher tariffs goes into effect. China said it would delay the higher rates until June 1, while Mr. Trump’s new 25 percent rate affects only products sent to the United States as of May 10, leaving a two- to four-week gap from the time most goods leave China by boat to when they arrive at an American port.

That doesn’t give much time for China and the U.S. to come together on this trade deal; however, it does give a tiny glimmer of hope that the trade war escalation could be halted. At the very least, it adds credence to President Trump’s words Monday that were reported by NBC News:

“We’ll let you know in three or four weeks if [the trade talks are] successful,” President Trump said. In three weeks we’ll see if there’s a deal or if China and the U.S. fight it out with these tariffs and the likely rounds to follow, like the tariffs increase the U.S. is planning next on $300 billion worth of Chinese goods.

If China’s tariffs on U.S. goods go into effect on June 1st, there are 2,493 products that will see the hike to 25% tariffs. Amanda Shendruk & Heather Timmons, in a Quartz article, did the work of Google translating the list of all those products China’s Ministry of Finance announced they were targeting with the tariffs hike to 25%. While Google translate leaves room for error, the Quartz list is organized by category and includes HTS codes for each product. The list is included below.

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ItemHTS code
Frozen peas7102100
Frozen other legumes7102900
Frozen spinach7103000
Frozen other berries8112000
Other frozen fruits and nuts8119090
Peel of citrus fruit or melon8140000
Unroasted coffee not immersed in caffeine9011100
Unroasted coffee with caffeine soaked9011200
Roasted coffee without caffeine9012100
Roasted coffee with caffeine soaked9012200
Flower tea with a net weight of ≤ 3kg9021010
Other green teas with a net weight of ≤3kg9021090
Other green teas with a net weight > 3kg9022090
Oolong tea with a net weight of ≤3kg9023010
Other fermented, semi-fermented black teas with a net weight of ≤ 3kg9023090
Other fermented, semi-fermented black teas with a net weight > 3 kg9024090
Unground pepper9041100
Ground pepper9041200
Pepper has been ground9042200
Other unground cinnamon and cinnamon flowers9061900
Crushed cumin9093200
Ginger has been ground9101200
Mixed seasoning9109100
Other flavorings9109900
Fine powder of wheat or mixed wheat11010000
Other cereal fines11029090
Wheat semolina and coarse powder11031100
Other processed oats11042200
Other cereals processed by other processing11042990
Potato powder tablets, granules and pellets11052000
Fruit and nut powder and powder11063000
Unbaked malt11071000
Braised malt11072000
Potato starch11081300
Tapioca starch11081400
Other starch11081900
Other sunflower seeds12060090
Other mustard12075090
Other oily kernels and fruits12079999
Other plants mainly used as medicines12119039
Mainly used as a spice plant12119050
Other insecticidal and bactericidal plants12119099
Other seaweed and algae12122190
Sweet almonds12129912
Other cores and nuts for human consumption12129999
Licorice juice and extract13021200
Pectin, pectate and pectate13022000
Other vegetable gums and thickeners13023990
Other plant products14049090
Cod liver oil and its fractions15041000
Other animal oils, fats and their fractions15060000
Virgin soybean oil and its fractions15071000
Other soy oil and its fractions15079000
Virgin peanut oil and its fractions15081000
Other peanut oil and its fractions15089000
Virgin olive oil and its fractions15091000
Other oil olive oil and its fractions15099000
Extra virgin sunflower oil or safflower oil and its fractions15121100
Other sunflower oil or safflower oil and its fractions15121900
Virgin coconut oil and its fractions15131100
Other coconut oil and its fractions15131900
Virgin low-sauerkraut souric acid oil and its fractions15141100
Other rapeseed oil or mustard oil and its fractions15149900
Other corn oil and its fractions15152900
Castor oil and its fractions15153000
Sesame oil and its fractions15155000
Hydrogenated, esterified or oleoylated animal fats15161000
Hydrogenated, esterified or oleoylated vegetable fats15162000
Mixed edible fats or products15179090
Crude glycerin, glycerin water and glycerine lye15200000
Meat or edible chopped homogenized food16021000
Manufactured or preserved pig hind legs and meat pieces16024100
Other prepared or preserved beef, chopped meat and blood16025090
Other cane sugar, unscented or colored17011400
Maple sugar and maple syrup17022000
Glucose and syrup, no fructose or fructose content below 20%17023000
Chemically pure fructose17025000
Whole or broken cocoa beans, raw or roasted18010000
Not defatted cocoa cream18031000
Cocoa butter, cocoa butter18040000
Cocoa powder without added sugar or other sweet substances18050000
Cocoa-containing foods with a net weight of >2kg18062000
Other non-sandwich block or strip containing cocoa food, net weight ≤ 2kg18063200
Retail packaging formula for infants and young children19011010
Other unlisted foods19019000
Uncooked or uncooked egg-containing pasta19021100
Stuffed pasta, whether cooked or otherwise prepared19022000
Ready-to-eat or quick-cooked noodles19023030
Foods made from unroasted cereal flakes and mixed unbaked foods19042000
Sweet cookies19053100
Waffles and Holy Communion19053200
Rusks, toast and similar toast19054000
Cucumbers and gherkins made or preserved with vinegar or acetic acid20011000
Other fruits, vegetables and edible plants prepared or preserved with vinegar or acetic acid20019090
Whole or sliced ​​canned tomatoes, not made with vinegar20021010
Canned white mushrooms, not made of vinegar20031011
Other canned mushrooms, not made with vinegar20039010
Other frozen vegetables and mixed vegetables made from vinegar20049000
Unfrozen potatoes made without vinegar20052000
Unfrozen peas made without vinegar20054000
Other canned kidney beans and kidney beans, not made of vinegar20055119
Canned peas and kidney beans, not made with vinegar20055910
Unfrozen olive oil made from vinegar20057000
Unfrozen sweet corn made from vinegar20058000
Other unfrozen vegetables and mixed vegetables, not made with vinegar20059999
Candied olives20060020
Other candied vegetables, fruits, nuts, peels, etc.20060090
Cooked citrus fruit20079100
Other cooked jams, jellies, purees, canned fruit20079910
Other cooked jams, jellies, purees, fruit pastes20079990
Other peanuts not made with vinegar20081190
Other nuts and kernels not made of vinegar20081999
Apricots made without vinegar20085000
Peach (including nectarine) canned20087010
Assorted fruits made without vinegar20089700
Seasoned seaweed20089931
Grapefruit (including pomelo) juice with a Brix value not exceeding 2020092100
Other grapefruit (including pomelo) juice20092900
Lemon juice with a Brix value not exceeding 2020093110
Lemon juice with a Brix value over 2020093910
Pineapple juice with a Brix value not exceeding 2020094100
Other pineapple juice20094900
Grape juice with a Brix value not exceeding 30, including wine grape juice20096100
Other apple juice20097900
Mango juice20098912
Passion fruit juice20098913
Guava juice20098914
Other unmixed vegetable juice20098920
Mixed fruit juice20099010
Mixed vegetable juice, mixed juice of fruits and vegetables20099090
Coffee concentrate21011100
Products based on coffee concentrate or coffee21011200
Tea, mate tea concentrated juice and its products21012000
Active yeast21021000
Inactive yeast; other single-celled microorganisms that have died21022000
Soy sauce21031000
Ice cream and other iced foods (with or without cocoa)21050000


ItemHTS code
Coconut juice21069040
Soft drinks (unflavored, sweetened or other sweet substances)22011020
Packaged natural water22019011
Unpackaged natural water22019019
Other water, ice and snow (unflavored, sweetened or otherwise sweet)22019090
Non-alcoholic beer22029100
Other non-alcoholic drinks, excluding fruit juice vegetable juice22029900
Malt brewed beer22030000
Grape sparkling wine22041000
Freshly brewed wine in small packages22042100
Large-packaged wine made from fresh grapes22042900
Small package of miso and similar wine22051000
Other fermented beverages; other unsorted fermented beverage mixtures22060090
Unmodified ethanol, alcohol concentration ≥80% by volume22071000
Hard liquor made from distilled wine22082000
Liqueur and Cordier22087000
Other distilled spirits and alcoholic beverages22089090

Mineral Products

ItemHTS code
Edible salt25010011
Other salt25010019
Uncalcined pyrite25020000
Sulfur, except sublimation, precipitation and colloidal sulfur25030000
Spheroidized graphite25041091
Other natural graphite25049000
Other natural sand, whether or not colored25059000
Kaolin soil similar25070090
White chalk25090000
Milled apatite25102010
Other siliceous fossil coarse powder and siliceous soil25120090
Marble and travertine25151100
Rectangular marble and travertine25151200
Other limestone monument or building stone; wax stone25152000
Rectangular granite25161200
Other monument or building stone25169000
Pebble, gravel and gravel, boulder and vermiculite, whether or not heat treated25171000
Groces, crumbs and powders from various stone materials25174900
Uncalcined or sintered dolomite25181000
Fused magnesia25199010
Sintered magnesia ore (calcium burnt)25199020
Alkaline burnt magnesium (light burnt magnesium)25199030
Raw gypsum; anhydrite25201000
Slaked lime25222000
Cement clinker25231000
Alumina cement25233000
Other asbestos25249090
Undisturbed mica and split mica flakes25251000
Natural borax and its concentrate, whether or not calcined25280010
Borate; natural crude boric acid25280090
Leucite; nepheline and nepheline syenite25293000
Unexpanded meteorites and perlite25301020
Rare earth metal ore25309020
Other mineral products25309099
Sintered iron ore and concentrate26011200
Manganese ore and its concentrate26020000
Copper ore and concentrate26030000
Nickel ore and its concentrate26040000
Zinc ore and concentrate26080000
Titanium ore and its concentrate26140000
Zirconium ore and its concentrate26151000
Other vanadium ore and its concentrate26159090
Other precious metal ores and concentrates26169000
Other mineral sands and concentrates26179090

Chemical Products

ItemHTS code
Boron, bismuth28045000
Diameter <7.5cm single crystal silicon rod for the electronics industry28046120
Other silicon containing <99.99% silicon28046900
Other selenium28049090
Other rare earth metals, cerium and lanthanum which have been mixed or fused to each other28053029
Xulfuric acid, fuming sulfuric acid28070000
Nitric acid and sulfonic acid28080000
Other phosphoric acid and metaphosphoric acid, pyrophosphate28092019
Other hydrogen fluoride (hydrofluoric acid)28111190
Carbon dioxide28112100
Other non-metallic chlorides and oxychlorides28121900
Ammonia water28142000
Solid sodium hydroxide28151100
Sodium peroxide and potassium peroxide28153000
Magnesium hydroxide and magnesium peroxide28161000
Brown corundum28181010
Other cobalt oxides and hydroxides; commercial cobalt oxide28220090
Titanium oxide28230000
Other strontium, barium and its inorganic salts28251090
Vanadium pentoxide28253010
Other vanadium oxides and hydroxides28253090
Antimony oxide​​28258000
Tungsten trioxide28259012
Tin dioxide28259031
Anhydrous aluminum fluoride28261210
Lithium hexafluorophosphate28269020
Fluoroaluminate and other fluoro complex salts28269090
Ammonium chloride for non-fertilizers28271090
Calcium Chloride28272000
Nickel chloride28273500
Lithium chloride28273910
Zirconium oxychloride and hydroxide chloride28274910
Sodium bromide and potassium bromide28275100
Other bromides and bromines28275900
Iodide and iodine oxide28276000
Other hypochlorite; chlorite; hypobromite28289000
Sodium dithionate28311010
Sodium sulfite28321000
Sodium sulfate28331100
Magnesium sulfate28332100
Aluminum sulfate28332200
Barium sulfate28332700
Ferrous sulfate28332910
Chromium sulphate28332920
Potassium nitrate for non-fertilizers28342190
Hypophosphite and phosphite28351000
Food grade calcium orthophosphate (dicalcium phosphate)28352520
Trisodium phosphate28352910
Food grade sodium tripolyphosphate (sodium tripolyphosphate)28353110
Barium carbonate28366000
Lithium carbonate28369100
Bismuth carbonate28369200
Magnesium carbonate28369910
Commercial ammonium carbonate and other ammonium carbonates28369940
Potassium cyanide28371910
Other cyanide and oxycyanide28371990
Cyanide complex28372000
Other sodium silicates; commercial sodium silicate28391990
Other chromate and dichromate; perchromate28415000
Other metal acid salts and permetalates28419000
Lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide28429030
Lithium iron phosphate28429040
Colloidal precious metals28431000
Natural uranium and its compounds28441000
U235 Enriched uranium, thorium and their compounds28442000
Radioactive cobalt and radioactive cobalt salts28444020
Antimony oxide28469011
Yttrium oxide28469017
Other rare earth oxides28469019
Mixed rare earth carbonate28469048
Other compounds of bismuth28469093
Other compounds of bismuth28469096
Hydrogen peroxide28470000
Drinking distilled water28539010
2-methyl propylene29012330
Other naphthenes, cycloolefins and cyclodecene29021990
Mixed xylene isomer29024400
Isopropyl benzene29027000
Saturated chlorinated derivatives of other acyclic hydrocarbons29031990
Other halogenated derivatives such as cycloalkanes or cyclic olefins29038900
Chlorobenzene and p-dichlorobenzene29039190
Other octanol29051690
Decylene, cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol29051700
Other acyclic terpene alcohol29052290
Other unsaturated monohydric alcohols29052900
2-ethyl-2-(hydroxymethyl)propane-1,3-diol (trimethylolpropane)29054100
Glycerol (glycerol)29054500
Benzyl alcohol29062100
Other aromatic alcohols and their derivatives29062990
Other cresol (p-cresol)29071219
4,4′-isopropylidene biphenol (bisphenol A) and its salts29072300
Other derivatives of halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated phenols and phenols29089990
2,2′-oxydiethanol (diethylene glycol)29094100
Ether phenols, ether phenols and their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives29095000
1-Chloro-2,3-epoxypropane (epichlorohydrin)29103000
Acetal, hemiacetal, whether or not containing other oxy groups, and their halogenation, sulfonation, nitrification, or Nitrosated derivative29110000
Other aldehyde ethers, aldehydes, other oxy-containing aldehydes29124990
Halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated, or nitrosated derivatives of the products listed in heading 291229130000
Musk ketone and methyl musk ketone29142300
Other aromatic ketones containing no other oxy groups29143990
Keto alcohol and keto aldehyde29144000
Other ketones29145019
Containing other oxy-containing ketones29145090
Unclear translation29146100
Halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives of other ketones and oximes29146900
Other glacial acetic acid (glacial acetic acid)29152119
Other acetic acid29152190
Vinyl acetate29153200
Mono-, di-, trichloroacetic acid and its salts and esters29154000
Propionate and ester29155090
Stearic acid29157010
Acrylic acid and its salts29161100
Isooctyl acrylate29161240
Methacrylic acid and its salts29161300
Other (cycloalkane, cycloalkenyl, cyclodecene) monocarboxylic acids and their derivatives29162090
Benzoyl peroxide and benzoyl chloride29163200
Adipic acid and its salts and esters29171200
Azelaic acid and its salts and esters29171310
Maleic anhydride29171400
Tetrahydrophthalic anhydride29172010
Dioctyl phthalate29173200
Other terephthalic acid29173619
Dimethyl terephthalate29173700
Isophthalic acid29173910
Tartaric acid29181200
Tartrate and tartaric acid ester29181300
Other phenolic groups but not other oxycarboxylic acids and their anhydrides29182900
Aniline and its salts and derivatives29214200
Diphenylamine and its salts and derivatives29214400
1-Naphthylamine, 2-naphthylamine and its salts and derivatives29214500
M-, p-phenylenediamine, diaminotoluene and its salts and derivatives29215190
Other aromatic polyamines and their salts and derivatives29215900
Other amino (naphthol, phenol) and ether, ester, salt29222990
Other aminoaldehydes, aminoketones, aminoguanidines and their salts29223990
Glutamic acid29224210
Sodium glutamate29224220
Tranexamic acid29224911
Other amino alcohol phenols, amino acid phenols and other oxy-containing amino compounds29225090
Ureide and its salts and derivatives29242100
Other cyclic amides (including cyclic carbamates)29242990
Saccharin and its salts29251100
Other imines and their salts and derivatives29252900
Diazo compounds, azo compounds and azo compounds29270000
2,4 and 2,6 toluene diisocyanate mixture (toluene diisocyanate TDI)29291010
Diphenylmethane diisocyanate (pure MDI)29291030
Methionine (methionine)29304000
Bismuth alanine (cystine)29309010
Dithiocarbonate (or salt) [xanthogenate (or salt)]29309020
Other organophosphorus derivatives29313990
Dimethylphenylpyrazolone (antipyrine) and its derivatives29331100
Other structurally non-fused pyrazole ring compounds (whether or not hydrogenated)29331990
Piperidine (hexahydropyridine)29333210
Other compounds containing quinoline or isoquinoline ring systems (but not further fused)29334900
Other compounds having a pyrimidine ring or a piperazine ring (whether or not hydrogenated)29335990
Melamine (melamine)29336100
Other isocyanuric acid chlorinated derivatives29336929
Other heterocyclic compounds containing only nitrogen heteroatoms29339900
Other compounds containing a non-fused thiazole ring (whether or not hydrogenated)29341090
Sultone and sultam29349910
Unmixed vitamin A and its derivatives29362100
Unmixed vitamin B1 and its derivatives29362200
Unmixed vitamin B2 and its derivatives29362300
Unmixed D or DL-pantothenic acid and its derivatives29362400
Unmixed vitamin B12 and its derivatives29362600
Recombinant human insulin and its salts29371210
Other insulin and its salts29371290
Other peptide hormones, protein hormones, glycoprotein hormones and their derivatives and similar structures29371900
Halogenated derivatives of other corticosteroids29372290
Halogenated derivatives of other corticosteroids29372390
Other steroid hormones and their derivatives and similar structures29372900
Prostaglandins, thromboxanes and leukotrienes and their derivatives and structural analogues29375000
Other natural or synthetically prepared glycosides and their salts, ethers, esters and other derivatives29389090
Other opioids and their derivatives, and their salts29391900
Other alkaloids and their salts and derivatives29398000
6 Aminopenicillanic acid (6APA)29411093
Gentamicin and its salts and derivatives29419010
Other cephalosporins and their derivatives and their salts29419059
Adhesive plaster30051010
X-ray contrast agent; diagnostic reagent30063000
Chemical contraceptives based on hormones30066010
Ok for ostomy appliances30069100
Sodium nitrate31025000
Other mineral nitrogen fertilizers and chemical nitrogen fertilizers31029090
Pure potassium chloride31042020
Other potassium chloride31042090
Potassium sulfate31043000
Manufactured into flakes and similar shapes or fertilizers with a gross weight not exceeding 10 kg31051000
Fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium31052000
Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate and mixtures of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate and diammonium hydrogen phosphate31054000
Hardwood Extract32011000
Other plant extracts32019010
Tannic acid and its derivatives32019090
Organic synthetic tanning materials32021000
Inorganic tanning materials; tanning preparations; pre-industrial enzyme preparations32029000
Other plant matter colourings and preparations based on them;32030019
Disperse dyes and articles based on them32041100
Acid dyes and mordant dyes and articles based on them; mord dyes and ingredient product32041200
Basic dyes and products based on them32041300
Reactive dyes and articles based on them32041600
Sulfurized black (sulfurated black) and products based on it32041911
Other sulphur dyes and articles based on them32041919
Carotene and carotenoids32049020
Ultramarine and its basic products32064100
Zinc white32064210
Pigments and products based on bismuth vanadate32064911
Modulate pigments, sunscreens, colorants and similar products32071000
珐琅 and glaze, glaze (glaze) and similar products32072000
Light enamel and similar products32073000
Polyester paints and varnishes, soluble in non-aqueous media32081000
Ethylene polymer paints and varnishes dispersed or dissolved in non-aqueous media32082020
Other polymer paints and varnishes in water-soluble media based on fluororesin32099020
Semiconductor device packaging materials32141010
Laurel oil33012940
Mixed spices and products for the production of beverages, ≤0.5%33021010
Perfume and toilet water33030000
Lip Cosmetics33041000
Eye cosmetics33042000
Finger (toe) cosmetics33043000
Powder, whether pressed or not33049100
Skin care and other beauty products33049900
Styling agent33053000
Other hair care products33059000
Washing soap34011100
Laundry soap34011910
Non-striped soap34012000
Textile material, leather and other material treatment agents without mineral oil34039100
Other dental products containing plaster34070020
Unexposed imaging film37012000
PS version (pre-coated photosensitive version) (any side over 255mm)37013022
CTP version (over 255mm on either side)37013024
Other unexposed films and hard sheets for photoengraving (no more than 255 mm on either side)37019920
Unrolled X-ray photographic film in rolls37021000
Unexposed, dry photoresist film for the manufacture of printed circuit boards, widths > 610 mm, lengths > 200 m37024221
Unexposed, non-perforated film for photolithography, width > 610 mm, length > 200 m37024229
Red or infrared laser film, width > 610 mm, length > 200 m37024292
Other unexposed, perforated film, width > 610 mm, length > 200 m37024299
Unexposed photoresist dry film for the manufacture of printed circuit boards, 105mm37024422
Non-perforated unexposed film for photolithography, 105mm37024429
Other non-perforated unexposed film, 105mm37024490
Flushing of film and photo chemicals or unmixed products for photography37079010
Surface treated spheroidized graphite38019010
Turpentine, wood turpentine and turpentine38051000
Pine oil based on α terpineol38059010
Crude dipentene; sulfite turpentine and other crude p-isopropylphenylmethane; other terpenes oil38059090
Other goods listed in Note 38 of Chapter 3838086900
Other retail packaging insecticides38089119
Fungicide for retail packaging38089210
Herbicides for retail packaging38089311
Starch material finishing agent for textile, paper making, tanning and other industries38091000
2,2,4-Trimethyl-1,2-dihydroquinoline (TMQ) oligomer mixture38123100
Mixed alkylbenzenes and mixed alkyl naphthalenes38170000
Stearic acid for industrial use38231100
Oleic acid38231200
Other industrial monocarboxylic fatty acids; refined acid oils38231900
Industrial fatty alcohol38237000
1,1,1-trichloroethane (methyl chloroform) containing methane, ethane, propane halogenated mixture38247600
Other mixtures containing halogenated derivatives of methane, ethane and propane38247900
Ethylene oxide containing mixtures and products38248100
Mixture containing more than 50% talc38249991
By-products of the chemical industry and related industries not listed in other tax items38259000
Biodiesel and mixtures thereof38260000

Plastics, Rubber, etc.

ItemHTS code
Polyisobutylene in primary form39022000
Primary shaped modified non-available polystyrene39031910
Other polystyrene in primary shape39031990
Primary shape styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer39032000
Modified acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer of primary shape39033010
Other acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer39033090
PVC paste resin39041010
Other vinyl chloride copolymers of primary shape39044000
Other primary forms of polyvinyl acetate39051900
Aqueous dispersion of vinyl acetate copolymer39052100
Other primary shapes of vinyl acetate copolymer39052900
Primary shape polymethyl methacrylate39061000
Polytetramethylene ether glycol39072010
Primary shape alkyd resin39075000
High viscosity polyethylene terephthalate chips39076110
Polyamide-6 slice39081012
Primary shape urea resin and urethane resin39091000
Poly(methylene phenyl isocyanate) (crude MDI, polymeric MDI)39093100
Other amino resins of other primary shapes39093900
Primary shape nitrocellulose39122000
Alkyd and salts and esters of primary shape39131000
Monofilaments, rods, rods, profiles and profiles made of ethylene polymers39161000
Vinyl chloride polymer profiles39162010
Monofilaments, rods, rods and profiles of vinyl chloride polymers39162090
Monofilaments, rods, rods and profile profiles made of polyamide39169010
Artificial casing made of hardening protein or cellulosic material39171000
Hard tube made of propylene polymer39172200
Floor coverings made of vinyl chloride polymer39181090
Capsule reflective film of width ≤ 20cm39191091
Other capsule reflective film39199010
Battery separator made of ethylene polymer39201010
Styrene polymer non-foam plastic sheet, sheet, film, foil, etc.39203000
Unsaturated polyester sheets, sheets, films, foils and strips39206300
Cellulose acetate sheets, sheets, films, foils and strips39207300
Plates, sheets, foils and strips of cellulose derivatives39207900
Foamed PVC artificial leather and synthetic leather39211210
Foamed polyvinyl chloride sheets, sheets, strips, foils and strips39211290
Foamed polyurethane artificial leather and synthetic leather39211310
Plastic bathtub, shower tray and sink39221000
Plastic reels, tweezers, tubes and similar articles39234000
Other household appliances and sanitary or toiletries39249000
Plastic enamels, cabinets, cans, barrels and similar containers39251000
Plastic products for office or school39261000
Other primary shapes of natural rubber40012900
Carbox styrene butadiene rubber latex40021110
Oil-filled styrene butadiene rubber40021912
Soluble styrene butadiene rubber without any processing40021915
Oil-filled polystyrene butadiene rubber40021916
Primary shape butadiene rubber40022010
Primary shape neoprene rubber40024910
Chloroprene rubber sheets, sheets, strips40024990
Nitrile rubber latex40025100
Isoprene rubber sheets, sheets, strips40026090
4001 Mixture of listed products with the products listed in this serial number40028000
Ointment extracted from oils40029990
Unvulcanized composite rubber solution and dispersion40052000
Tread-filled tire treads for refractory tires40061000
Vulcanized rubber thread and rope40070000
Pipes with attachments reinforced with or s40093200
Metal reinforced vulcanized rubber conveyor belts and strips40101100
Trapezoidal section V rib ring drive belt 60cm40103100
New pneumatic rubber tires for motorcycles40114000
Herringbone tread tire for agriculture and forestry vehicles40117010
Herringbone treads for construction, mining or industrial vehicles up to 61 cm in size40118011
Ring size over 61cm Herringbone tread tire for construction, mining or industrial vehicles40118012
Tires for construction, mining or industrial vehicles of up to 61 cm40118091
Other new pneumatic rubber tires40119090
Old pneumatic rubber tires for automobiles40122010
Used pneumatic rubber tires for other purposes40122090
Others with solid or semi-solid tyres40129090
Other rubber inner tubes40139090
Vulcanized rubber surgical gloves40151100
Other gloves made of vulcanized rubber40151900
Other vulcanized rubber articles and accessories40159090
Eraser made of vulcanized rubber40169200
Vulcanized rubber ship or docking pad40169400
Hard rubber of various shapes40170010

Raw Hides and Skins

ItemHTS code
Unsliced ​​whole raw cowhide without reversal treatment41012019
Sheep or lamb hide with hair41021000
Other blue wet cowhide41041911
Full grain unsliced ​​or grained dry leather41044100
Other dry leather41044990
Blue wet pigskin41063110
Fully grained unsliced ​​whole cow leather41071110
Whole grain cow leather41071210
Others have been tidying up the whole cow leather41071990
Fully grained unsplit non-whole cow leather41079100
Unclear translation41079200
Others are not whole cow leather41079990
Unprocessed sheep or lamb leather41120000
Hairless goat or baby goat leather further processed41131000
Hairless pig leather with further processing41132000
Other hairless leather that has been further processed41139000
Patent leather and laminated patent leather; metallized leather41142000
Recycled leather41151000
Saddlery and harness for all kinds of animals42010000
Clothes box made of leather and recycled leather42021110
Other bags made of leather and recycled leather42021190
Handbag in leather or recycled leather42022100
Handbags made of plastic or textile materials42022200
Wallet in leather or recycled leather42023100
Other containers made of leather or recycled leather42029100
Other containers made of plastic or textile materials42029200
Clothing made of leather or recycled leather42031000
Leather or recycled leather for sports gloves42032100
Protective gloves made of leather or recycled leather42032910
Other gloves made of leather or recycled leather42032990
Leather or recycled leather belt42033010
Other accessories for leather or recycled leather42034000
Leather or recycled leather seat cover42050010
Leather or recycled leather products for machine, machine or other technical purpose42050020
Other untwisted, tailed, claw43019090
The entire mink skin that has not been sewn43021100
Unfurled precious fur43021910
Other furs not yet sewn43021990
Head, tail, claws and other pieces that have not been sewn43022000
Fur clothes43031010
Other articles made of fur43039000
Artificial fur products43040020

Wood and Articles of Wood

ItemHTS code
Non-coniferous wood chips or wood pellets44012200
Sawdust, wood waste and debris, unbonded44014000
Other charcoal, whether or not agglomerated44029000
Softwood logs treated with preservatives44031100
Pinus koraiensis and Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica with cross-section dimensions of 15 cm and above44032110
Larch logs, with a cross-section of 15 cm or more44032130
Other fir and spruce logs, cross-sections up to 15 cm44032400
Beech (Oak) logs44039100
Birch logs with a cross-section of 15 cm or more44039500
Poplar logs44039700
Beech logs44039800
Other unlisted temperate non-coniferous logs44039980
Other logs other than coniferous wood, tropical wood treated by other methods44039990
Wood and wood flour44050000
Longitudinal, slit, planed or rotary cut pine and pine wood with a thickness of more than 6 mm44071110
Longitudinal sawing, slitting, planing or rotary cutting of radiata pine wood with a thickness of more than 6 mm44071120
Longitudinal, slit, planed or cut-cut fir and spruce for thickness over 6 mm44071200
Teak wood, longitudinally sawing, slitting, planing or cutting, whether or not planed, sanded or end-joined Combined, thickness over 6 mm44072910
Bologna wood, longitudinally sawed, slitted, sliced ​​or cut, whether flattened, sanded or ended Bonding, thickness over 6 mm44072930
Other tropical wood timber, by longitudinal sawing, slitting, slicing or cutting, whether or not planed, Sanding or end jointing, thickness over 6 mm44072990
Oak ( oak) wood, longitudinally sawing, slitting, planing or cutting, whether or not planed, sanded Or end joints, thickness greater than 6 mm44079100
Phytosanaceae (beech) wood, longitudinally sawed, slitted, sliced ​​or cut, whether or not Flat, sanded or end joined, thickness over 6 mm44079200
Birch wood, longitudinally sawing, slitting, planing or cutting, whether or not planed, sanded or end-joined Combined, thickness over 6 mm44079600
Other mahogany wood, by longitudinal sawing, slitting, slicing or cutting, whether or not planed, sanded or end44079910
Other softwood veneers not exceeding 6 mm thick44081090
Other veneer veneer veneers not exceeding 6 mm in thickness44083119
Other veneer of tropical wood veneer of non-red liu Anmu, whether planed, sanded, spliced ​​or end Joint joint, thickness not exceeding 6 mm44083919
Other veneer of tropical wood, not tiling, whether flattened, sanded, spliced ​​or End joint, thickness not exceeding 6 mm44083990
Other temperate non-coniferous veneer veneers, whether planed, sanded, spliced ​​or end Bonding, thickness not exceeding 6 mm44089021
Other temperate non-coniferous wood, whether planed, sanded, spliced ​​or joined, thick44089091
Other non-coniferous wood made of continuous shape on either side, end or side (including unfilled44092990
Wooden particle board, whether or not bonded with resin or other organic binder44101100
Wood Oriented Strand Board (OSB), whether or not bonded with resin or other organic binders44101200
Other wooden similar panels (eg, waffle panels), whether or not resin or other organic binders44101900
Medium density wood fibreboard with a thickness not exceeding 5 mm, density exceeding 0.8 g per cubic centimeter, not44111211
Medium density wood fibreboard, more than 5 mm thick but not exceeding 9 mm, density exceeding cubic centimeters44111319
Medium density wood fibreboard with a thickness of more than 9 mm, density exceeding 0.8 g per cubic centimeter, machine44111419
Medium-density wood fibreboard with a thickness of more than 9 mm radiated, with a density exceeding every cubic centimeter44111421
Other medium-density wood fibre boards of more than 9 mm thickness, density exceeding 0.5 g per cubic centimeter,44111429
Other medium density wood fibreboards of more than 9 mm thickness, machined or covered44111499
Other wood fibreboard, density exceeding 0.8 g per cubic centimeter, not machined or covered44119210
Other wood fibreboard, density exceeding 0.8 g per cubic centimeter, machined or covered44119290
Other wood fibreboards, density exceeding 0.5 g per cubic centimeter, but not exceeding 0.8 per cubic centimeter44119390
Other wood fibreboards, density exceeding 0.35 g per cubic centimeter, but not exceeding 0.5 per cubic centimeter44119410
Other bamboo plywood made of slab, not exceeding 6 mm thick44121019
At least one of the surface layers is tropical wood, each layer not exceeding 6 mm thick, only made of thin wood44123100
The other at least one surface layer is the following non-coniferous wood: eucalyptus, ash, Cyclobalanopsis (beech)44123300
Other at least one surface layer is temperate non-coniferous wood (except for non-coniferous wood of subheading 4412.3300)44123410
Other at least one surface is non-coniferous not specified in subheadings 4412.3300 and 4412.341044123490
Other upper and lower layers are coniferous, each layer not exceeding 6 mm in thickness, only made of thin wood44123900
At least one surface is non-coniferous wood core plywood, side slat core plywood and lath core44129410
At least one other wooden veneer with non-coniferous wood44129910
Other wooden multi-layer boards44129999
Fortified wood in blocks, plates, strips or profiles44130000
Wooden boxes, boxes, crates, drums and similar packaging containers, cable reels44151000
Other wooden pallets, box pallets and other wooden pallets or other wooden pallets44152090
Other wooden tools, tool holders, tool holders, brooms and brushes, and wooden handles, and hoe44170090
Other wooden windows, French-style (floor) windows and wooden frames44181090
Wooden doors and their frames and sills44182000
Wooden columns and beams44186000
Other assembled multi-layer floors44187500
Other wood products for construction44189900
Woodcut figurines and other decorations44201011
Other wooden and bamboo figurines and other decorations44201090
Jewelry or knives wooden boxes and similar articles; non-floor wooden furniture44209090
Wooden hangers44211000
Bamboo round sticks, round bars, ice fruit sticks, tabs and similar disposable products44219110
Other unlisted wood products44219990
Granular or powdered cork (softwood, cork or cork)45019020
Natural cork stopper45031000
Blocks, plates, sheets, strips, solid cylinders, discs or pressed bricks of brick or tile of any shape45041000
Other pressed cork and its products45049000
Bamboo mats, mats and curtains46012100
Baskets and other products46021910
Baskets and other products, prepared from other plant materials46021990
Other products of non-plant braiding materials46029000
Other fibrous cellulose chemical pulp47069200

Paper and Paper Products

ItemHTS code
Rolled newsprint48010010
Sheets and other newsprint48010090
Other hand made paper and cardboard48021090
Photographic base paper48022010
Other uncoated paper and paper for writing, printing or similar purposes, weighing less than 40 grams per square metre. The board does not contain fibers obtained by mechanical or chemical-mechanical methods or contains the aforementioned fibers not exceed48025400
Weights of 40 grams and more per square meter, but not exceeding 150 grams, in the form of writing, printing or Other uncoated paper and paperboard for similar purposes, excluding mechanical or chemical-mechanical methods The obtained fiber or the aforemen48025500
Weight per square metre of 40 grams and above, but not exceeding 150 grams, in sheets, and unfolded48025600
Other writing, printing or class, weighing 40 g or more, but not exceeding 150 g.48025700
Sheets, and unfolded one side not exceeding 435 mm, the other side not exceeding 297 mm Other uncoated paper and paperboard for writing, printing or similar purposes, containing mechanical means or The mechanical-mechanical method produces more than 10% of48026200
Other uncoated paper and paperboard for writing, printing or similar purposes, containing mechanical means or Chemical-mechanical methods produce more than 10% of the total fiber weight48026900
Other corrugated base paper48051900
Tough cardboard with a weight of more than 150 grams per square meter48052500
Plant parchment48061000
Greaseproof paper48062000
Composite paper and cardboard in rolls or sheets48070000
Corrugated paper and cardboard, whether or not perforated48081000
Single or double coated kaolin or other inorganic materials in rolls or sheets (whether or not bonded)48109200
Multicolored coated paper of more than 150 grams per square metre of bleached in rolls or sheets paper48115110
Self-printed carbon paper48162000
Paper boxes, bags and clips with various paper stationery48173000
Paper bag with a bottom width of 40 cm and above48193000
Other paper bags, including tapered bags48194000
Paper containers, mail trays, storage boxes and the like used in paper offices, shops and similar places48196000
Paper exercise book48202000
Bobbins, reels, pulp, paper or cardboard (whether perforated or hardened) for textile yarns48221000
Other plates, plates, pots, cups and similar articles made of non-wooden pulp48236910
Pressed or molded pulp products48237000
Other flooring made of paper or cardboard48239010
Hand-painted design manuscripts for architectural, engineering, industrial, commercial, topographic or similar purposes; hand49060000
Other transfer decals (pattern paper for transfer printing)49089000
Printed calendars, including calendar cores49100000
Other printed matter of paper49119910


ItemHTS code
Other mulberry silk ≥85%50072019
Other woven fabrics 绢 85%50072039
Other woven fabrics of yarn ≥ 85%50072090
Other woven fabrics, unbleached or bleached, <85%50079010
Silk <85% other woven fabric50079090
Uncombed fat-containing shearing wool51011100
Wool falling51031010
Carded wool yarn, not put up for retail sale51062000
Combed pure wool yarn for retail sale51071000
Combing and blended wool yarn for retail sale51072000
Carded yarn of not less than 85% by weight of cashmere51081011
Non-commercial carded yarns of 85% or less by weight of animal51081090
Non-commercial combed yarns of 85% or less by weight of animal fines51082090
Other wool yarn for retail sale51099090
Other animal hair content of 85% or more by weight, not more than 300 g per square meter51111119
Wool machine with a wool content of 85% or more and weighing not more than 300 g per square metre fabric51111190
Other animal fine hair content of 85% or more by weight, more than 300 g per square meter51111919
Woollen fabrics with a wool content of 85% or more and more than 300 gram per square metre51111990
Carded wool with synthetic filaments51112000
Carded wool fabric mixed with chemical staple fibres51113000
Carded woolen fabric blended with other fibres51119000
Weight ≤ 200g / square meter combed wool cloth51121100
Weight >200g/m2 combed full felt51121900
Blended wool fabric with synthetic filaments51122000
Combing with chemical fiber staple fiber51123000
Blended with other fibres51129000
Combed cotton52030000
Non-retail cotton sewing thread for retail sale52041100
Non-retail carded coarse cotton single yarn52051100
Cotton single yarn, non-retail carding52051200
Cotton single yarn, non-retail combed52052200
Non-retailed combed fine cotton single yarn52052400
Multi-strand yarn of cotton combed, not put up for retail sale52054300
Single yarn of blended cotton, not put up for retail52061200
Single yarn of combed cotton, not put up for retail sale52062300
Multiple or cabled yarn of mixed carded cotton52063100
Cotton yarn for retail sale52071000
Unbleached lightweight cotton plain fabric52081100
Unbleached lighter cotton plain weave52081200
Unbleached lightweight other cotton woven fabric52081900
Bleached lighter cotton plain weave52082200
Bleached lightweight other cotton woven fabric52082900
Dyed lightweight cotton plain weave52083100
Lighter cotton jersey with dyed52083200
Lightweight other cotton woven fabric dyed52083900
Yarn-dyed lighter cotton plain weave52084200
Lightweight cotton three or four-line twill52084300
Lightweight other cotton woven fabric52084900
Printed lightweight cotton plain weave52085100
Lighter cotton jersey52085200
Lightweight other cotton woven fabric52085990
Unbleached heavy cotton plain weave52091100
Unbleached heavy cotton three or four-line twill52091200
Unbleached heavy other cotton woven fabric52091900
Bleached heavy cotton plain weave52092100
Bleached heavy cotton three or four-line twill52092200
Heavy other cotton woven fabrics bleached52092900
Dyed heavy cotton plain weave52093100
Dyed heavy cotton three or four-line twill52093200
Dyed heavy other cotton woven fabric52093900
Yarn-dyed heavy cotton plain weave52094100
Yarn-dyed heavy cotton denim (labor cloth)52094200
Other three- or four-line twill woven fabric, including double-faced twill woven fabric52094300
Yarn-dyed heavy other cotton woven fabric52094900
Printed heavy cotton plain weave52095100
Printed heavy other cotton woven fabric52095900
Unbleached lightweight muslin mixed with man-made fibres52101100
Unbleached lightweight other cotton fabric blended with man-made fibres52101990
Lightweight muslin mixed with chemical fiber dyed52103100
Lightweight three- or four-line twill cotton dyed from man-made fibres52103200
Lightweight other cotton fabric blended with chemical fiber52103900
Lightweight jersey fabric blended with man-made fibres52104100
Lightweight three- or four-line twill cotton with chemical fiber blended yarn-dyed52104910
Lightweight other cotton fabric blended with man-made fibres52104990
Lightweight jersey with chemical fiber blended print52105100
Lightweight cotton fabric with synthetic fibres52105990
Unbleached heavy muslin mixed with man-made fibres52111100
Chemical fiber blend unbleached heavy three or four thread twill52111200
Heavy other cotton fabric blended with chemical fiber52112000
Heavy muslin mixed with chemical fiber dyed52113100
Heavy-duty three- or four-line twill cotton dyed from man-made fibres52113200
Heavy other cotton fabric dyed with chemical fiber52113900
Heavy woven cotton fabric blended with man-made fibres52114100
Heavy denim with chemical fiber blended yarn-dyed52114200
Other three- or four-line twill woven fabrics blended with man-made fibres, including double-faced twill woven fabric52114300
Heavy other cotton fabric with chemical fiber blended yarn-dyed52114900
Heavy woven cotton fabric with chemical fiber blended printing52115100
Other blended lightweight cotton fabric dyed52121300
Yarn-dyed other blended lightweight cotton cloth52121400
Other blended lightweight cotton fabric52121500
Other blended heavy cotton fabric, unbleached52122100
Other blended heavy cotton fabric dyed52122300
Yarn-dyed other blended heavy cotton fabric52122400
Other blended heavy cotton fabric52122500
Multi-strand yarn or cable53062000
Unbleached full linen woven fabric53091110
Other full linen woven fabric53091900
Unbleached blended linen woven fabric53092110
Other blended linen woven fabric53092900
Synthetic filament yarn for retail sale54011020
Filament high-strength yarns, of other aromatic polyamides, not put up for retail sale54021190
Polyamide-6 spun filament high-strength yarn, not put up for retail sale54021910
Polyamide-6,6 spun filament high-strength yarn, not put up for retail sale54021920
Filament high-strength yarns of other nylon or other polyamides, not put up for retail sale54021990
Non-retail polyester filament high strength yarn54022000
Fine elastic yarn of polyamide-6, not put up for retail sale54023111
Polyamide-6,6 spun fine stretch yarn, not put up for retail sale54023112
Other fine nylon elastic yarns not for retail sale54023119
Other fine nylon textured yarn, not put up for retail sale54023190
Other coarse nylon elastic yarn not for retail sale54023219
Non-retail polyester stretch yarn54023310
Other polyester textured yarns not put up for retail sale54023390
Polypropylene textured yarn for retail sale54023400
Other synthetic filament yarns, not put up for retail sale54023900
Elastic spandex yarn, untwisted or twisted, not exceeding 50 rpm54024410
Other single yarns of polyamide-6, not twisted or twisted, not exceeding 50 rpm.54024510
Other polyester yarn, untwisted or twisted, not exceeding 50 rpm54024700
Other polypropylene yarn, untwisted or twisted, not exceeding 50 rpm54024800
Twisted single yarn of polyamide-6, not put up for retail sale, s.54025110
Other polyester twisted single yarn, not put up for retail sale, s.54025200
Polypropylene twisted single yarn, not put up for retail sale, s.54025300
Multiple yarns of polycaprolactam (nylon-6), not put up for retail sale54026110
Polyamide-6,6 multi-strand yarn, not put up for retail sale54026120
Other nylon multi-strand yarn, not put up for retail sale54026190
Non-retail polyester multi-strand yarn54026200
Polypropylene yarn, not put up for retail sale54026300
Spandex multi-strand yarn, not put up for retail sale54026920
Multiple rayon filament yarn or cable, not put up for retail sale54034900
Nylon or other polyamide high-strength yarn woven fabric54071010
Polyester high strength yarn woven fabric54071020
Plain nylon cloth, unbleached or bleached54074100
Dyed pure nylon cloth54074200
Yarn-dyed pure nylon fabric54074300
Printed nylon cloth54074400
Unbleached or bleached pure polyester textured filament fabric54075100
Dyed pure polyester textured filament fabric54075200
Yarn-dyed pure polyester textured filament fabric54075300
Printed pure polyester textured filament fabric54075400
Other pure polyester non-deformed filament fabric54076100
Other pure polyester filament fabric54076900
Unbleached or bleached other pure synthetic filament fabric54077100
Other pure synthetic filament fabric dyed54077200
Yarn-dyed other pure synthetic filament fabric54077300
Other pure synthetic filament fabric54077400
Unblended or bleached cotton-blend synthetic filament fabric54078100
Dyed and cotton blended synthetic filament fabric54078200
Yarn-dyed and cotton-blend synthetic filament fabric54078300
Other blended synthetic filament fabrics, not bleached or bleached54079100
Other blended synthetic filament fabrics dyed54079200
Other blended synthetic filament fabric54079400
Unbleached or bleached woven fabric of viscose filaments54082110
Unbleached or bleached woven fabric of other artificial filaments54082190
Pure viscose filament dyeing woven fabric54082210
Other artificial filament dyeing woven fabrics54082290
Pure viscose filament yarn woven fabric54082310
Other artificial filament yarn looms54082390
Dyed human filament yarn blended fabric54083200
Yarn-dyed human filament yarn blended fabric54083300
Printed man’s filament blended fabric54083400
Nylon or other polyamide filament tow55011000
Polyacrylonitrile filament tow55013000
Other synthetic filament tow55019000
Uncombed poly(m-phenylene isophthalamide) spun synthetic staple fiber55031110
Unblended other aromatic polyamide spun synthetic staple fibers55031190
Uncombed polyester staple fiber55032000
Uncombed polyacrylonitrile synthetic staple fiber55033000
Uncombed polypropylene staple fiber55034000
Unblended fiber staples made of polyphenylene sulfide55039010
Other undyed synthetic staple fibers55039090
Other uncombed viscose staple fibers55041090
Other rayon staple fibers, uncombed55049000
Comb poly-m-phenylene isophthalamide fiber staple fiber55061011
Combed nylon or other polyamide staple fibers55061090
Combed polyester staple fiber55062000
Combed rayon staple fiber55070000
Sewing thread spun from synthetic staple fibers55081000
Non-retailed pure nylon staple fiber multi-strand yarn55091200
Single yarn of polyester staple fibers not put up for retail sale55092100
Multi-strand yarn of polyester staple fibers, not put up for retail sale55092200
Multi-strand yarn of pure polyacrylonitrile staple fibers, not put up for retail sale55093200
Multiple other synthetic staple fibers, not put up for retail sale55094200
Polyester staple yarn of non-retail and man-made staple fibers55095100
Non-retail and wool blended polyester staple yarn55095200
Non-retail and cotton blended polyester staple yarn55095300
Non-retail and wool blended acrylic staple yarn55096100
Non-retailed rayon staple fibers55101200
Non-retail and wool blended rayon staple yarn55102000
Blended synthetic staple fibre yarn for retail sale55112000
Pure polyester cloth not bleached or bleached55121100
Other pure polyester fabric55121900
Other synthetic fabrics, not bleached or bleached55129100
Other pure synthetic fabric55129900
Lightweight polyester jersey with cotton blended dyed55132100
Other lightweight polyester fabrics mixed with cotton55132390
Lightweight synthetic fabrics, blended with cotton55132900
Lightweight polyester jersey with cotton-dyed yarn-dyed55133100
Heavy polyester plain weave bleached with cotton55141120
Blend of other synthetic fibers, unbleached or bleached, with cotton55141990
Heavy polyester plain weave dyed with cotton55142100
Heavy polyester twill with cotton blended dyed55142200
Other heavy polyester fabrics mixed with cotton55142300
Heavy other synthetic fabrics dyed with cotton55142900
Heavy polyester plain weave with cotton blended yarn55143010
Heavy other synthetic fabrics, blended with cotton55143090
Polyester fabric blended with viscose staple fibers55151100
Polyester fabric blended with chemical filaments55151200
Polyester fabric blended with wool55151300
Polyester fabric blended with other fibers55151900
Acrylic fabric blended with other fibers55152900
Other synthetic staple fibre fabrics blended with chemical fibre filaments55159100
Pure rayon staple fabric, unbleached or bleached55161100
Yarn-dyed rayon staple fiber cloth55161300
Printed rayon staple fiber cloth55161400
Dyed rayon fabric blended with chemical filaments55162200
Yarn-dyed rayon fabric blended with wool55163300
Unbleached or bleached rayon fabric blended with cotton55164100
Dyed rayon fabric blended with cotton55164200
Dyed rayon fabric blended with other fibers55169200
Yarn-dyed rayon fabric blended with other fibers55169300
Printed rayon fabric blended with other fibers55169400
Cotton batt and other batt products56012100
Fleece and other batt products of other materials56012900
Other felts not impregnated or coated56022100
≤25g per square meter impregnated filament yarn non-woven fabric56031110
Other chemical fiber filament nonwoven fabrics, ≤ 25g per square meter56031190
Other nonwoven fabrics, ≤ 25g per square meter56039190
Metal yarn containing56050000
Thick spiral spiral flower line (except for goods of tax item 5605 and horsehair coarse spiral thread); chenille thread56060000
Other articles made of yarn, flat strips, ropes, cords and cables56090000
Wool-knotted woven carpets and other flooring products57011000
Silk knotted woven carpet and floor coverings57019020
Kellymand other hand-woven carpets
Unfinished chemical fiber piled carpets and flooring products57023200
Chemical fiber piled carpets and flooring products57024200
Wool non-woven piles and flooring products57029100
Chemical fiber non-raised carpet and flooring products57029200
Other non-woven fabrics and flooring products made of other textile materials57029900
Other chemical fiber tufted carpets and other tufted flooring products57033000
Wool pile fabric and chenille fabric58011000
Cut pile of cotton corduroy58012200
Cotton uncut velvet fabric (rib fabric)58012710
Cotton woven piled pile fabric58012720
Chemical fiber woven weft fabric without cut pile58013100
Cut pile of chemical fiber corduroy58013200
Other chemical fiber weft fabrics58013300
Wool and chenille fabrics of silk and silk58019010
Fleece fabrics and chenille fabrics of other materials58019090
Chemical fiber tufted fabric58023040
Cotton mesh gauze and other mesh fabrics58041020
Chemical fiber mesh gauze and other mesh fabrics58041030
Chemical fiber mechanism lace58042100
Cotton lace58042920
Cotton or linen narrow pile fabrics and chenille fabrics58061010
Narrow fabrics with elastic yarns ≥5%58062000
Other narrow woven fabrics, of cotton58063100
Other narrow woven fabrics, of other materials58063990
Woven non-embroidered textile material labels, badges, etc.58071000
Non-embroidered decorative straps, tassels, pompons58089000
Embroidery without a base fabric58101000
Chemical fiber fabrics58109200
Other textile materials, see the bottom fabric embroidery58109900
Chemical fiber textile coated with glue or starch59011020
Made of canvas59019010
Cotton or linen tracing cloth, hard lining in caps, etc.59019091
Other textile fabric tracing cloth, hard lining in caps, etc.59019099
Polyester-6 (nylon-6) cord fabric59021010
Cord fabric made of polyamide-6,6 (nylon-6,6)59021020
Other cord fabrics made of nylon and other high-strength yarns59021090
Viscose fiber high-strength yarn cord fabric59029000
Artificial leather impregnated and coated with polyvinyl chloride59031020
Artificial leather impregnated with polyurethane59032020
Other textiles impregnated and coated with polyurethane59032090
Rubber coated rubber tape with width ≤ 20cm59061010
Knitted or crocheted textiles treated with rubber59069100
Rubber-treated wide other insulating cloth or tape59069910
Insulating cloth or tape impregnated with other materials59070010
Other knitted fabrics, such as rubberized fabrics, and woven fabrics59111090
Knitted or crocheted plush fabric60011000
Cotton knit or crocheted pile pile fabric60012100
Cotton knit or crocheted pile fabric60019100
Chemical fiber knitted or crocheted pile fabric60019200
Other fabric knitted or crocheted pile fabric60019900
Knitted or crocheted fabric of synthetic fibers with rubber thread ≤ 3060029030
Threaded or crocheted fabric of other textile materials, ≤ 30cm60029090
Width ≤ 30cm Other cotton knit, crocheted fabric60032000
≤30cm wide, knitted or crocheted fabric made of synthetic fiber60033000
Width > 30cm, elastic yarn ≥ 5% cotton knit, crochet60041010
Width > 30cm, elastic yarn ≥ 5% synthetic fiber knitted, crocheted fabric60041030
Knitted, crocheted fabric of elastic yarn ≥5% man-made fibers, width > 30cm60041040
Width > 30cm, elastic yarn ≥ 5% other textile materials knitted, crocheted60041090
Width >30cm cotton knit, crocheted fabric with rubber thread60049010
Width > 30cm Knitted or crocheted fabric of synthetic fibers with rubber thread60049030
Knitted, crocheted fabric of man-made fibers, s.60049040
Widths > 30cm Knitted, crocheted fabrics of other textile materials with rubber thread60049090
Captions of the synthetic fibers for antimalarial webs60053500
Other warp knitted fabrics of dyed synthetic fibers60053700
Other warp knitted fabrics of other yarn-dyed synthetic fibers60053800
Other warp knitted fabrics of dyed man-made fibers60054200
Other warp knitted fabrics of yarn-dyed man-made fibers60054300
Other textile materials warp knitted fabric60059090
Other knitted or crocheted fabrics of wool or fine animal hair60061000
Other knitted or crocheted fabrics, unbleached or bleached60062100
Other knitted or crocheted fabrics of dyed cotton60062200
Other knitted or crocheted fabric of yarn-dyed cotton60062300
Other knitted or crocheted fabrics, of cotton60062400
Other knitted or crocheted fabrics of unbleached or bleached synthetic fibers60063100
Other knitted or crocheted fabrics of dyed synthetic fibers60063200
Other knitted or crocheted fabric of yarn-dyed synthetic fibers60063300
Other knitted or crocheted fabrics, of synthetic synthetic fibers60063400
Other knitted or crocheted fabrics of dyed man-made fibers60064200
Other knitted or crocheted fabric of yarn-dyed rayon60064300
Knitted or crocheted fabrics not listed60069000


ItemHTS code
Cotton knit or crocheted men’s overcoats, windbreakers61012000
Man-made knit or crocheted men’s coats, windbreakers61013000
Men’s or girls’ overcoats, windbreakers, knitted or crocheted, of other textile materials61019090
Cotton knit or crocheted women’s coats, windbreakers61022000
Women’s or girls’ overcoats, windbreakers, knitted or crocheted61023000
Men’s or boys’ jackets, knitted or crocheted61033100
Cotton knit or crocheted men’s shirt61033200
Knitted or crocheted men’s shirts, of synthetic fibers61033300
Men’s or girls’ shirts, knitted or crocheted, of other textile materials61033900
Men’s or boys’ trousers, knitted or crocheted61034100
Cotton knit or crocheted men’s trousers61034200
Men’s or boys’ trousers, knitted or crocheted61034300
Men’s or boys’ trousers, knitted or crocheted, of other textile materials61034900
Cotton knit or crocheted women’s casual wear61042200
Woolen knitted blouse61043100
Cotton knit blouse61043200
Women’s jersey with synthetic fibers61043300
Knitted blouses, of other textile materials61043900
Wool knitted or crocheted dress61044100
Cotton knit or crocheted dress61044200
Knitted or crocheted dress of synthetic fibers61044300
Knitted or crocheted dress61044400
Knitted or crocheted dresses of other textile materials61044900
Wool knitted or crocheted skirts and skirts61045100
Cotton knit skirt and culottes61045200
Knitted or crocheted skirts and culottes, of synthetic fibers61045300
Knitted or crocheted skirts and skirts of other textile materials61045900
Knitted or crocheted trousers61046100
Cotton knit or crocheted pants61046200
Knitted or crocheted trousers, of synthetic fibers61046300
Knitted or crocheted trousers, of other textile materials61046900
Cotton knit or crocheted men’s shirt61051000
Knitted or crocheted men’s shirts, of chemical fibers61052000
Knitted or crocheted men’s shirts, of other textile materials61059000
Cotton knit or crochet blouse61061000
Chemical fiber knitted or crocheted blouse61062000
Knitted or crocheted blouses, of other textile materials61069000
Cotton knit or crocheted men’s underwear61071100
Knitted or crocheted men’s underwear, of other textile materials61071990
Knitted or crocheted men’s bathrobes and dressing gowns61079910
Knitted or crocheted men’s bathrobes, dressing gowns, of other textile materials61079990
Cotton knit or crocheted briefs and panties61082100
Women’s or girls’ briefs and panties, knitted or crocheted, of …61082200
Cotton knit or crocheted pajamas and sleepwear61083100
Women’s or girls’ pajamas and pajamas, knitted or crocheted, …61083200
Women’s or girls’ bathrobes and dressing gowns, knitted or crocheted, of cotton61089100
Women’s or girls’ bathrobes and dressing gowns, of synthetic fibers61089200
Cotton knit or crocheted T-shirts, undershirts61091000
Knitted or crocheted T-shirts and undershirts, of silk and silk61099010
Knitted or crocheted T-shirts, undershirts, of other textile materials61099090
Wool knitted or crocheted pullover61101100
Other goat fine knit or crochet pullover61101910
Other knitted or crocheted pullovers61101990
Cotton knit or crochet pullover61102000
Chemical fiber knitted or crocheted pullover61103000
Knitted or crocheted pullovers made of silk and silk61109010
Knitted or crocheted pullovers of other textile materials61109090
Cotton knit or crocheted baby clothing and accessories61112000
Knitted or crocheted baby garments and accessories61113000
Cotton knit or crocheted sportswear61121100
Knitted or crocheted sportswear in synthetic fibers61121200
Knitted or crocheted sportswear, of other textile materials61121900
Women’s or girls’ swimsuits, knitted or crocheted, of synthetic fibers61124100
Women’s or girls’ swimsuits, knitted or crocheted, of other textile materials61124900
Coated knitted or crocheted garments61130000
Other fabrics knitted or crocheted, of cotton61142000
Other clothing made of chemical fiber knitted or crocheted61143000
Other clothing, knitted or crocheted61149010
Other clothing, knitted or crocheted, of other textile materials61149090
Thin silk fabric of pantyhose61152100
Thick synthetic silk pantyhose61152200
Knitted tights and tights, of other textile materials61152990
Women’s stockings and stockings with a fineness of 67 dtex or less61153000
Cotton knit or crocheted socks and other hosiery61159500
Knitted or crocheted socks and other hosiery, of synthetic fibers61159600
Plastic or rubber-impregnated knitted or crocheted gloves61161000
Other knitted or crocheted gloves, of synthetic fibers61169300
Cashmere headband, scarf61171011
Other animal hair hoods, scarves61171019
Headbands and scarves made of wool61171020
Other headscarves and scarves61171090
Knitted or crocheted tie and bow tie61178010
Knitting or crocheting of other clothing accessories61178090
Other knitted or crocheted clothing parts61179000
Men’s down jacket made of chemical fiber62011310
Man’s coat, cloak, man-made62011390
Men’s or boys’ overcoats, capes, of other textile materials62011900
Men’s hooded jacket with cold hood and windbreaker62019100
Men’s other down jackets, of cotton62019210
Men’s hooded jacket with cotton hood and windbreaker62019290
Men’s other down jackets made of chemical fiber62019310
Men’s winter jackets and windbreakers62019390
Men’s winter jackets, windbreakers, of other textile materials62019900
Women’s down jacket made of chemical fiber62021310
Women’s coats, cloaks, of man-made fibers62021390
Women’s or girls’ overcoats and cloaks, of other textile materials62021900
Women’s hooded jacket with cold hood and windbreaker62029100
Women’s hooded jacket with cotton hood and windbreaker62029290
Women’s other down jackets made of chemical fiber62029310
Women’s hooded hooded jacket with thermal fibers, windbreaker62029390
Women’s or girls’ hooded jackets, of other textile materials62029900
Men’s suits, of other textile materials62031990
Men’s Men’s Casual Wear Set62032200
Men’s Casual Wear Set62032300
Men’s shirts, cotton62033200
Men’s shirts, synthetic62033300
Men’s shirts, silk and silk62033910
Men’s or boys’ jackets, of other textile materials62033990
Men’s trousers, overalls, etc.62034100
Men’s or boys’ trousers and overalls, of cotton62034290
Men’s or boys’ trousers and overalls62034390
Men’s or boys’ trousers and overalls, of other textile materials62034990
Women’s blouse, cotton62043200
Women’s blouse with synthetic fibers62043300
Women’s tops made of silk and silk62043910
Women’s tops, of other textile materials62043990
Woolen dress62044100
Cotton dress62044200
Women’s dress with synthetic fiber62044300
Women’s silk women’s dress62044400
Silk and silk dress62044910
Dresses of other textile materials62044990
Woolen skirts and culottes62045100
Cotton skirt and skirt62045200
Synthetic skirts and culottes62045300
Silk and silk skirts and culottes62045910
Women’s skirts and skirts, of other textile materials62045990
Women’s trousers and overalls62046100
Women’s trousers and overalls, of cotton62046200
Women’s trousers and overalls made of synthetic fibers62046300
Women’s trousers and overalls, of other textile materials62046900
Cotton men’s shirt62052000
Men’s shirt made of chemical fiber62053000
Men’s shirts made of silk and silk62059010
Woolen shirts62059020
Men’s shirts, of other textile materials62059090
Women’s and women’s shirts, silk and silk62061000
Woolen blouse62062000
Cotton blouse62063000
Chemical fiber blouse62064000
Cotton men’s underwear62071100
Men’s long nightgowns and sleepwear62072100
Men’s bathrobes and dressing gowns, of cotton62079100
Men’s bathrobes and dressing gowns62079920
Chemical fiber long slips and slips62081100
Women’s pajamas and sleepwear in cotton62082100
Women’s pajamas and sleepwear made of chemical fibers62082200
Women’s pajamas and sleepwear made of silk and silk62082910
Women’s vest, underwear, cotton62089100
Women’s vests, underwear, man-made62089200
Women’s vests, underwear, of other textile materials62089990
Cotton baby clothes and accessories62092000
Baby clothes and accessories for synthetic fibers62093000
Cotton or linen felt or non-woven clothing62101020
Men’s coats of fabric treated with plastics, rubber, etc.62102000
Other men’s clothing made of fabrics treated with plastics, rubber, etc.62104000
Other women’s clothing made of fabrics treated with plastics, rubber, etc.62105000
Men’s swimming suit62111100
Women’s swimming suit62111200
Ski clothing, of other textile materials62112090
Men’s sportswear, cotton62113220
Men’s Arab gown made of chemical fiber62113310
Men’s sportswear, man-made62113320
Other men’s clothing, of chemical fibers62113390
Men’s or boys’ sportswear and other clothing62113920
Men’s sportswear, of other textile materials62113990
Women’s sportswear, cotton62114210
Women’s or girls’ other cotton clothing62114290
Women’s sportswear, chemical fiber62114310
Other women’s clothing made of chemical fiber62114390
Women’s sportswear, silk and silk62114910
Women’s sportswear, of other textile materials62114990
Chemical fiber bra62121010
Bras of other textile materials62121090
Chemical fiber belts and belts62122010
Belts and belts, of other textile materials62122090
Chemical fiber corset62123010
Corsets, of other textile materials62123090
Chemical fiber suspenders, garters62129010
Other cotton handkerchiefs62132090
Handbags made of other textile materials62139090
Synthetic shawl and headscarf62143000
Shakers, headscarves, of other textile materials62149000
Tie and bow tie made of silk and silk62151000
Chemical fiber tie and bow tie62152000
Ties and bow ties from other textile materials62159000
Non-knit non-crocheted gloves62160000
Non-knit non-crocheted socks and socks62171010
Non-knitted, non-crocheted clothing or accessories62171090
Non-knitted, non-crocheted clothing or clothing parts62179000


ItemHTS code
Ski boots with rubber and plastic bottoms and faces64021200
Other sports boots, rubber and plastic bases and surfaces64021900
Rubber and plastic shoes embellished with shoe noodle strips on the sole64022000
Other rubber and plastic boots64029100
Other rubber and plastic footwear for rubber uppers64029910
Other rubber and plastic footwear for plastic uppers64029929
Other sports footwear with leather uppers64031900
Short leather boots with a small leather outsole leather lower than the calf64035111
Short boots with large leather outsole leather lower than the calf64035119
Other large size leather outsole leather short boots64035199
Leather outsole leather upper boots64035900
Other short leather boots with lower leather lower than the calf64039111
Other short-legged boots with smaller leather lower than the calf64039119
Other small size leather face short boots64039191
Other large size leather face short boots64039199
Other footwear for leather facing64039900
Sports footwear with uppers made of textile materials64041100
Slippers made of rubber or plastic outsole64041910
Other footwear for the uppers of textile materials64041990
Other footwear for textile materials64052000
Footwear made of rubber, plastic, leather and other materials made from recycled leather outsole64059010
Other materials made of other materials, outsole, footwear64059090
Upper and parts thereof, except hard lining64061000
Rubber outsole and heel64062010
Plastic outsole and heel64062020
Movable insole, heel pad and similar64069091
Leggings, leggings and similar parts and parts thereof64069092

Other Textiles

ItemHTS code
Cotton blankets and travel blankets63013000
Synthetic blankets and travel blankets63014000
Blankets and travel blankets, of other textile materials63019000
Cotton printed sheets63022110
Cotton printed bed fabrics63022190
Fabric fabrics for chemical fiber printing63022290
Silk and silk fabric printed bed fabrics63022910
Other cotton sheets63023191
Other cotton bed products63023199
Other bed linen articles, of linen embroidery63023921
Other tablecloth fabrics, of cotton63025190
Other tablecloth fabrics made of chemical fiber63025390
Cotton bath towel63026010
Cotton wash and kitchen towel fabric63026090
Other cotton and kitchen products, of cotton63029100
Other sanitary and kitchen fabric products made of chemical fiber63029300
Cotton non-woven non-crocheted curtains63039100
Non-woven non-crocheted curtains of other textile materials63039900
Non-hand knitted bed cover63041129
Non-woven non-crocheted bed covers made of cotton or linen63041929
Other decorative articles, not hand-knitted63049129
Cotton other non-knitted, non-crocheted embroidery products63049210
Cotton goods bags63052000
Soft goods storage and transportation soft bags made of chemical fiber63053200
Other goods bags made of polyethylene or polypropylene flat strips63053300
Other textile material packaging bags63059000
Synthetic fabrics, canopies and awnings63061200
Synthetic tent63062200

Stone, Plaster, Cement, etc.

ItemHTS code
Simple cutting and with a flat marble and products68022110
Marble, travertine and wax stone68029110
Other marble, travertine and wax stone and products68029190
Other processed granite and products68029390
Stone carvings made of other stone68029910
Other processed stone and products68029990
Other stone grinding, stone grinding and similar products made of other adhesive abrasives or ceramics68042290
Rolls of bitumen or similar raw materials68071000
Other shapes of bitumen or similar raw materials68079000
Panels, plates, tiles, bricks and similar articles68080000
Only paper veneers or reinforced unfinished plasterboard, sheets, bricks, tiles and the like68091100
Other gypsum products68099000
Artificial stone bricks, tiles, flat stones and the like68101910
Other bricks, tiles, flat stones and similar articles made of cement or concrete68101990
Other products made of cement, concrete or artificial stone68109990
Other sheets, boards, bricks, tiles and similar articles containing asbestos68114020
Other sheets, sheets and similar products made of asbestos-free cellulose cement or similar materials68118200
Other products not containing asbestos68118990
Other clothing made of asbestos or asbestos68129100
Asbestos-free brake linings, brake pads68138100
Adhesive or replica mica plates, sheets, strips68141000
Other processed mica and its products68149000
Products containing magnesite, dolomite or chromite68159100
Basalt fiber and its products68159940
Siliceous fossil powder or bricks, blocks, tiles and other ceramics similar to silica69010000
Other refractory bricks, blocks, tiles and similar refractory ceramic building materials69029000
Other veneer or tile with water absorption ≤0.5% by weight69072190
0.5% by weight < water absorption ≤ 10% and its maximum surface area with a side length of <7 cm69072210
Other veneer, tile, 0.5% by weight < ≥ 10% water absorption69072290
Other veneer, tile, with water absorption >10% by weight69072390
Other facing ceramics69074090
Porcelain washbasin, bathtub and similar fixed sanitary equipment69101000
Ceramic washbasins, bathtubs and similar fixtures69109000
Bone china tableware69111011
Other porcelain tableware69111019
Other porcelain kitchen appliances69111029
Other household or washing porcelain69119000
Ceramic tableware69120010
Ceramic kitchen appliances69120090
Porcelain figurine and other decorative porcelain products69131000
Ceramic statues and other decorative ceramics69139000
Unprocessed glass ball70021000
Waveguide quartz glass tube for optical fibers70023110
Cast, rolled colored non-wired glass sheets, sheets70031200
Drawn and blown colored glass sheets, sheets70042000
Wire float or polished glass plates, sheets70053000
Glass of taxation 7003-7005 not framed or assembled with other materials70060000
Other tempered safety glass70071900
Other laminated safety glass70072900
Other multi-layer insulation and acoustic glass components70080090
Other framed glass mirrors70099200
Glass ampoules70101000
Glass stoppers, caps and similar sealers70102000
Volume ≥ 1 liter of bulk containers for shipment or preservation70109010
Glass containers of volume exceeding 0.15 liters but not exceeding 0.33 liters for shipment or storage70109030
Glass extra small containers for containers or for storage up to 0.15 liters70109090
Unsealed glass casing and glass parts for electric lamps70111000
Glass ceramics for dining tables, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, interiors or similar70131000
Lead crystal glass goblet70132200
Other glass goblets70132800
Other cups made of lead crystal70133300
Other glasses70133700
Lead crystal glass dining table, kitchen utensils70134100
Other glass dining tables, kitchen utensils70134900
Other lead crystal glassware70139100
Other glassware70139900
Optical element blanks for optical instruments70140010
Other optical glass elements and glass optics not optically processed70140090
Watch glass70159010
Other unprocessed glass of heading 701570159090
Glass mosaics and other small pieces of glass for inlays or similar decorations70161000
Floral lead glazing and similar articles70169010
Glass beads, imitation pearls, imitation stones, etc.70181000
Glass beads not exceeding 1 mm in diameter70182000
Glass fiber roving70191200
Glass filament plain fabric with a width of more than 30 cm, weighing not more than 250 g per square meter, single70195200
Conductive glass70200011

Precious, Semi-Precious Stones, etc.

ItemHTS code
Other processed cultured pearls71012290
Industrial diamonds, unprocessed or simply processed71022100
Other industrial diamonds71022900
Unprocessed or simply processed non-industrial diamonds71023100
Other non-industrial diamonds71023900
Unprocessed or semi-precious stones71031000
Other processed rubies, sapphires, emeralds71039100
Other gemstones or semi-precious stones processed by other71039990
Piezoelectric Quartz71041000
Unprocessed or reconstituted with other precious or semi-precious stones71042090
Industrial sapphire71049012
Other non-industrial synthetic other gems or semi-precious stones71049099
Natural or synthetic gemstone or semi-precious stone powder71059000
Non-flaky silver powder with an average particle size of less than 3 microns71061011
Unwrought silver with a purity of 99.99% or more71069110
Other unwrought silver71069190
Semi-finished silver with a purity of 99.99% and above71069210
Non-monetary semi-finished gold71081300
Gold-coated materials based on base metal or silver71090000
Unwrought or powdered platinum71101100
Plate, flake platinum71101910
Unwrought or powdered palladium71102100
Unwrought or powdered71103100
Board, sheet rhodium71103910
Unwrought or powdered rhodium, osmium, ruthenium71104100
Plates, flakes, enamel, enamel71104910
Other semi-finished iridium, osmium, ruthenium71104990
Platinum-plated material based on base metal, silver or gold71110000
Other silver jewelery and parts thereof71131190
Other precious metal jewelery with diamonds and parts thereof71131991
Other precious metal jewelery and parts thereof71131999
Precious metal jewelery in base metal with diamonds71132010
Other precious metal jewelery based on base metal71132090
Other precious metal gold and silver parts and parts71141900
Natural or cultured pearl products71161000
Gemstone or semi-precious stones71162000
Cufflinks and buckles in enamel metal71171100
Other imitation jewelery made of base metal71171900
Imitation jewelery of unlisted materials71179000

Base Metals, and Articles of Base Metals

ItemHTS code
Alloy pig iron, mirror iron72015000
Ferromanganese, carbon content ≤ 2%72021900
Ferrosilicon, silicon content >55%72022100
Ferrochrome, carbon content ≤ 4%72024900
Nickel iron72026000
Ferrotitanium and titanium ferrotitanium72029100
Ferrovanadium containing 75% or more by weight of vanadium72029210
NdFeB magnetic powder72029912
Iron products directly reduced from iron ore72031000
Pig iron, mirror iron and steel pellets72051000
Iron and non-alloy steel ingots72061000
Steel billet of rectangular section with width < twice the thickness, C<0.25%72071100
Other billets with carbon content <0.25%72071900
Rolled embossed hot rolled coil72081000
Thickness ≥ 4.75mm Other pickled hot rolled coil72082500
Other 3mm≤Thickness <4.75mm Other pickled hot rolled coil72082690
Other pickled hot rolled coils of thickness <1.5 mm72082710
Other pickled hot rolled coils of other thickness <3mm72082790
Other hot rolled coils of thickness <1.5mm72083910
Other hot rolled coils of other thickness <3mm72083990
Other hot rolled non-coil, thickness >50mm72085110
Other hot rolled non-rolled sheets of thickness > 20 mm but not exceeding 50 mm72085120
Other hot rolled non-coil, other thickness > 10mm72085190
4.75mm ≤ thickness ≤ 10mm hot rolled non-coil72085200
Hot rolled non-coil with thickness <1.5mm72085410
Other hot rolled non-coil of thickness <3mm72085490
Other hot rolled iron or non-alloy steel wide flat rolled products72089000
Other cold rolled coils of thickness ≥ 3mm72091590
Cold rolled coils with yield strengths greater than 275 N/mm2, 1 mm < thickness < 3 mm72091610
Other cold rolled coils of 1 mm < thickness < 3 mm72091690
Cold rolled coils with yield strengths greater than 275 N/mm2, 0.5 mm ≤ thickness ≤ 1 mm72091710
Other cold rolled coils of 0.5 mm ≤ thickness ≤ 1 mm72091790
Other cold rolled coils of thickness <0.5mm72091890
Cold rolled non-coiled material of 0.5 mm ≤ thickness ≤ 1 mm72092700
Cold rolled non-coil with thickness <0.5mm72092800
Other cold rolled iron or non-alloy steel wide flat rolled products72099000
Galvanized iron or non-alloy steel wide sheet72103000
Other wrought iron or non-alloy steel wide plates galvanized72104900
Chrome-plated ferrous or non-alloy steel wide sheet72105000
Iron-wide flat sheet material plated or coated with aluminum-zinc alloy72106100
Other plated or aluminized iron wide flat rolled products72106900
Iron or non-alloy steel having a thickness of less than 1.5 mm, painted or coated, having a width of 600 mm or more72107010
Other lacquered or coated iron or non-alloy steel wide flat rolled products72107090
Cold rolled other iron or non-alloy steel narrow plates72112900
Hot working of strips and rods with rolled patterns72142000
Hot-working free-cutting steel bars and rods72143000
Hot processing of other bars and rods72149900
Cold-processed other free-cutting steel bars and rods72151000
Other bars or rods for cold or cold forming72155000
Other bars and rods of iron and non-alloy steel72159000
Section height <80mmU steel72161090
Hot working section height <80mm angle steel72162100
Hot working section height <80mm T-shaped steel72162200
Hot working section height ≥80mm channel steel72163100
I-beams with a section height of more than 200 mm72163210
Other hot working section height ≥ 80mm I-beam72163290
Other H-shaped steel with 200mm72163319
Other H-shaped steel with 80mm≤section height≤200mm72163390
Hot working section height ≥ 80mm angle steel72164010
Hot working other angles, profiles and profiles72165090
Cold-working other angles, profiles and profiles72166900
Cold-working of other sheet angles, profiles and profiles72169100
Uncoated or coated iron or non-alloy steel wire72171000
Plated or galvanized iron or non-alloy steel wire72172000
Plated or copper coated wire and non-alloy wire72173010
Wire and non-alloy steel wire plated or coated with other base metals72173090
Semi-finished stainless steel with rectangular cross section72189100
Other stainless steel semi-finished products72189900
Thickness >10mm Hot rolled stainless steel wide coil72191100
4.75mm≤thickness ≤10mm hot rolled stainless steel wide coil72191200
Other stainless steel wide rolls, not soaked, 3 mm or more but less than 4.75 mm72191319
Other pickled stainless steel wide coils of 3 mm or more but less than 4.75 mm thick72191329
Other stainless steel wide coils, not pickled, less than 3 mm thick72191419
4.75mm≤thickness ≤10mm hot rolled stainless steel plate72192200
3mm≤thickness<4.75mm hot rolled stainless steel plate72192300
Thickness <0.5mm hot rolled stainless steel slab72192430
3mm≤thickness<4.75mm cold rolled stainless steel wide plate72193200
Other 1mm72193390
0.5mm≤thickness≤1mm Cold rolled stainless steel wide plate72193400
Hot rolled stainless steel narrow strip thickness ≥ 4.75mm72201100
Cold rolled stainless steel narrow strips with a thickness of 0.35 mm or less72202020
Cold rolled stainless steel narrow strips with a thickness of 3 mm and above72202040
Irregular coiled stainless steel hot rolled strips, rods72210000
Hot working other cross-section stainless steel bars72221900
Stainless steel wire72230000
Other alloy ingots and other primary shapes72241000
Other alloy billets72249090
Oriented silicon electric steel wide plate72251100
Other silicon electric steel wide plates72251900
Width ≥ 600mm Hot rolled other alloy steel coil72253000
Tool steel width ≥ 600mm72254010
Boron-containing alloy steel with a width ≥ 600mm72254091
Width 600mm Cold rolled other alloy steel sheet72255000
Other alloy steel wide flat rolled products of electrogalvanized72259100
Other plated or zinc coated other alloy steel wide plates72259200
Other alloy steel flat rolled products of width ≥ 600mm72259990
High speed steel flat rolled products with width <600mm72262000
Tool steel width <600mm72269110
Boron-containing alloy steel with a width <600mm72269191
Other rolled steel sheets of alloy steel, not further processed, except hot-rolled, less than 600 mm in width72269199
Other alloy steel narrow flat rolled products of electrogalvanized72269910
Other alloy steel hot rolled strips and rods of irregular coils made of boron alloy steel72279010
Other high speed steel strips and rods72281000
Other bars and rods of silicon-manganese steel72282000
Other bars and rods of boron-containing alloy steel, not further processed except hot rolled, hot drawn or hot extruded72283010
Other bars and rods, not further processed except hot rolled, hot drawn or hot extruded72283090
Other alloy steel forged bars and rods72284000
Cold-formed or cold-worked bars and rods of other alloy steels72285000
Other alloy steel bars and rods72286000
Other alloy steel angles, profiles and profiles72287090
Silicon-manganese steel wire72292000
Other alloy steel wire72299090
Steel sheet pile73011000
Welded steel angles, profiles and profiles73012000
Steel materials for railroad tracks for other railways73029090
Other cast iron pipes and hollow profiles73030090
Non-stainless steel oil or day having an outer diameter of 215.9 mm or more but not exceeding 406.4 mm73041910
Non-stainless steel or natural gas casings not exceeding 114.3 mm in outside diameter73041930
Other non-stainless steel oil or gas casing73041990
Other stainless steel casings and conduits for oil drilling73042400
Casings, conduits and drill pipes for drilling oil and gas with yield strengths less than 552 MPa73042910
Cold-drawn or cold-rolled steel seamless boiler tubes73043110
Non-cold or cold drawn iron seamless boiler tubes73043910
Cold drawn or cold rolled stainless steel seamless boiler tubes73044110
Other seamless pipes of stainless steel, not cold or cold rolled73044990
Other seamless steel tubes, cold drawn or cold rolled73045190
Seamless circular cross section of other alloy steels, not cold or cold rolled73045990
Longitudinal submerged arc welding of crude oil and natural gas73051100
Other thick steel pipes longitudinally welded73053100
Other oil and gas pipelines73061900
Other iron or non-alloy rounds with a wall thickness of 0.7 mm or less and an outer diameter not exceeding 10 mm73063011
Other iron or non-alloy round-section welded pipes with an outer diameter exceeding 10 mm73063090
Round section welded pipe of other alloy steel73065000
Steel butt weldment not listed73079300
Steel doors and windows and their frames, thresholds73083000
Other steel structures and components73089000
Steel container for materials, 50L≤ volume ≤300L73101000
Welded or crimped cans and cans with a volume of less than 50 liters73102110
Uninsulated steel strands, ropes, cables73121000
Woven fabric made of stainless steel73141400
Plated or galvanized fine steel wire mesh welded at intersection73143100
Other steel wire mesh, fences and grilles73144900
Mesh steel plate73145000
Other roller chains73151190
Japanese word link chain73158100
Other welded chains73158200
Unlisted chain73158900
Non-hinged chain parts73159000
Other wood screws73181200
Other pins73194090
Leaf springs and reeds for railway vehicles73201010
Other springs for railway vehicles73209010
Gas fuel household stove73211100
Other non-electric household appliances73218900
Non-electric household appliances parts73219000
Other non-electrical heating central heating radiators and their parts73221900
Enamel cast iron dining table, kitchen and other household appliances and parts thereof73239200
Stainless steel dining table, kitchen or other household appliances and parts thereof73239300
Other enamel steel table, kitchen and other household appliances and parts73239490
Other non-enamel steel table, kitchen and other household appliances and parts73239900
Cast iron bathtub73242100
Other steel bathtub73242900
Other non-forgeable cast iron products73251090
Unregistered malleable cast iron products, not put up for industrial use73259990
Unrefined copper, copper anode for electrolytic refining74020000
Cathode refined copper with a copper content exceeding 99.9935% by weight74031111
Other cathode refined copper74031119
Refining copper billets74031300
Unwrought copper-zinc alloy (brass)74032100
Copper mother alloy74050000
Other copper alloy flakes74062090
Other refined copper bars, rods and profiles and profiles74071090
Straightness not more than 0.5 mm / m copper-zinc alloy strips, rods74072111
Other copper-zinc alloy strips, rods74072119
Other brass bars, rods and profiles and profiles74072190
Refined copper wire with a maximum cross-sectional dimension >6mm74081100
Refined copper wire with section size ≤6mm74081900
Copper nickel zinc lead alloy (lead German silver) wire74082210
Other coiled copper sheets, sheets, strips of thickness exceeding 0.15 mm74091190
Other refined copper plates, sheets, strips74091900
Rolled brass plates, sheets, strips74092100
Other brass plates, sheets, strips74092900
Rolled bronze sheets, sheets, strips74093100
Other bronze plates, sheets, strips74093900
White copper or German silver plates, sheets, belts74094000
Unlined copper foil74101100
Copper clad laminate for printed circuits74102110
Other refined copper foil with backing74102190
White copper or German silver foil with backing74102210
Other copper alloy foil with backing74102290
Refining copper pipe with inner (outer) threads or fins with an outer diameter of 25 mm or less74111011
Other refined copper pipes with an outer diameter of 25 mm or less74111019
Refined copper tube with an outer diameter of more than 70 mm74111020
Coiled brass tube74112110
Copper-zinc alloy (brass) tube74112190
White copper or German silver pipe fittings74122010
Uninsulated copper wire strands, cables, braids, etc.74130000
Other table, kitchen or other household appliances and parts thereof74181090
Copper sanitary ware and parts thereof74182000
Copper chain and its parts74191000
Copper spring74199920
Copper wire cloth (including endless belt)74199930
Nickel oxide sinter, other intermediate products of nickel75012090
The total amount of nickel and cobalt by weight is 99.99% or more, but the cobalt content is not more than 0.005%.75021010
Other non-alloy nickel75021090
Non-alloy nickel powder and flake powder75040010
Cloth made of nickel wire75081010
Industrial nickel wire mesh and grille75081080
Nickel anode for electroplating75089010
Uncalcined non-aluminum alloys containing 99.95% by weight or more by weight76011010
Other uncalcined non-aluminum alloy76011090
Unwrought aluminum alloy76012000
Flaky aluminum powder76032000
Unalloyed aluminium profiles and profiles76041090
Thick wire made of pure aluminum76051100
Filaments made of pure aluminium76051900
0.3mm ≤ thickness <0.36mm non-alloyed aluminum and plastic composite rectangular strip76061121
Other non-alloy aluminum rectangular aluminum sheet strips with 0.3mm ≤ thickness <0.36mm76061129
Other plates, sheets and strips of rectangular, of pure aluminium76061199
Aluminum alloy rectangular sheet with thickness <0.28mm76061220
Other aluminum alloy rectangular strips with 0.35mm76061259
Non-rectangular plates, sheets and strips of pure aluminium76069100
Unlined back foil with a thickness not exceeding 0.007 mm76071110
Unlined back foil without further processing after rolling76071190
Other unlined back foil76071900
Pure aluminum tube76081000
Aluminum alloy tubes with an outer diameter not exceeding 10 cm76082010
Aluminum alloy tubes with an outer diameter of more than 10 cm and a wall thickness not exceeding 25 mm76082091
Aluminum hose container76121000
Aluminum cans and cans76129010
Other tableware, kitchen and other household appliances and parts thereof76151090
Unwrought lead-bismuth alloy78019100
Other lead alloys not wrought78019900
Lead and lead alloy sheets, foils of thickness > 0.2 mm78041900
Uncalcined zinc containing 99.995% by weight or more of zinc79011110
Unwrought zinc alloy79012000
Zinc End79031000
Zinc and zinc alloy strips, rods, profiles, wires79040000
Other non-industrial zinc products79070090
Unwrought non-alloyed tin80011000
Solder containing less than 0.1% by weight of lead80012021
Other solder80012029
Tin and tin alloy strips, rods, profiles, wires80030000
Tin and tin alloy plates, sheets and strips, thickness > 0.2 mm80070020
Other tin products80070090
Unwrought molybdenum and molybdenum waste81029400
Forged rolled molybdenum rods, profiles, sheets with foil81029500
Molybdenum wire81029600
Tantalum powder with a bulk density of less than 2.2 g/cm381032011
Unforged magnesium containing ≥99.8% magnesium81041100
Graded magnesium crumb, scraps, granules; powder81043000
Magnesium products81049020
Intermediate products and powders obtained from cobalt bismuth and other cobalt smelting81052090
Unwrought cadmium, powder81072000
Titanium sponge81082021
Unwrought antimony81101010
Antimony powder81101020
Unwrought manganese; manganese waste and scrap; powder81110010
Unwrought crucible, powder81121200
Unwrought indium81129230
Germanium and its products81129910
Vanadium and its products81129920
Pick, spade, rake82013000
One-handed agricultural scissors such as pruning shears82015000
Two-handed agricultural shears such as pruning82016000
Hand saw82021000
Circular saw blade with steel working parts82023100
Circular saw blades with natural or synthetic diamond, cubic boron nitride working parts82023910
Other circular saw blades, including parts82023990
Steel files, rafts and similar tools82031000
Interchangeable wrench sleeve82042000
Metal drawing or extrusion die with super hard parts82072010
Other metal drawing or extrusion moulds82072090
Forging or stamping tools82073000
Tapping tool82074000
Drilling tool with working parts of other materials82075090
Boring or reaming tool with super-hard material parts82076010
Other boring or reaming tools82076090
Milling tool with working parts made of natural or synthetic diamond or cubic boron nitride82077010
Other milling tools82077090
Other cemented metalworking knives and blades82081019
Knives and blades for woodworking machinery82082000
Knives and blades for other machines or machinery82089000
Unassembled tool cermet plates82090010
Cermet bars and rods with a grain size of less than 0.8 μm82090021
Other tiling rods and rods for unassembled tools82090029
Cermet inserts for unassembled tools82090030
Knife-based package82111000
Knife blade fixed knife82119100
Replaceable blade cutter82119300
Shank handle82119500
Scissors, tailor scissors and similar products, scissors82130000
Manicure and pedicure (including nail files)82142000
Hair clippers, choppers and other mouthparts82149000
A kitchen or table set containing at least one precious metal plated82151000
Other non-kitchen kitchen or tableware with precious metal plating82159100
Other non-kitchen kitchen or tableware82159900
Hinge (folded leaf)83021000
Castors for metal brackets83022000
Metal parts and bases for construction83024100
Metal fittings and stands for furniture83024200
Automatic door closer83026000
Doors for safes, cabinets, vaults83030000
Sculptures of precious metals and other decorations83062100
Photo frames, picture frames and similar frames, mirrors83063000

Machinery and Mechanical Appliances

ItemHTS code
Other steam boilers84021900
Steam boilers and superheated boiler parts84029000
Household type hot water boiler for central heating84031010
Condenser for water and other steam power plants84042000
Parts for auxiliary equipment for central heating and hot water boilers84049010
Parts for other auxiliary equipment84049090
Turbine parts84069000
14kW < other diesel engines with power <132.39kW84089092
Other marine engine parts84099910
Turbine and water wheel, power ≤1000kW84101100
Concrete pump84134000
Other reciprocating drain pumps84135090
Other gear rotary pumps84136029
Other blade rotary pumps84136039
Radial piston pump84136050
Axial piston pump84136060
Vacuum pump84141000
Refrigerator and freezer compressors with power ≤0.4kW84143011
Non-motor driven compressor84143090
Ventilation fan with power ≤ 125 watts84145120
Power ≤125 W, fan with rotating wind deflector84145130
Wall fan with power ≤ 125 watts84145193
Power ≤ 125 watts other fans, fans84145199
Other ceiling fans84145910
Other ventilation fans84145920
Centrifugal fan84145930
Other fans, fans84145990
Range hood84146010
Ventilation hood or recirculation hood with a maximum side length ≤120cm84146090
Engine supercharger84148030
Air conditioning parts with cooling capacity ≤ 4 kcal / hour84159010
Other furnace burners using gaseous fuels84162019
Furnace burners using other fuels84162090
Other non-electric furnaces and ovens84178090
Volume > 500L refrigeration-freezing combination machine84181010
Volume >150L Compressed household refrigerator84182110
Compression heat pump, heading 8415 for air conditioning84186120
Other heat pumps, heading 8415, except for air conditioning84186190
Other refrigeration units84186920
Special furniture parts for refrigerating or freezing equipment84189100
Refrigeration equipment parts with a cooling temperature >-40 ° C and a capacity > 500 L84189992
Gas fast water heater84191100
Agricultural product dryer84193100
Wood, pulp, paper or cardboard dryer84193200
Distillation column84194020
Other distillation or distillation equipment84194090
Parts for water heaters84199010
Calender or other rolling machine84201000
Roller for calender or other rolling machines84209100
Centrifugal dryers with a dry weight of ≤10kg84211210
Solid-liquid separator84211920
Ship ballast water treatment equipment84212191
Other filter presses84212910
Household gas filtration and purification machines and devices84213910
Electric bag composite dust collector84213924
Other dust collectors for industrial use84213929
Flue gas desulfurization device84213940
Household dishwasher84221100
Non-domestic dishwasher84221900
Beverage and liquid food filling equipment84223010
Other packaging machines84223030
Other sealing machines, etc.84223090
Other packaging or packing machines84224000
Parts for dishwashers84229010
Beverage and liquid food filling equipment parts84229020
Taxation 8422 Other unlisted machine parts84229090
Weight scale, baby scale and household scale84231000
Electronic belt scale84232010
Scales for continuous weighing on other conveyor belts84232090
Quantitative packing scale84233010
Quantitative sorting scale84233020
Batching scale84233030
Other constant scales, material dosing scales84233090
Pricing scale with a maximum weighing of ≤30kg84238110
Spring balances with a maximum weighing ≤ 30kg84238120
Other places in the balance84238910
Other railway scales84238920
Portable sprayer for agriculture or gardening84244100
Boat washing machine84248991
Other non-electric winches and winches84253990
Hydraulic hoist for lifting vehicles84254290
Universal bridge crane84261120
Gantry crane84261930
Portal crane and seat jib crane84263000
Crawler crane84264910
Other lifting equipment84269900
Other lifts and dump cranes84281090
Other belt continuous cargo lifting, conveyor84283300
Roller continuous cargo lifting, conveyor84283920
Stacking and reclaiming machinery84289031
Other handling machinery84289039
Handling robot84289040
Track-type tractor with power ≤ 235.36kW84291190
Other motorized roller84294019
Track excavator84295212
Non-self-propelled drilling or drilling machinery84304900
Other self-propelled unlisted machinery84305090
Engineering drilling rig with drill pipe diameter ≤3m​​84306919
Drive axles and their parts for machinery listed in heading 842784312010
Buckets, buckets, grabs and buckets84314100
Other drilling unit parts84314390
Drive axles and their parts for construction machinery84314920
Other no-till direct planters84323129
Other no-till direct transplanter84323139
Fertilizer spreader84324200
Site preparation or tillage machinery, rolling machine parts84329000
Other harvesters84335990
Dairy processing machine84342000
Machine for the production of sweets, cocoa powder, chocolate84382000
Sugar machine84383000
Brewing machine84384000
Machine for making cellulose pulp84391000
Paper or cardboard finishing machine84393000
Machine parts for the manufacture or finishing of paper and cardboard84399900
Lock binding machine84401010
Other bookbinding machines84401090
Parts of bookbinding machines84409000
Paper Cutter84411000
Molded machine for pulp, paper or cardboard products84414000
Other machines for the manufacture of pulp and paper products84418090
Computer-to-plate equipment84423021
To make plates, machines and equipment84423029
Other machines, apparatus and equipment for casting and plate making84423090
Parts for casting, typesetting and plate making machines84424000
Types, prints, sheets and other parts84425000
Photogravure printing machine84431700
Rotary screen printing machine84431921
Flat screen printing machine84431922
Electrostatic photosensitive multifunction machine84433110
Other multifunction machines84433190
Stylus printer84433211
Laser printer84433212
Inkjet printer84433213
Other fax machines or typewriters that can be connected to the network84433290
Other independent teletypewriters84433990
Parts and accessories for conventional printing presses84439190
Auxiliary machines for digital printing equipment84439910
Thermal Printhead84439921
Parts for other printers, copiers, facsimile machines84439990
Chemical fiber deformation machine84440040
Chemical fiber cutting machine84440050
Other chemical fiber processing machines84440090
Other textile fiber carding machines84451190
Doubling machine or twisting machine84453000
Automatic winder84454010
Other winders, shakers84454090
Looms with width ≤ 30cm84461000
Air jet loom of width > 30cm84463050
Circular knitting machine with cylinder diameter ≤165mm84471100
Circular knitting machine with cylinder diameter > 165mm84471200
Flat weft knitting machine84472020
Other auxiliary machines listed in headings 8444 to 844784481900
Spinneret or spinneret84482020
Other accessories for fiber extruders and their auxiliary machines84482090
Steel wire cloth84483100
Other accessories for textile fiber pretreatment machines84483200
Air splicer84483930
Other accessories for the heading 8445 machines84483990
Reed, healds and heald frames for loom84484200
Other accessories for weaving machines and their auxiliary machines84484990
Knitting machine with No. 28 needle84485120
Sinks, other knitting needles and forming parts84485190
Taxation 8441 Other accessories for machines84485900
Needle punching machine84490010
Full-automatic washing machine with a drying capacity of ≤10kg84501110
Drum type automatic washing machine with a drying capacity of ≤10kg84501120
Other fully automatic washing machines with a drying capacity of ≤10kg84501190
Washing machine parts with a drying capacity of ≤10kg84509010
Dry cleaning machine84511000
Dryer with a drying capacity of ≤10kg84512100
Ironing machine and extruder (including melt press)84513000
Washing, bleaching or dyeing machine84514000
Multi-function household sewing machine84521010
Manual household sewing machine84521091
Non-home automatic sewing machine84522110
Non-domestic automatic overlock sewing machine84522120
Non-domestic automatic stretch sewing machine84522130
Other non-domestic automatic sewing machines84522190
Other non-domestic non-automatic sewing machines84522900
Sewing machine needle84523000
Other parts for household sewing machines84529019
Other parts for other sewing machines84529099
Rawhide, leather processing, tanning or processing machines84531000
Footwear making or repairing machines84532000
Parts of the machines listed in heading 845384539000
Other ingots and ladle for metal smelting and casting84542090
Parts for other billet continuous casting machines84549029
Machine tools for processing various materials with laser84561100
Machine tools for processing various materials with ultrasonic waves84562000
CNC machine tools for the treatment of various materials by electrical discharge84563010
Vertical Machining Center for Machining Metals84571010
Horizontal Machining Center for Machining Metals84571020
Machining of metal gantry machining centers84571030
Milling and lathe machining center for machining metals84571091
Single-station combination machine tool for machining metal84572000
Multi-station combination machine tool for machining metal84573000
CNC horizontal lathe for cutting metal84581100
Vertical CNC machine tools for cutting metals84589110
Other CNC machine tools for cutting metals84589120
Other lathes for cutting metal84589900
CNC drilling machine for cutting metal84592100
Other drilling machines for cutting metals84592900
CNC boring machine for cutting metal84594100
Other trampolines for cutting metal84594900
Other CNC milling machines for cutting metals84596190
High precision CNC surface grinder84601210
Other high precision surface grinders84601910
High precision CNC centerless grinding machine84602210
High precision crankshaft grinder84602311
Other high precision CNC cylindrical grinding machines84602319
High precision internal grinding machine84602411
Other high precision CNC grinding machines84602419
CNC sharpening (tool or tool) machine84603100
Other sharpening (tool or tool) machine tools84603900
Grinding machine84604020
Other finishing machines, such as grinding84609090
Broaching machine84613000
Gear Grinder84614011
Other CNC gear processing machines84614019
Non-CNC gear processing machine84614090
Sawing machine or cutting machine84615000
Unlisted machine tools for heading 846184619090
CNC forging or stamping machine and forging hammer84621010
Non-CNC forging or stamping machine tools and forging hammers84621090
CNC straightening machine84622110
Other bending, folding, straightening or leveling CNC machine tools84622190
Other sheet metal working machines other than CNC84622990
Other CNC cutting machine tools84623190
Non-CNC plate with cross shear84623920
Automatic change mode CNC stepping press84624111
Other CNC punch presses84624119
Other CNC punching, slotting machine, punching and shearing machine84624190
Non-CNC punching, slotting machine, punching and shearing machine84624900
Metal Profile Extrusion Machine84629110
Other hydraulic presses84629190
Other mechanical presses84629910
Unlisted machine tools for tariff head 846284629990
Wire drawing machine84631020
Thread rolling mill84632000
Wire processing machine84633000
Fret saw84641020
Other sawing machines for processing minerals and other materials84641090
Glass grinding or polishing machine84642010
Other grinding or polishing machines for processing minerals and other materials84642090
Cutting machine84649011
Engraving machine84649012
Other glass cold-working machines84649019
Unlisted machine tools for other tax items 846484649090
Composite mechanical machining machine84651000
Sawing machines for processing materials such as wood84659100
Planing, milling or cutting machines for processing materials such as wood84659200
Machine for bending or assembling materials such as wood84659400
Drilling or chiseling machines for processing materials such as wood84659500
Machine for cutting, cutting or scraping materials such as wood84659600
Other machine tools for processing materials such as wood84659900
Tool holder and self-starting die cutting head84661000
Workholding fixture84662000
Indexing heads and other accessories dedicated to machine tools84663000
Accessories for machines listed in heading 846584669200
Tool magazine and automatic tool changer84669310
Electric drill84672100
Other electric saws84672290
Electric sanding tool84672910
Other parts for portable power tools84679910
Other welding machines and devices84688000
Electronic calculator and pocket data recording and playback machine84701000
Other electronic calculator84702900
Point of sale terminal teller machine84705010
Postage stamping machine, ticket vending machine and similar machines84709000
Portable automatic data processing equipment with weight ≤ 10kg84713090
Terminals for large, large, medium and small computers84716040
Automatic processing of other input or output components of the device84716090
Hard Drive84717010
Optical drive84717030
Other components of automatic data processing equipment84718000
Other office machines84729090
Accessories for electronic calculators listed in heading 847084732100
Accessories for other machines listed in heading 847084732900
Digital Large, Medium and Small Computer Accessories84733010
Other spare parts for computers listed in heading 847184733090
ATM machine with cash dispenser and recirculating machine84734010
Word processor, typewriter accessories84734020
Other office machine accessories listed in heading 847284734090
Machine accessories listed in heading 8469-847284735000
Ball Milling and Milling Machine84742020
Other crushing and milling machines84742090
Concrete or mortar mixing machine84743100
Solid Mineral Roll Forming Machine84748010
Machine for the manufacture of optical fibers and their preforms84752100
Continuous glass hot bending furnace84752911
Glass fiber drawing machine84752912
Other glass thermal processing equipment84752919
Manufacture or thermal processing machines for other glass and its products84752990
Beverage vending machine with heating or cooling unit84762100
Parts of the machines listed in heading 847684769000
Injection Molding Machine84771010
Other injection machines for processing rubber or plastic84771090
Plastic granulator84772010
Plastic Blow Molding Machine84774010
Plastic Calendering Machine84774020
Other vacuum molding and thermoforming machines84774090
Pneumatic tyre moulding or refurbishing and inner tube moulding or moulding machines84775100
Other molding or molding machines84775990
Other rubber or plastic processing machines84778000
Asphalt paver84791021
Machine for extracting processed animal or vegetable oils84792000
Machine for the manufacture of ropes or cables84794000
Multifunctional Industrial Robot84795010
Other passenger boarding (ship) bridge84797900
Winding machine84798110
Ship steering gear and gyro stabilizer84798910
Automatic plug-in machine84798961
Automatic placement machine84798962
Automated three-dimensional storage equipment84798992
Metal casting box84801000
Type mold base plate84802000
Die-casting mould84804110
Dies for powder metallurgy84804120
Capsule mould for vulcanized tyres84807110
Injection moulding or stamping for other plastics or rubber84807190
Electronic expansion valve84818031
Deep groove ball bearings84821020
Angular contact bearing84821030
Marine diesel engine crankshaft84831011
Planetary gear reducer84834020
Flywheels, pulleys and pulley blocks84835000
Micromotors with a housing size of 20 mm and above but no more than 39 mm85011091
Other micromotors with an output power not exceeding 37.5 watts85011099
Multiphase AC motor with an output power not exceeding 750 watts85015100
Multiphase AC motors with an output power exceeding 750 watts but not exceeding 75 kW85015200
Generator set with ignited piston internal combustion engine85022000
Wind driven generator set85023100
Motor parts for subheadings 8501.1010 and 8501.109185030010
Sub-units 8501.6420 and 8501.6430 listed generator parts85030020
Parts for generator sets listed in subheading 8502.310085030030
Dedicated or used primarily for other parts of the machines listed in heading 8501 or 850285030090
Liquid medium transformers with a rated capacity exceeding 650 kVA but not exceeding 10 MVA85042200
Liquid dielectric transformers with a rated capacity exceeding 10 mega volts but less than 220 mega volts85042311
Liquid medium transformers rated at 500 megavolt-amperes and above85042329
Other transformers with rated capacity not exceeding 1 kVA85043190
Regulated power supply for machines listed in heading 847185044013
Semiconductor module with variable current function (static converter)85044091
Other inductors85045000
Subheads 8504.2321, 8504.2329 List of transformer parts85049011
Other transformer parts85049019
Other stationary converters and inductor parts85049090
Rare earth permanent magnet85051110
Other permanent magnets and articles prepared for permanent magnets after magnetization85051900
Electromagnetic couplings, clutches and brakes85052000
Electromagnets; electromagnets or permanent magnet chucks, clamps; parts for goods listed in heading 850985059090
Other alkaline zinc-manganese batteries85061019
Other primary batteries and primary battery packs of manganese dioxide85061090
Primary battery and primary battery pack of silver oxide85064000
Lithium primary battery and primary battery pack85065000
Zinc air primary battery and primary battery pack85066000
Start lead-acid battery for piston engine85071000
Nickel-metal hydride storage battery85075000
Lithium ion battery85076000
Other battery parts85079090
Electric vacuum cleaners with a power not exceeding 1500 watts and a dust collecting container volume not exceeding 20 liters85081100
Other electric vacuum cleaners85081900
Other vacuum cleaners85086000
Parts for vacuum cleaners listed in subheading 8508.110085087010
Fruit or vegetable juicer85094010
Kitchen waste processor85098020
Other household electric appliances (except vacuum cleaners for taxation 8508)85098090
Parts for household electric appliances (except vacuum cleaners for taxation 8508)85099000
Electric shaver85101000
Electric hair clipper85102000
Electric Epilator85103000
Parts of goods listed in heading 851085109000
Other ignition magnets, permanent magnet DC generators and magnetic flywheels85112090
Engine starter motor with output power of 132.39 kW (180 hp) and above85114091
Other starter motors and dual-purpose starter generators85114099
Other generators85115090
Parts of various other devices listed in heading 851185119090
Lighting or visual signalling devices for bicycles85121000
Other self-powered portable electric lights85131090
Flashlight parts85139010
Other self-powered portable electric light parts85139090
Parts for steelmaking electric furnace85149010
Other brazing machines and devices85151900
Resistance welding robot85152120
Other resistance welding machines and devices85152900
Arc (including plasma arc) welding robot85153120
Spiral Welded Pipe Machine85153191
Laser welding robot85158010
Storage radiator85162100
Radiant space heater85162920
Fan space heater85162931
Liquid filled space heater85162932
Other electrical space heaters85162990
Electric hair dryer85163100
Microwave oven85165000
Induction Cooker85166010
Electric oven85166050
Other electric furnaces, electric cookers, electric heating plates, heating rings, barbecues and roasters85166090
Drip coffee maker85167110
Distilled percolating coffee machine85167120
Pump coffee machine85167130
Slice toaster (toaster)85167220
Other electric baking pan85167290
Electric water dispenser85167910
Other electric heating appliances85167990
Parts of other goods listed in heading 851685169090
Cordless telephone85171100
Handheld (including car) radiotelephone85171210
Walkie talkie85171220
Other telephones for cellular or wireless networks85171290
Mobile communication base station85176110
Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission equipment85176222
IP telephone signal conversion equipment85176233
Cable network interface card85176237
Wireless network interface card85176292
Wireless access fixed station85176293
Wireless headset85176294
Other equipment for receiving, converting and transmitting or reproducing sound, images or other data85176299
Parts for digital program-controlled telephones or telegraph switches85177010
Parts for hand-held radiotelephones (excluding antennas)85177030
Interphone parts (excluding antennas)85177040
Equipment antennas and parts thereof, heading 851785177070
Other parts for equipment listed in heading 851785177090
Microphone (microphone) and its frame85181000
Single speaker85182100
Other speakers85182900
Headphones, earphones85183000
Parts of goods listed in heading 851885189000
Turntable (phono turntable)85193000
Cassette tape recorder with sound reproduction device85198112
Laser record player without recording function85198121
Flash memory type sound recording device equipped with sound reproducing device85198131
Other phonographs without recording devices (with or without loudspeakers)85198910
Digital Video Disc (DVD) Player85219012
Other laser disc players85219019
Accessories for turntables or record players85229010
Magnetic head85229022
Movement of laser disc player85229031
Other parts and accessories for video signal recording or playback equipment85229039
Other parts for sound recording or playback equipment85229099
Unrecorded disk85232911
Unrecorded tapes over 6.5 mm wide85232923
Unrecorded optical media85234100
Unrecorded flash memory85235110
Unrecorded “smart card”85235210
Other semiconductor media not recorded85235910
Non-special purpose broadcast television cameras85258012
Other television cameras not for special purposes85258013
Single-lens reflex digital camera for non-special use85258022
Other interchangeable lens digital cameras for non-special purpose85258025
Other digital cameras not for special purposes85258029
Broadcast-grade video camcorder for non-special purpose85258032
Household video camcorder for non-special use85258033
Other video camcorders, not for special purposes85258039
Other included (playing) sound combination machine85279100
Radio with clock85279200
Other radio broadcast receiving equipment85279900
Other color LCD monitors, automatic data processing equipment for connection to heading 847185285212
Other color monitors, automatic data processing systems for tariffs 847185285291
Other monochrome monitors85285990
Other color projectors, automatic data processing equipment for connection to heading 847185286220
Other color projectors85286910
Other color television receivers without display85287180
LCD color analog TV85287221
LCD color digital TV85287222
Other color digital television85287292
Antennas or antenna reflectors and parts thereof for radios and their combines, television receivers85291020
Non-special purpose imaging module85299042
Other TV cameras, video camcorders, parts for digital cameras85299049
Radar equipment and other parts for radio navigation equipment85299050
Other parts for radios and their combination machines85299060
Other components for color television receivers85299081
Plasma imaging assembly and its parts85299082
Organic light emitting diode display85299083
Other parts of equipment or equipment listed in headings 8525 to 852885299090
Display panel with liquid crystal device (LCD) or light emitting diode (LED)85312000
50/60 Hertz circuit with fixed capacitor, reactive power is not less than 0.5 thousand85321000
Chip tantalum capacitor85322110
Chip Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor85322210
Other aluminum electrolytic capacitors85322290
Single layer ceramic capacitor85322300
Chip multilayer ceramic capacitor85322410
Other paper media or plastic dielectric capacitors85322590
Other fixed capacitors85322900
Variable or adjustable (fine tuning) capacitor85323000
Synthetic or film fixed carbon resistors85331000
Chip-type fixed resistors up to 20 watts rated85332110
Wirewound varistor with rated power greater than 20 watts, including varistors and potentiometers85333900
Other variable resistors, including varistors and potentiometers85334000
Parts of goods listed in heading 853385339000
4 or more printed circuits85340010
Print circuits of up to 4 layers85340090
Fuses for lines over 1000 volts85351000
Automatic circuit breaker for lines with voltages exceeding 1 kV, less than 72.5 kV85352100
Automatic circuit breakers for lines with voltages up to 72.5 kV and not exceeding 220 kV85352910
Automatic circuit breakers for lines with voltages above 220 kV but not exceeding 750 kV85352920
Other disconnectors and disconnectors85353090
Surge arrester, voltage limiter and surge suppressor85354000
For fuses with voltages up to 1000 volts85361000
Automatic circuit breaker for lines up to 1000 volts85362000
Other circuit protection devices for voltages up to 1000 volts85363000
Relay for voltages up to 36 volts85364110
Relay for voltages exceeding 36 volts but not exceeding 60 volts85364190
Relay for voltages over 60 volts85364900
For other switches up to 1000 volts85365000
Plugs and sockets for lines up to 1000 volts85366900
For other CNC devices with voltages up to 1000 volts85371019
Fully enclosed modular high voltage switchgear for lines up to 500 kV and above85372010
Sub-area 8537.2010 Disks, plates, tables, cabinets and other bases for goods listed85381010
Other parts of the equipment listed in headings 8535 to 853785389000
Tungsten halogen lamp for scientific research and medical use85392110
Incandescent light bulbs with a power not exceeding 200 watts and rated voltages exceeding 100 volts (for research and medical purposes)85392290
Incandescent bulbs with voltages up to 12 volts85392991
Sodium vapor lamp85393230
Mercury vapor lamp85393240
Metal halide lamp85393290
Other discharge lamps85393990
Light Emitting Diode (LED) Bulb (Tube)85395000
Parts of goods listed in heading 853985399000
Image tube and image intensifier tube; other photocathode tubes85402090
Other pipes listed in heading 854085408900
Other parts for goods listed in heading 854085409990
Diode, except photodiode or LED85411000
Transistors with less than 1 watt of power dissipation85412100
Transistors with a power dissipation greater than or equal to 1 watt85412900
Semiconductor switching element, two-terminal AC switching element and three-terminal thyristor switching element85413000
Light Emitting Diode85414010
Solar cell85414020
Other photosensitive semiconductor devices85414090
Assembled piezoelectric crystal85416000
Parts for metal and mineral detectors85439030
Other parts for goods listed in heading 854385439090
Connector cable with rated voltage not exceeding 80 volts85444211
Other connector electrical conductors with rated voltage not exceeding 80 volts85444219
Other connector electrical conductors with rated voltages exceeding 80 volts but not exceeding 1000 volts85444229
Cables with a rated voltage exceeding 35 kV but not exceeding 110 kV85446013
Other cables with a rated voltage exceeding 1000 volts85446019
Carbon electrode for furnace85451100
Carbon brush85452000
Glass insulators85461000
Insulated porcelain bushings for power transmission and transformation lines85462010
Other insulators85469000
Other insulating parts85479090
Machines or equipment, 85 Electrical equipment, not elsewhere specified85489000

Vehicles, Aircraft, Vessels

ItemHTS code
Non-driving bogies for railway or tramway vehicles86071200
Axle for railway or tramway vehicles86071910
Steering wheels and parts for railway or tramway vehicles86071990
Air brakes and parts for railway or tramway vehicles86072100
Hooks, other couplings, bumpers and their parts for railway or tramway vehicles86073000
Other parts for railway or tramway locomotives86079100
Other track fixtures, signalling, safety or traffic management equipment and parts86080090
20 ft. other containers86090019
Other containers86090090
Sailing boat89039100
Other recreational or sport boats, boats and canoes89039900
Floating or submersible drilling or production platform89052000
Other vessels not characterized by navigation89059090
Other motor boats not listed89069010
Non-motorized ship89069020
Unmade or incomplete ship, including ship segmentation89069030

Optical, Photographic, Measuring, and Medical Items

ItemHTS code
Sheets and plates made of polarizing materials90012000
Other spectacle lenses made of glass90014099
Sunglasses made of non-glass material90015091
Other spectacle lenses, not made of glass90015099
SLR camera lens90021131
Other camera lenses90021139
Projector, photo enlarger and objective lens for shrinking machine90021190
Objective lens for cameras or projectors90021910
Other objective lenses not listed in heading 900290021990
Filters for cameras90022010
Plastic frames90031100
Frames made of metal materials90031910
Spectacle frame parts90039000
Other glasses, windshields and similar articles90049090
Other telescope accessories90059090
Special purpose camera; comparison camera90063000
One-time imaging camera90064000
Using other cameras with a film width of 35 mm90065300
Discharge type (electronic) flash unit90066100
Flash bulb90066910
Accessories for one imaging camera90069120
Camera autofocus component90069191
Shutter assembly for other cameras90069192
Photoflash unit and flash bulb parts90069900
Non-digital projector90072090
Automatic developing device and equipment for special photographic film90101020
Automatic developing device and equipment for other film90101099
Other printing equipment for special photography90105022
Other printing equipment for photographic purposes90105029
Accessories for special photofinishing equipment90109020
Stereo microscope90111000
Telescope sights for weapons, periscope telescopes and telescopes as parts of instruments or appliances90131000
Magnifying glass90138010
LCD panel90138030
Other liquid crystal devices and optical instruments90138090
Parts and accessories for instruments and appliances listed in subheading 9013.803090139020
Parts and accessories for other instruments and apparatus listed in heading 901390139090
Range finder90151000
Theodolite and tachymeter90152000
Photogrammetric instruments and devices90154000
Balances with a sensation of more than 0.1 mg but not exceeding 50 mg90160090
Parts and accessories for instruments and apparatus listed in heading 901790179000
Tubular metal needle90183210
Dental drill90184100
Massage apparatus90191010
Teaching Head90230010
Gas meter90281010
Water meter90282010
Single-phase electronic (static) watt-hour meter90283013
Three-phase electronic (static) watt-hour meter90283014
Parts and accessories for industrial measuring instruments90289010
Revolution meter90291010
Inductance and capacitance tester with recording device90308410
Contour Projector90314910
Grating measuring device90314920

Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles

ItemHTS code
Dual-purpose chair for leather or recycled leather94014010
Dual-purpose chair for bed94014090
Bamboo seat94015200
Rattan seat94015300
Upholstered wooden frame with leather or recycled leather94016110
Other wooden frame seating94016900
Upholstered metal frame for leather or recycled leather94017110
Stone seat94018010
Kitchen wooden furniture94034000
Other wooden furniture for bedroom94035099
Other mahogany furniture94036010
Other lacquered wood furniture94036091
Other wooden furniture94036099
Stone furniture94038920
Furniture made of other materials94038990
Parts of the items listed in heading 940394039000
Other materials made of mats94042900
Other sleeping bags94043090
Down or feather-filled bedding94049010
Bedding filled with animal hair94049020
Silk-filled bedding94049030
Electrical table lamp, bedside lamp, floor lamp94052000
Complete sets of lamps for Christmas trees94053000
Non-electrical lamps and lighting fixtures94055000
Other mobile homes94069000
Toy animals95030021
Other dolls95030029
Intelligence toy95030060
Toys and models with powerplant95030083
Other unlisted toys95030089
Parts of toys95030090
Video game controllers and equipment parts and accessories for use with television receivers95045011
Chinese chess, chess, checkers and other chess supplies95049030
Mahjong and similar table games95049040
Christmas items95051000
Other golf equipment95063900
Table tennis95064010
Other tennis rackets, badminton rackets or similar rackets95065900
Basketball, football, volleyball95066210
Other ball95066900
Fishing rod95071000
Fishing reel95073000

Live Animals, Animal Products

ItemHTS code
Other horses1012900
Other animals1069090
Fresh or cold boned lamb2042200
Dried smoked, salted beef2102000
Other meat and chopped meat, dried, smoked, salted2109900
Smoked salmon and Donauze fish3054120
Natural honey4090000
Other bee products4100049
Other food animal products4100090


ItemHTS code
Coral and Aquatic Shells, Bone Powder and Waste5080010
Coral and Aquatic Shells, Bone5080090
Other animal products not listed, dead animals5119990
Other non-species live plants6029099
Other fresh flower arrangements and flower buds6031900
Dried and dyed flower arrangements and flower buds6039000
Fresh moss and lichens6042010
Fresh plant branches, leaves, etc.6042090
Other plant branches, leaves, etc.6049090
Whole or diced salted pig casings (except for pig large intestines)5040011
Whole or diced salted sheep casings5040012
Other animal stomach5040029
Vinegar and vinegar substitutes made with acetic acid22090000
Other animal slag powders and pellets not suitable for human consumption23012090
Other solid residue obtained by refining soybean oil23040090
Other residues from refined vegetable oils other than 2304 or 230523069000
Hair net65050010
Hooked Caps65050020
Caps made of knitted or woven fabric65050099
Unnamed caps made of other materials65069990
Folding umbrella66019100
Other umbrellas66019900
Walking sticks, walking sticks, whip and similar articles66020000
Other accessories and accessories for umbrellas, walking sticks and whip66039000
Silk or silk, flowers, leaves, fruits and products thereof67029020
Other materials for the production of flowers, leaves, fruits and their products67029090
Human hair and wig materials processed by carding, sparse, etc.67030000
Other wigs made of synthetic textile materials67041900
Wigs made of other materials67049000
Other electronic watches with mechanical indication91021100
Other electronic watches with photoelectric display91021200
Other electronic watches91021900
Other self-winding mechanical watches91022100
Other non-self-winding mechanical watches91022900
Electric drive electronic pocket watch and other electronic watches91029100
Mechanical clock with watch movement91039000
Dish clocks and similar clocks for vehicles and ships91040000
Electronic alarm clock91051100
Electronic wall clock91052100
Mechanical wall clock91052900
Other electronic clocks91059190
Complete electronic clock core assembled91091000
Bell case91122000
Watch straps and parts thereof91132000
Non-metallic watch straps and parts thereof91139000
Clocks, other parts of the watch91149090
Upright piano92011000
Bowed stringed instrument92021000
Keyboard organ, reed organ and similar instruments92059010
Other wind instruments, except for amusement club organ and hand-operated organ92059090
Keyboard instrument that generates or expands sound by electricity92071000
Other musical instruments not listed92089000
Accessories for piano92099100
Parts and accessories for musical instruments listed in heading 920792099400
Metronome, tuning fork and tuning tube92099910
Mechanical device for music box92099920
Other processed animal material engraving materials and products thereof96019000
Wire brush as part of the vehicle96035019
Snap and its parts96061000
Buttons made of plastic, not wrapped in textile material96062100
Buttons made of base metal, not wrapped with textile materials96062200
Other buttons96062900
Button cores and other parts of buttons96063000
Zipper with enamel metal teeth96071100
Other zippers96071900
Zipper parts96072000
Hand date stamp, seal stamp, number stamp and similar stamp96110000
Inflatable pocket gas lighter96132000
Pipe and pipe head96140010
Cigarette holder and parts thereof96140090
Monopod, bipod, tripod and the like96200000
Used or unused stamps97040010

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