Universal Cargo Content Manager Talks Supply Chain on Ships Gonna Happen Podcast

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Check out the Ships Gonna Happen Podcast. Shipping professionals Tony B., David B., and Timmy D. do a great job with the show. On Saturday’s episode, they interviewed Universal Cargo’s own Jared Vineyard.

Ships Gonna Happen Podcast
Ships Gonna Happen Podcast

Jared is Universal Cargo’s Content Manager, who has written more than a thousand blog articles and posts for Universal Cargo over the last ten years, and he brings the knowledge he’s gained over that time to the show.

On Ships Gonna Happen, Jared discusses what’s going on at the ports from congestion and supply chain disruption, which is all over the news lately, to the causes of that congestion, the dockworker unions, carrier alliances, port terminal ownership, and more.

At Universal Cargo, we recommend subscribing to the Ships Gonna Happen Podcast. The guys on the show bring both knowledge and fun to the episodes, combining to create “transportainment” as Tony B. dubbed it in Saturday’s episode.

Here’s a link to the Ships Gonna Happen Podcast episode featuring the interview with Jared on SoundCloud.

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